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Houdinis Last Transposition by Dan Hauss video DOWNLOAD


In the traditional homage to Houdini, Dan Hauss comes at you with an in-your-face double card transposition all based around Houdini's most famous exploit, the escape.

Watch as Dan selects two cards, then securely ties them down with a rubber band, only to see one selected card escape outside its confinement, to the top of his...


Transformation by Hui Zheng - Video DOWNLOAD


Magician spins one card over from the deck, and then visually change it into another card. Magician can then change it back if he wants to. (Card Color Change)
Please Check Out the Demo Video.
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Click! by Valdemar Gestur video DOWNLOAD


It's not there, and then it is. Click. So silky smooth and beautiful, this extraordinary new move is as versatile as it is visual. And it's all yours, available ONLY right here, at Vanising Inc. Magic.

"Click" is simple in effect. A pack of cards wrapped with a rubber hand is show fairly. By simply snapping the band against...


Timeless by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD


A new method to stop the time at any time, anywhere and with any spectator watch.
Imagine asking a spectator her personal quartz watch, and tell him that you are able to stop time.
Shake the watch and the second hand will stop under his eyes.
Then you will put into his hands the watch and the second hand will move again.



Exchange by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


A move that utilize a control and a change.


Mysterium by Magic Encarta - Video DOWNLOAD


Mysterium will show you a way to take signed cards and have them buried in the middle of the pack, only to show up on the bottom, on top, visually morph and when that has them wondering what the *%#$ just happened, you hit them with the final change !!! Guaranteed to have them asking to see it again and again !!!


Elegant Change by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD


A beautiful color change, visual and fatal.
Your imagination will do anything!
In this video you will find the techniques to run it step by step, it is really easy to reproduce anywhere.
In the video you will find some tips to offer it in public.
Two routines that go well with this beautiful color change.
This should not be...


Whimsical Wallet by Abinav Bothra - Video DOWNLOAD



EMERGE - Your Business Card / Credit Card or a Playing Card eerily emerges out of the inside compartment.

  • One time setup and you are good to go for hundreds of performances. The speed is completely under your control. Resets Instantly.

    CARD DART...

    Explosion by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLAOD


    Dan Alex has a new effect of stage mentalism.
    The mentalist invites a person to choose a balloon, he is to examine your hands and the balloon. It swells and once again the mentalist invites the viewer to focus on it and suddenly it explodes.

    Certainly can not miss in your repertoire.


    XXX by Ilyas Seisov - Video DOWNLOAD


    Triple X vanish

    xXx - routine where u draw three X on phone screen and then vanish each X in a different way.


    M.O.R.F. by Tatko - Video DOWNLOAD


    Change any currency coin into a bill.
    4 easy to learn changes that will amaze your audience for sure!


    Quick Prediction by Shaukat - Video DOWNLOAD


    A Powerful, Visual and Impromptu Mentalism Effect!

    This impromptu effect will empower you to predict what name your spectator will choose.

    You can even send your prediction by mail long before you intend to show this amazing effect. Your spectator will keep the sealed envelope and open it only after the effect is done....


    LOGIC by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD


    Another amazing effect from the mind of Dan Alex.
    With this effect, open your imagination.

    You can disappear and reappear a spectator's signed coin whenever you want.

    In his shoes, in his wallet...
    Wherever you think is best.

    What are you waiting for?
    This you CANNOT miss!
    Buy "Logic" Now!!



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