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Breakfast Pack Match (Mentalism for Kids) by Devin Knight - eBook DOWNLOAD


Good comedy mentalism for kids is often hard to find. This funny effect is one that kids love and can relate to. They all eat cereal and are familiar with the cereals used in this effect. Devin Knight has used this effect in his kid shows for the last few years. It plays extremely well for kids.

On the performer's table are eight...


Volant by Ryan Clark - Video DOWNLOAD


A deck suspension that looks impossible is now possible! A very simple yet visual approach to the deck suspension effect is here.

The effect is accomplished using a small gimmick which can be made at home within seconds.


  • Cards and box can be examined before and after the effect.
  • Coin can be borrowed...

    Tic Tac by Sandeep video DOWNLOAD


    Trick Tac is an effect where you balance a Tic tac box in an impossible way on your finger. It is very easy to do and once you make the gimmick it will last forever.

    1) No glue, wax, magnets etc.
    2) Everything is examinable
    3) Do with or without tic tacs in the box
    4) Quick reset

    Once you learn it, you will love performing...


    C Through by Sandeep video DOWNLOAD


    C Through is an effect where you visually push a torn off corner of a spectator's selected card into an empty tic tac box.

    The spectator can check the corner to confirm that it matches their card.

    For your consideration:

    1) No gimmicks
    2) So visual and direct
    3) Everything is examinable
    4) The spectator...


    New Assembly by Alessandro Criscione video DOWNLOAD


    A new coin matrix made with just two cards...

    Show four coins and two cards. Imagine placing one coin under one card, and a second coin under the other. The two remaining coins go under your left hand.

    A magic gesture, and all four of the coins have regrouped under your left hand!

    This is really possible with only...


    Blink Link by Jibrizy - Video DOWNLOAD


    Take 2 rubber bands and link them at your finger tips like a pro, and as a bonus effect learn how to link a spectators ring to the rubber band.

    This effect is easy, fun, and simple.

  • Can be examined before and after
  • Instant reset
  • Fun instructional Video

    "Holy Bands!! Best linking band effect!!"

    Dots by Oliver Smith video DOWNLOAD


    UPDATE: Update: I have recently added two new effects possible with Dots to the explanation.

    Dots is a download that contains three effects.

    Ambitious Dot
    The first effect is a finale to an ambitious card routine. You perform your usual ambitious card routine and at the end of the routine you draw...


    NP Technique by Deepak Mishra - video DOWNLOAD


    One move three awesome applications!

    The NP technique is a coin move with 3 awesome and very cool applications like:

    TRACELESS VANISH -An Impossible looking Coin vanish at finger tips.

    BRUSH CHANGE - Your fingers acts like a brush for a color change.

    COIN BEND - An extremely Visual...


    Hell Raiser by Arnel Renegado Video DOWNLOAD


    HELLRAISER is a brand new effect from Arnel Renegado where a spectator selects a card and signs it. The magician then draws any image he wants on the back of that card. Suddenly, mysteriously, the image moves and rises by itself away from the card. The writing then floats back down and the card is given out for examination. *Immediately...


    Cascade by Kevin Parker - Video DOWNLOAD


    Imagine borrowing a coin and making it multiply at your fingertips visually without sleeves or gimmicks. This is Cascade. The magician doesn't waste any time after taking the coin out of the spectator's hand, he holds it at his fingertips and it starts multiplying while no hidden coins are seen in the hands, hands that are open in...


    HALF by Lyndon Jugalbot - Video DOWNLOAD


    HALF is Lyndon Jugalbot's take from the classic warped card and brought it into a whole new level, where you don't need to fold the card in half but rather perform the effect openly and still the card warped.

    • Fully examinable
    • Auto reset
    • No fold
    • No Tear
    • Very easy to do
    • Any signed card
    • Gimmick can be...


    GRAVITY by Lyndon Jugalbot - Video DOWNLOAD


    Gravity is Lyndon Jugalbot's take on suspension effects. Gravity comes with 3 effects, Balance, Static & Haunted Bill.

    BALANCE:: Imagine you can balance a coin on top of a business card without touching it. Completely examinalble before and after the performance.

    STATIC:: A torn business card sticks from end to end,...


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