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Suspense by Alexis De La Fuente Video DOWNLOAD


"Did you ever wanted to balance one card on another?

With Suspense, the deck is shuffled by the spectator then 2 cards are selected and the magician can balance one on top of the other. Both cards can be handed out at the end for examination, there is nothing to find!

Gimmick is very (very) simple to make, take...


Ghost Band by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


The best opener for any rubber bands routine!

From the mind of Arnel Renegado comes a new effect where you can make a rubber bands appear in mid air visually.

Magician show his hand empty and introduces the GHOST BANDS, he then throws it in mid air and catches it, amazingly...


ZEROG by Mareli - Video DOWNLOAD



Visual balance most anything on your fingers.

Walk up to a spectator borrow a cell phone, card, cigarette box or any small object and balance it under impossible conditions on your fingers.

  • NO JOKE!


    W.O.W. (Will's Oil & Water) by Will - Video DOWNLOAD


    W'OW is standing for Will's Oil & Water, which is a new version of the Oil & Water effect. A young magician from China, Will, bring you this new style of Oil & Water, and it doesn't require you a high-skilled magician.

    The W'OW routine has two parts. It starts as usual with six cards, three reds and three...


    HELLRAISER 2.0 by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


    Mysteriously make a drawing rise.

    HELLRAISER 2 is an effect where spectator selects a card and signs it, you then make a drawing at the back of that card,mysteriously the drawing eerily moves and rises up and down and then you turn back into a real permanent marker drawing.


    Link by Hui Zheng - Video DOWNLOAD


    Magician holds any two paper clips, and then visually link them together. Then, magician can ask spectator to hold one of the paper clips, magician will then unlink the two clips visually.

    Key Points:

  • No Cuts
  • No Gimmicks
  • Can be performed anywhere
  • Can use any paper clips
  • Impromptu

  • ...


    Titanium by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


    Incredible rip a borrowed signed coin and visually restored in an instant.

    A coin is borrowed and signed on both sides, you then rip it in half right in between on there signature.they can see their signature being rip off, and with no cover with a snap the coin restored and immediately hand that signature coin to be examine no switches....


    Choco Stuff by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


    A very fun and cool effect using a HERSHEY'S chocolate.

    CHOCO STUFF is a collection of effects using a HERSHEY'S chocolate. on this download Arnel teaches everything you need to perform this effect, with an EASY TO DO GIMMICK you can do all of this routine in a minute.



    Inkfected by Arnel Regegado - Video DOWNLOAD


    A dot mark vanish and found on spectators hand

    A coin is borrowed and you put it on spectators palm, then a permanent dot is marked onto the coin, and the dot mark vanishes and when the spectator lifts the coin the dot is now printed on their palm.



    Shockwave by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


    A simple gimmick that allows you to create static sensation to reveal a selected card

    SHOCKWAVE is a homemade gimmick that allows you to create static sensation, on this download Arnel teaches you how to make a very simple gimmick to do just like that, along with it is a routines that you can perform using the same gimmick



    Matrix Contained by Bobby McMahan - Video DOWNLOAD


    "A classic plot given a "fresh" new look and feel with a killer final phase and best of all, it's simple to do! This WILL be going in my pocket!"
    - Jester Styles

    Matrix contained is a anytime anywhere matrix effect that is self contained inside a gum pack.

  • no need for a close up mat, perform it anywhere
  • no...

    ENGAGED by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


    A unique and visual linking and moving pips

    Amazing, make pips link onto a rubber band, Spectator select a card and you punch a hole on that card, you then ask your spectator to get a rubber band from your wrist and tear it, you insert it into the hole,spectator holds the rubber band and visually by pulling the card the pips vanish...


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