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Shadow X by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


Imagine a spectator selects a card and signs it, then the magician amazingly moves one of the pips and transfers it on to the spectator's hand and it turns into a real ink! Real ink! Immediately hand the card for examination, nothing to take away or ditch! Leave your spectator with a remembrance with the real ink printed into their...


Slider by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


A dot mark moves by itself and then vanishes.

Underground creator from the Philippines Arnel Renegado developed a unique gimmick that allows you to move a permanent dot mark by itself. Spectator selects a card and signs it no force. You then draw a dot fairly onto the back of their card,and put the deck on the table or the...


Slow Print by Dario Capuozzo - Video DOWNLOAD


A red deck is removed from the card case and a spectator freely selects two cards.
One by one the two cards will change their back color from red to blue but this is only the beginning...
With a wave of the hand another card slowly and visibly changes color...
Finally with a snap of fingers the entire deck turns blue!


Special K by Will Houstoun video DOWNLOAD


This quick little effect is wonderful for both a close up and a parlour setting as it's not only very open and visible, but Will has constructed it in a way to automatically bring the audience's attention back up to the performer at the end. Not only is it a great trick, but a superb lesson in the design and execution of an effect.



T.O.P. by Alex Pandrea video DOWNLOAD


Alex Pandrea brings new light to an old move in card magic, something that should have been done ages ago. T.O.P. allows you to control a selected card to the top or bottom of the deck with little sleight of hand required. It can be used to force any card onto a spectator among other useful applications.

Detailed explanation with...


The Captcha Change by Jay Grill - Video DOWNLOAD


This download will teach you a sleight that you can use for numerous effects, starting with a card change. You will also learn how to transposition two cards in an unbelievable way!

Includes a routine for The Captcha Change:
Any card is selected and then lost in the deck. You attempt to find their card, but accidentally...


The Castle Routine by Ed Ellis - VOL.5 video DOWNLOAD


For over 25 years, Ed Ellis has performed close-up magic, sleight of hand illusions, and full time table magic for Hollywood, TV, and sports celebrities. His is also an accomplished award winning drummer, and has played on stage with The Buddy Rich Band.

Ed has also performed his amazing close-up illusions at Las Vegas' Caesar's...


The Flipper Card by Jay Grill - Video DOWNLOAD


Jay Grill shows you in detail on how to make a D.I.Y Flipper Card!


  • A self contained card that does all the work for you, No Sleight of Hand Required!
  • Perform hard hitting magic with ease.
  • Jay will go over how to create custom cards for your performance / He will go over material and...


The Fooled You Card by Aaron Plener - Video DOWNLOAD


This routine uses a versatile gimmick that can be applied to multiple applications.

With this download you will receive:

  • How to construct the gimmick
  • A full routine
  • Tips and other ideas for the gimmick

    • Fully examinable
    • End clean
    • Card is signed
    • Easy to perform
    • Minimal angle issues
  • ...


    The Forces Project by Big Blind Media video DOWNLOAD


    Forcing a card - Making your spectator take the card that YOU want them to!

    Being able to 'force' a playing card on a member of your audience is a very powerful skill to have, and for a lot of tricks, it may well be the ONLY skill you need!

    Learn all about how to force cards on this brand new project - techniques...


    The Royal Family by Woody Aragon (Spanish Version) - Video DOWNLOAD


    El mago muestra la sota, caballo y rey ??de corazones: las tres cartas se vuelven boca abajo uno tras otro...


    The Works by Christopher Wiehl video DOWNLOAD


    Feeling hungry?

    Christopher Wiehl offers an amazing multiphase sandwich routine that ends with a sandwich that you can offer as a souvenir.

    This gaffless, four phase routine comes straight from Christopher's working repertoire and is sure to find its way into yours. You will learn several nuances and techniques...


    Time Change by Alexander Erohin - Video DOWNLOAD


    The Time Change is a one handed color change. It is easy to do and visual.

    The top card is face up on the deck, the deck is held by one hand. You don't touch the card. You look at your watch and count to three. The card has changed.

    One handed color change. Easy and visual.


    Transpose by Dario Capuozzo - Video DOWNLOAD


    Two cards are freely selected by the spectator.
    One card is outjogged in the middle of the deck and the other card is held face up. Instantly, without any cover, the two cards transpose!


    Trixel by Valdemar Gestur video DOWNLOAD


    Several years ago we introduced you to Pixel, the visual masterpiece from David Jade that has since become one of our best selling tricks. Then came Trigger and now Valdemar Gestur is back at it with Trixel.

    In hindsight, Trixel is the reverse effect to Pixel. Instead of causing a selected card to leap to the top, free from the rubber...


    Unexpected Upjog by Doc Docherty video DOWNLOAD


    The Unexpected Upjog is a mechanical method for producing one to several cards from a table spread. It happens instantaneously and automatically and is a surprising way to produce either a selection or the four Aces. The concept has no doubt been around for decades, but as far as we know, no sure-fire technique has ever been published......


    Unfold by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


    A bill and a playing card mysteriously unfold by itself.

    Arnel Renegado's series of haunted magic effects.


    BILL HAVEN - A bill is borrowed and you fold it and put it on the table or on your spectators hand, with a power of your mind the bill slowly and mysteriously unfolding by itself.



    VDP by John Van Der Put & Alakazam video DOWNLOAD



    Very occasionally, someone develops a brand-new methodology which allows for effects which were previously considered impossible.

    Imagine a signed playing card transforming quarter-by-quarter into a completely different card with the signature still intact! Ah, but is it the spectator's signature? Of course!...


    Very Best of Martin Nash Set (Vol 1 thru 3) by L&L Publishing video DOWNLOAD


    Martin A. Nash, "The Charming Cheat," is one of the top cardmen in the world. For years, he has been one of the most popular performers in the Magic Castle's Close-Up showroom and his technical ability and routining are unsurpassed. On this three-volume set of download's, the secrets of the best of Martin's routines are revealed....


    W.O.W. (Will's Oil & Water) by Will - Video DOWNLOAD


    W'OW is standing for Will's Oil & Water, which is a new version of the Oil & Water effect. A young magician from China, Will, bring you this new style of Oil & Water, and it doesn't require you a high-skilled magician.

    The W'OW routine has two parts. It starts as usual with six cards, three reds and three...


    Window Watcher by Aaron Plener - Video DOWNLOAD


    Window Watcher is a utility gimmick that is easy to make and use. By purchasing this download you will receive over 30 minutes of tutorials including the construction of the gimmicks, 4 routines with the box and bonus ideas. Window Watcher is great for walk around and close up magic. This will fool your audience and leave them wondering...


    You Ring? by Ed Ellis video DOWNLOAD


    For over 25 years, Ed Ellis has performed close-up magic, sleight of hand illusions, and full time table side magic for Hollywood, TV, and sports celebrities. He is also an accomplished award winning drummer, and has played on stage with The Buddy Rich Band.

    Ed has also performed his amazing close-up illusions at Las Vegas's...


    Z BOX by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


    Show an empty box and borrow a coin then place the coin on the top of deck and with a rub the coin vanishes! It then amazingly appears inside the card box in a sealed bag. Easy to do.


    Zoso Change by Doc Docherty video DOWNLOAD


    The Zoso Change is an extremely easy to do visual color change of one card into another and back again.

    As a bonus, on the tutorial, Doc teaches his Paft Change, a method for changing a single card three times.


    shhh...It's a Mystery by John Carey video DOWNLOAD


    This is an instant download containing full performance and explanation. Simply add to cart, pay and you will be automatically sent an email with your unique link to download the magic instantly. All file formats are in quicktime and will play on all computers and mobile devices.


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