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Close-Up Magic

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Ink. Ink. Ink. by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD


If you do not want to spend much to create an effect of ink moved on your skin?
This is what really suits you!
With this new method at a really low cost, you can amaze your audience without chemicals or a special pen, everything is available in stores.
In this video Dan Alex will explain how you can do this with few materials!


Lasso by Sebastien Calbry - Video DOWNLOAD


A rubber band and a sharpie
That's all it takes to create an original and visual effect, a great addition to your routines involving rubber bands.
Also, LASSO gives you an additional effect whenever you pull out a Sharpie for any other routine.


Whimsical Wallet by Abinav Bothra - Video DOWNLOAD



EMERGE - Your Business Card / Credit Card or a Playing Card eerily emerges out of the inside compartment.

  • One time setup and you are good to go for hundreds of performances. The speed is completely under your control. Resets Instantly.

    CARD DART...

    At The Table August 2015 Subscription Video DOWNLOAD


    Our August Line-up is an "A" list of creators! First up, all the way from Greece, one of mentalism's most prolific and creative thinkers, Titanas will be sharing some of his most devious effects with us as well as treating us to his thoughts on the psychology of why these effect work. Next, another international magic superstar, all...


    Passage by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


    Visual coin penetration

    You borrow a bottle and a coin and instantly penetrate the coin inside the bottle,



    Reset Cigarette 2.0 By Hoang Sam - Video DOWNLOAD


    Here's how to give back the cigarette pack sealed and intact.


    The dream project by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD


    The history of this project is somewhat surreal, Dan Alex has applied this name because all four routines have been dreamed by him!

    They are designed for every eventuality!

    M'ama non m'ama:

    The magician is in nature. He picks up from the ground a small daisy and begins to pull off the petals until only...


    Totems by Barbu Nitelea - Video DOWNLOAD


    TOTEMS by Barbu Nitelea (Instant Download) Everybody needs a totem to keep track of the reality. Here are 3 of them.

    "You create the world of the dream. We bring the subject into that dream. And they fill it with their subconscious. Dreams... they feel real while we're in them, right? It's only when we wake up that...


    Burger Magical Voyages Set (Vol 1 thru 3) video DOWNLOAD


    Part 1: A Voyage to the Real World

    Working behind a bar for an audience of real people, Eugene Burger makes it clear why he's one of the world's most celebrated close-up artists. Then, he's joined by David Parr to analyze these time-tested routines from Eugene's actual performing repertoire. Items like his...


    Coin Through Bottle By Hoang Sam - Video DOWNLOAD


    Coin through the bottle - the new trick!

    In this trick, the coin is signed by audience. This trick is an interesting effect and the impact is high.

    Also, you can perform with all kinds of bottles.


    Do Not Borow Your Phone by Dan Alex - Video DOWNLOAD


    Do not borrow your phone!
    It is not a suggestion, it's the new and shocking effect created by the sick mind of Dan Alex #Liar.

    A surprising effect with any borrowed spectator phone!

    The magician borrows a phone, then scratch the screen with her fingernail,and shows the spectator a little piece of the screen raised!...


    Exchange by Jordan Gomez - Video DOWNLOAD


    The most visual borrowed bill change.

    The bill effect looks sick man! - Calen Morelli.

    "OMG can't wait to play with it :-)" - Nestor Hato.

    Amazing !!! Out of this world !!! - Fantasio. n'y a pas d'autre mot! - Francis Tabary.


    The Saint-Exerpury Rose by Vincent Mendoza & Lost Art Magic - Video DOWNLOA


    A napkin rose by any other name does not have to look the same. Inspired by the children's classic, The Little Prince, Vincent Mendoza has worked for a many years re-engineering the simple napkin rose. Finally, a breakthrough insight allowed him to take an existing thing of beauty and craft it into a thing of art. True to the tenets...


    Viral by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


    Control Their Phone AND Their MINDS!!!

    VIRAL // A gimmick that allows you to turn a borrowed cellphone on by itself, Imagine you walk up to a spectator and ask them if they have and you can borrow there cellphone, then you ask them to turn it OFF, (IT IS TOTALY OFF) you then put the cellphone on your PALM,TABLE,OR JUST BY HOLDING...


    At The Table July 2015 Subscription Video DOWNLOAD


    A Canuck Special!

    Two of Canada's busiest performers join us for an unforgettable and exclusive experience for the month of July! First off we have the world renowned Mentalist/Hypnotist Spidey (creator of Scar, Spectre, Psycho etc..) sharing with us his very first live lecture! We'll be getting to see some exclusive, never-before...


    Omega Mutation by Cameron Francis - video DOWNLOAD


    Omega Mutation (3 DVD Set)
    by Cameron Francis

    27 real-world effects from the hottest magic newcomer in years in a 3 disc box set that will blow you away!

    Almost 5 hours of practical, mind-blowing close-up magic!

    Featuring exclusive music from Slaves To Gravity, Johnny Panic, Standing Dead Centre, Andrew...


    At the Table Live Lecture Joe Monti 6/17/2015 video DOWNLOAD


    A name that has resonated throughout the industry for well over 25 years. Joe Monti is not only a stellar magician but is one of magic's most valuable consultants as well! With experience as head consultant for Criss Angel's "Mindfreak", Joe has performed for clients in 40 countries across the world including over 300 colleges and...


    CIMA by Dana Magic - Video DOWNLOAD


    Fill your cigarette box with magic.
    A detailed video tutorial will teach you everything.
    Easy to make Gimmick.
    Easy to perform.
    Perform any where, anyone, any time.


    Reband by Arnel Renegado - Video DOWNLOAD


    With a shake you cause a rubber band to restore by itself.


    Spray Vanish + Coin from ?!? by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo) - Video DOWNLOAD


    SPRaY vANish by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo) it is an alternative way to vanish a coin or other small objects, as for example: rings, keys, gaming chips. It can be performed without the use of sleeves. You can also use to change a coin with a key as explained in the video explanation. Suitable for the close up-magic. 100% total vanish!...


    Mathematics of the Dice by Peki - Video DOWNLOAD


    This is a clever routine with two dice. Make the spots change in ways unimaginable. PEKI has improved the routine from Dr. Theodore Sacks, which was published in the year 1963, into a very clever performance.
    While he holds two dice between his fingers the points change many times and very fast right under the eyes of the spectator....


    SideKicker by William Lee video DOWNLOAD


    The selected card flies off the spectator's palm and into the magicians hand!

    A card is selected by a spectator and returned to the deck. The magician tries to find it and claims to have it narrowed down to a few cards, but will need the spectators help. The spectator is asked to extend one of their hands, palm up. The magician...


    Watch by Jacques Le Sueur video DOWNLOAD


    "Watch" is a new spin on the old idea of stealing a watch - it's a reliable technique that is foolproof if learned properly.
    It works performed speaking or silent, close-up or stage, and lends itself to stealing the same watch twice in a row, or stealing two or three watches from a group sitting close-up. Jacques has tested it in...


    Possessed by C.J. Hernandez video DOWNLOAD


    Do you Believe in Demonic Possession? Probably not, but your spectators will ! Imagine being able to Bend and fold a borrowed Dollar bill with unseen forces as you hold it at your fingertips! There are absolutely NO ATTACHMENTS, THREAD,MAGNETS OR CHEMICALS Involved at all Both Hands can be shown empty...This is Possessed


    Razor Blade Through Hand by Sandro Loporcaro - Video DOWNLOAD


    Razor Blade Through Hand by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo) it's a new routine, perfect for close-up, television and street magic. A razor blade pass through your hand! You can submit this effect surrounded by the audience. It uses any deck of cards, two cards chosen by the spectators. Take a razor blade and place it between two cards and on...


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