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Special Effects

The Ultra Cane (Appearing / Metal) Red by Bond Lee - Trick
The Ultra Cane (Appearing / Metal) Red by Bond Lee - Trick

Perfection is what Magiclism strives for.

After years of research and experimentation, Magicalism finally came up with this perfect appearing cane - the Ultra Cane.

Shipped directly from Hong Kong.

It is lighter, smaller, stronger and is available in multiple colors.


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Aero Stage Mortar
Aero Stage Mortar

The barrel is mounted on a swivel base, and the firing lever is at the end of a 25 foot thin hose.

Our most popular remote cannon for stage use, because it is extremely versatile, yet low in price. It features a quick connect barrel system, so you can replace an empty barrel with a pre-loaded one and fire again in seconds.

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Double Electric Air Cannon
Double Electric Air Cannon

These units are really top of the line! Shoots 50' streamers up to 100 feet high, Aerofetti™ and other Confetti types to heights of up to 35 feet. Heavier items can go hundreds of feet! Barrel capacity is 50% larger than the Sky Cannon™ model. Unit holds 6 gallons of compressed air which makes it one of the most powerful units...

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Electric Stage Mortar
Electric Stage Mortar

An electric version of the Aero Stage Mortar. Operate it from any electrical switchbox - fires as soon as you switch it on and then off. Or simply plug it into the wall (fires when you unplug it). Or use the AT31 DMX Relay to fire it from any DMX lighting console. The CO2 cylinder is mounted inside the barrel and the firing pin has been...

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Electric Air Cannon
Electric Air Cannon

Top of the line! Shoots 50 foot streamers up to 100 feet high and has a huge capacity when optional larger barrels are used. The included 6 gallon air tank must be filled from an air compressor (or be tied into a constant replenishing air cylinder tank - available from your local gas supplier eliminating the need for manual refills). Economically...

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Parade Bazooka
Parade Bazooka

This high performance cannon is the most powerful handheld unit to date. It is capable of blasting pounds of streamers and/or confetti extra high into the sky. Depending on conditions, shoots 50 foot streamers up to 75 feet out. The perfect cannon for large displays in stadiums and parades. Economical too! For added thrust, it is fitted...

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Hurricane Fogger
Hurricane Fogger

The FG-1300 Hurricane™ Fogger is truly an outstanding fog machine; not to mention we have never seen a fog machine that performs this well that we can offer at such a low price. We immediately knew that this was a piece of gear that our customers could utilize for many different applications without busting the budget.


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