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Tricks: Magic Tricks For Beginners

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Pocket Beheaded Lady


A novel effect which you can carry in your pocket, and perform any time for an audience of one or many. You display an envelope with a transparent front, to resemble a wooden cabinet with a glass front. A picture of a lady (which can be examined if you wish) is placed in the cabinet (envelope), and entirely visible at all times. You now...


Self-Working Card Tricks


72 of the best self-working card tricks. Anyone can perform "miracles" without extensive practice in sleight-of-hand. Many of the best minds in magic have contributed to this book. 113 pages.


Self-Working Coin Magic


With this helpful and revealing book, evan a novice can astound audiences with mystifying magical feats. Features 92 simple-to-do tricks.


Self-Working Mental Magic


If you want to include some great mental routines in your act that are easy and fun to perform, then this book is for you. Included are: ESP effects, Mind Reading, Book tests, Psychic Secrets, Slate Sorcery, Card Miracles, and much more. 67 unique effects in all. 121 pages.


Shrinking Die


The magician holds a standard die in his hand. With a pass of a miniature magic wand, the die shrinks to a mere fraction of its original size. The minature die and wand can be handed out for examination. There's nothing to find.

Easy in operation. No difficult sleight of hand to learn. Complete with detailed instructions, special...




The magician shows how to "snap" a rubberband placed in the end of the Snapper. Try though the spectator may, he'll never be able to snap it.

Works every time. Simple in operation.


Sponge Ball Magic


The perfect introduction to one of the fundamental branches of magic. Written for the amateur, but with material suitable for the performing pro. Magic with sponge balls has been popular with magicians of all skill levels for nearly 80 years. In this publication techniques of sponge ball tricks are explained and then applied to a variety...


Three Card Monte


The magician displays three cards. One is red, and the other two are black. A spectator is asked to try and keep track of the red card after the group is flipped over and mixed. No matter how hard they try, the spectators never can find the red card - because it vanishes from the group as soon as the cards are mixed!

This is a...


Zap Frame


This is a great utility item that can be used to make a card vanish, appear, or change to an entirely different card.

The change takes place right in front of their eyes! Very visual magic!


Zig Zag Pencil


Remove a pencil from the case and have someone exmaine it. the Case Put the pencil back inside the case and push the center section sideways.
. The pencil is now broken into three separate pieces!

The center is pushed back and the pencil is immediately removed and shown to be fully restored.
Absolutely no skill required....


Magical Candy Box


Your folks will not believe their eyes! Here is just one of the possible effects: The magician shows the box empty. The cover is placed in position and when it’s removed, the box is magically full of either popcorn, candy, a stuffed animal or even a cake, a sandwich or a burger! Anything that will fit inside! And that’s just half...


Bicycle Stripper Deck With 10 Bonus Tricks

Imagine someone selects a card and then looses it into the deck.
The magician can then instantly locate that card from the deck….

The Bicycle Stripper Deck by Magic Makers brings an unprecedented level of credibility and quality to the performing magician.

Made of high quality card stock with an air cushion...


Crystal Cleaver


A ring (which may be borrowed) is placed into a crystal casket and the top is closed. The box is covered with an empty tube. A magical cleaver (small sword) is inserted into the top of the tube, and then magically pushed down through the crystal casket and removed through the ring. When the tube is removed the sword is through the ring...


Change Bag Kit


This is fantastic magic kit for beginning magicians and is also perfect for any Magic Clown or Kid’s Magician. This entire kit gives kids the ability to put together a great little show right out of the box. Included in this kit are: Magic Change Bag, Flag Blendo Outfit, Card Silk Set, Booklet with 101 Ideas For the Change Bag and...


Coloring Book Kit


This is fantastic magic kit for beginning magicians and is also perfect for any Magic Clown or Kid’s Magician. This entire kit gives kids the ability to put together a great little show right out of the box. Included in this kit are: Magic Coloring Book, Vanishing Crayon, Rope to Silk, Stiff Rope and a Magic Wand. The kit also includes...


Feel A Color


A card trick without playing cards.

This sensational trick can be done blindfolded - literally. The magician displays four colored cards, and hands them to the spectator. With his back turned, the magician instructs the spectator to select one of the four cards, and them place all four cards on the table.

Even with...


Dots Incredible


Three cards with blue dots and three cards with red dots are freely shown. One blue card is placed between two reds and one red dot card is placed between two blues. With no trick moves the red cards are back together and the blue cards are back together. The trick is repeated with four cards and then only with two cards. Each time, the...


Zig Zag Rope


Cut and restore the rope with magical case. Insert an ordinary rope into the case. Hold on side of the case in each hand and push case in zig-zag movement. Rope has been severed into 2 separate pieces. Repeat the action, and show the rope is restored! Instructions included


Flying Coins


Two neat little plastic cups are shown, each containing four coins. Now, at the magician's command, the coins travel one by one from one cup to the other! This leaves one cup completely empty, while the other contains eight coins! Baffles any audience, great for close up magicians who like unusual coin effects. Includes cups and illustrated...


Flower From Wand In Pot


Performer displays an empty flower pot. He taps it with his magic wand, and instantly a large flower appears in the pot. Complete with miniature plastic flower pot, special magic wand, and the "appearing" feather flower, this is very easy to perform under all working conditions.


Quarter Squeeze - Coin Squeeze


Is it possible to make coins pass through a solid wall of brass? Drop the coins in the magic funnel and one by one make them pass through the solid brass wall. This fantastic pocket trick can work with any coins that fit in the funnel.


Bite Out Coin

You place a quarter in your mouth and apparently bite off a piece. Now while holding the cointhe bitten off section visually re-appears. As seen on TV.


Magic Coloring Book

A large coloring book is shown. The pages are uncolored but instantly all the pages become colored. Magician then makes all the pages go blank. Perfect for childrens shows.

Large - 8.5 x 11 inches
Medium - 5.25 x 7 inches
Extra Large - 10 X 14 inches
Small - 3.75 x 5 inches


Stiff Rope

Magician displays a 30 inch long piece of rope. The rope is stretched between the performer's hands horizontally. One hand is released and amazingly the rope stands rigid as a stick. Magician merely blows on the rope and it falls down limp once again.


Flower Box Production - Stage Size


A Quick Production of 3 Boxes of Flowers!

Show an empty bag not much bigger than a lunch sack. Reach into the bag & pull out 3 separate boxes of flowers!

This is an amazing self-contained production. Easy to do and very impressive.

The Large Size boxes are 7.75 inches in length.



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