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Tricks: Magic Tricks For Beginners

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Dime & Penny


Place a dime and a penny in someone's hand and have them make a fist around the coins. When they open their hand the dime is GONE! A classic trick.


In & Out Boxes


You show your audience a small red box. Open it open and from inside you remove a small black box.

Now the cool part. You close the red box and place it inside the black box! Amazing! Remember, the black box came out of the red box not the red box is inside the black box. Baffling!


Six Card Repeat


Six playing cards are counted one by one as the audience watches closely. Three cards are discarded and the magician proves that six minus three equals six, as there are still six cards! This happens time and time again and it seems that the cards just never go away! This trick is easy for anyone to do.


Chop Cup Plastic


A small, plastic chop cup perfect for beginners. Balls vanish and appear underneath the cup in a series of startling surprises. Individually boxed with instructions, and supplied complete with special set of balls.


Fortune Telling Swami


The possibilities are limitless!

The gimmick this trick is built around allows you to perform a wide variety of tricks. For example, the spectator intials the top card in the stack of Swami cards. That card is set aside. Later on, after a card has been selected from the deck, the Swami is shown to have discovered the name of...


Water Jug - Royal Magic


It's always full!

No matter how many times the magician empties this cute country-style jug, it allways seems to refill itself. Fill it with water, milk or any other liquid. Even after tapping out the last drop of liquid and inverting the jug completely, it continues to fill itself.

Made in the USA by FUN Incorporated....


Water Suspension - Royal


Defy the laws of nature!

A glass full of water is placed inside a red tube. Removing the glass from the tube, the glass is seen to be empty! The water has either vanished, or is suspended inside the tube. The magician proves that the latter is the case when he replaces the glass in the tube and removes it to reveal the glass...


Worlds Fastest Rope Trick


This one is clean and easy to do. The hand justs makes a pass over the rope and it instantly changes color. Another pass and it's back to it's original color. A great trick you will use often.


Steel Ball & Tube

A steel ball is placed on top of a brass tube. The ball is obviously larger than the diameter of the tube yet the magician causes the ball to sink into the tube and rise again.

The 28 page book (sold separately) teaches many other tricks you can do with your Steel Ball & Tube.


Astro Coin


The mysterious coin from outer space! Pretend to take an invisible coin out of your pocket. Count to three and smack the dome. The coin magically appears inside the sealed transparent dome!


Disappearing Cards & Case


Asked to perform some magic, the magician takes out a box from his pocket, which holds a deck of cards. The box has a cut out window on top and an opening at one end. The card case is clearly visible through the window and opening of the box. He takes out the card case from the box and leaves the box on the table. He opens the case and...


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