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Tricks: Close-Up Magic

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SMOKE CUBE by Joao Miranda

40% OFF
Was $250.00   Now $150.00

Looking to enhance a great moment with the production of smoke? Read on!

After the success of Joao Miranda's smoke watch (performed by David Copperfield on TV), is the highly-anticipated arrival of SMOKE CUBE. It is the smallest smoke machine in the world, created with the professional in mind.

Includes 10...


The Lucky Coin by Luca Volpe and Paul McCaig


Luca Volpe and Paul McCaig are proud to present a classic of magic re-imagined!

The Lucky Coin is an elegant piece of magic which has been custom designed and beautifully crafted by a professional artisan.

Each timeless, antique finished, lead-free pewter coin, with milled edges, bears the Celtic symbol for 'luck'...


Close Up Linking Rings BLACK (RED BAG) (Gimmicks & DVD) by Matthew Garrett


These are the nicest rings money can buy. The best ring routines you will see. This set lets you perform a routine joining 4 rings together.

DVD Contents:

  • Start
  • Routine
  • The count
  • Follow along
  • Spectator
  • Unlink move
  • Convincers
  • Link/unlink
  • Final display
  • Taking it further
  • Ninja+...

    Paul Harris Presents Phone Phreak by Jeff Prace & Paul Harris

    91% OFF
    Was $44.95   Now $3.99

    Paul Harris Presents
    Phone Phreak for iPhone 6
    Created by Jeff Prace

    The PHREAKY automatic bill change!

    Nothing to palm, ditch, or steal. Everything can be examined!

    "This is literally the best idea involving a cell phone I've ever seen. Versatile, visual, and the method is revolutionary....


    The FLY by Marcos Waldemar

    30% OFF
    Was $49.95   Now $34.95

    Welcome to THE FLY!

    THE FLY is a new magical effect in which a fly runs through the cards, finds the chosen card and then... leaves flying! This is an effect that will make everyone remember your show and remind you of the magician who has managed to train, hypnotize, catch... (any presentation you want to give the...


    Time Stopper by Joker Magic

    42% OFF
    Was $77.00   Now $45.00

    The magician shows the audience a black tube and a red ball. He asks a member of the audience to pick a number between 1 and 10. He/she picks - for example: 5.

    The magician pushes the button on the tube 5 times and then drops the ball into it. The ball does NOT come out the other side! The magician points to his watch (turning...


    W.M.D. by Seth Race


    "If you're looking for a WTF moment... W.M.D. has got it for you!!!"
    - Eric Jones

    "I love this hyper-visual modern take on the Matrix, made for the worker in mind!!"
    - Rodney Reyes

    "I'm a huge fan of Matrix effects and what I just saw blew my mind! I'll be waiting by the mailbox for...


    Furia by Merpin


    A postmodern take on thimble magic.

    Merpin is one of the leading magicians of South America, a top TV, theater and comedy club professional with a unique style. Here he explains 5 routines from his professional repertoire, from a silent musical act to a full 4-minute routine filled with gags, very entertaining patter and surprises....


    RETRIEVE by Smagic Productions


    RETRIEVE is an extraordinary and unusual effect! Incredible visual magic!

    Your spectators won't believe their eyes!

    From Smagic, we bring you a new and exciting concept in magic. With a TAP, you can make an object appear right in front of your spectator's eyes - instant and amazingly visual. This effect was...


    Banked by Taiwan Ben

    "Taiwan Ben has been known to create some of the most practical magic and Banked is no exception."
    - Eric Chien (2018 FISM WORLD CHAMPION)

    "Banked is the new innovation of the Coin To Bottle effect."
    - Mike Liu

    is an amazing improvement to the Coin Through Bottle effect. You borrow...


    Dean`s Box 2.0 by Dean Dill


    Is it the work of unseen forces? (Presented as a day-time seance, your audience will be convinced that you have conjured up spirits!) They won't believe their eyes! But what the eye beholds, the heart MUST believe...

    Dean's Box is all of this and more... truly grand illusion in a highly portable design. The result...


    Frea-capped by Kieron Johnson

    29% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $25.00

    An incredible, self working piece of visual magic. A Sharpie marker that impossibly recaps itself!!!

    Freacapped is an ingenious gimmicked Sharpie marker that allows you to perform an incredibly visual piece of magic with NO SKILL REQUIRED!

    As seen on TV. Includes special Sharpie gimmick that magically recaps itself!...


    The Portal - Steve Shufton


    A Portal to stunning, visual magic!

    Carry the 4th dimension in your pocket!

    Five full routines, performed and explained by David Regal

    This amazing device will allow you to produce, vanish, transform, change and mutate small objects at will. Colorful, easy and visually amazing!



    The Whole Thing - Fooler Dooler


    Two hole cards and Two whole cards magically transform into...
    ...a spot card,
    a card with a whole bunch of spots,
    a card with a spot that covers the whole card,
    and a spot card with a hole!

    For a surprise finish, the final card is turned around to reveal the word "HOLE" written across the whole card!...


    Bite Out Cookie


    You place a cookie in your mouth and apparently bite off a piece. Now while holding the cookie the bitten off section visually re-appears.


    Dice Hopper by Tenyo Magic


    One at a time, four dice, each in their own container magically gather together with the "leader dice"!



    40% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $12.00

    Epinglé (pinned) is an excellent trick-gag to do before doing the cigarette in the jacket.

    Effect :

    You ask a spectator if he can give to you his jacket..

    While he is giving it to you, you say that his jacket is very beautiful and seems to be very expensive.

    You are looking for the trademark but smile to...


    Shot Put by Kyle Marlett


    Shotput is a completely bare handed shot glass productions that is a killer opening effect or a great surprise in the middle of your show.

    When we say bare handed we mean bare, no wires, loops, strings, sticky stuff, magnets, etc. There is no rubber covers, no squash balls, no traditional "palming" or slight of hand involved....


    Camouflage by Jay Sankey

    67% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $9.99

    Camouflage features a diabolical, secret gimmick that allows you to perform impossible penetrations, revelations, fusions, and even a levitation.

    The secret gimmick also works with ANY brand of playing cards in the world.

    Some of the tricks taught are:

    APERTURE - A pencil is slowly pushed through the pack....


    Inject 2 System (In App Instructions) by Greg Rostami


    Magic that's ALWAYS with you.

    "Rostami brings magic into the 21st century."
    - David Blaine

    "When THEIR phone is all you have, and you want to do MIRACLES, Inject is a NECESSITY!"
    - Dan White

    "Inject is natural, versatile and PERFECT. An app you will LOVE using!"
    - John...


    SHY 2.0 by Smagic Productions


    From SMAGIC PRODUCTIONS, we bring you SHY 2.0!

    This is the second version of SHY by Smagic. With SHY 2.0 you can perform killer effects with a spectator's ring, signed coin, card corner, etc. SHY 2.0 is what you need to have with you anywhere, anytime. Imagine borrowing a ring or coin from your spectator....


    Winners Dice by Secret Factory


    Winner's Dice is a normal-looking die that can force ANY NUMBER between 1 to 6.

    It uses a very special technology which makes our die fully examinable. The spectator can check the die and he can try throwing it to make sure the results are random. But actually, you are in control of the outcome!

    The forcing result...


    Chop Coke by Julio Montoro Marcos Waldemar

    73% OFF
    Was $39.95   Now $10.95

    Welcome to Chop Coke!

    How many times have you needed to make sense out of taking out a cup and some balls to perform the classic effect, Chop Cup? Those days are over!

    Now you can perform all your favorite routines anywhere -- while you're at a meal, partying, or even if you're on the street and want to impress...


    Coin Thru Brass Box


    Show three Quarters and a small brass box with lid to the audience. Place the three coins in the box and put the lid on it. Ask a spectator to put out their hand and hold the brass box over it. Tap the lid of the brass box firmly, and amazingly one of the quarter coins PENETRATES RIGHT THROUGH THE BASE OF THE BOX, and drops into the...


    Coin Thru Hand


    The magician shows two coins over a card, he puts the card over a glass and one coin goes through the card. He takes the other coin and lets it fall over the card and the coin goes through the card too. The magician takes the deck and lets both coins fall over the deck and the coins go through the deck. Video instructions by Mr. Tango...

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