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Tricks: Close-Up Magic

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Close Up Linking Rings BLACK by Matthew Garrett

71% OFF
Was $95.00   Now $27.99

These are the nicest rings money can buy. The best ring routines you will see. This set lets you perform a routine joining 4 rings together.

DVD Contents:

  • Start
  • Routine
  • The count
  • Follow along
  • Spectator
  • Unlink move
  • Convincers
  • Link/unlink
  • Final display
  • Taking it further
  • Ninja+...

    Floating Ring Miracle - JB Magic

    72% OFF
    Was $100.00   Now $28.00

    Mike Smith has created the FINAL WORD in FLOATING RINGS.

    For over 12 years through 1000's of performances, Mike has perfected one of the most ashtonishing pieces of magic ever created.

    A borrowed finger ring is placed onto your little finger. It animates, suspends and floats under impossible circumstances....


    Little Man - Paul Harris

    72% OFF
    Was $299.99   Now $84.00


    You bring out a small gift bag and pull out a standard container of kid's clay. You peel off the lid, pull out a lump of clay and let your audience freely squish, pull and play with it. You then help the audience mold the clay into a little man (or woman!) The only reason you...


    Medallion by Mystique Factory

    59% OFF
    Was $85.00   Now $35.00

    Solid steel pendant changes in the spectator's hand!

    Two spectators select two cards, one each. You take out a medallion and there is a card engraved on it. You turn it over and it's a prediction of a card that matches with the first spectator's card. You hand the medallion to the second spectator. Now comes the...


    Remarkable by Richard Sanders

    67% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $9.95

    Transform your Sharpie Marker into a secret weapon!

    Years in development, Remarkable is a real Sharpie Marker....MADE BY SHARPIE! 

    Effect: With 2 cards selected, show your Sharpie marker clearly on both sides. With a shake, the logo on your Sharpie marker visibly transforms into their selected card. Give it another shake...


    Sleeve Star by David Jay

    72% OFF
    Was $146.00   Now $40.88

    For years sleeving has been a Holy Grail for many performers. David Jay is one of the world's greatest sleight of hand experts and has spent the last 20 years taking sleeving to a whole new level. Now Wizard FX Productions are proud to present the release of one of the most anticipated items to hit the magic community in recent years...


    5th Assistant by Geoff Weber

    72% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $9.80

    A Practical and Versatile Pocket Utility

    The 5th Assistant takes a classic concept to a whole new level! Imagine a tool so powerful, so practical, and so versatile you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. This gimmick allows you to show your pocket empty, only to produce any item you wish moments later!



    Age of Travel by Nathan Kranzo

    72% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $7.00

    Effect: Imagine doing Dai Vernon's Travelers with four random objects. A borrowed ring, a signed bottle cap, a coin and a piece of candy. They all vanish and instantly appear in four different pockets.

    BONUS! You will receive the PDF booklet with several routines and ideas taught.

    This training DVD shows...


    Alien Autopsy trick

    72% OFF
    Was $15.00   Now $4.20

    Alien Autopsy by Jim Pace & Steve Dobson Four differently colored alien faces appear and disappear one at a time between pictures of earth and space. Then, with a wave of the hand, the four cards with aliens change to four "green immigration cards"-which then magically change into the aliens again, this time all four at once! For the finale,...


    All Access

    72% OFF
    Was $24.95   Now $6.99

    You push back your sleeve and display a V.I.P. wristband, then break it off.
    It instantly vanishes and reappears securely on your wrist!
    Your crowd of spectators can examine the's really secured to your arm and has to be torn off to remove it!

    • Stylish, visual, and fast!
    • An ideal opener for walkaround...


    Alluminati Refills (set of 12 units 8 of Hearts) by Chris Oberle

    72% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $5.60

    Includes 12 (8 of Hearts) refills for Alluminati.


    Alluminati Refills (set of 12 units Hearts) by Chris Oberle

    72% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $5.60

    Includes 12 (Hearts) refills for Alluminati.


    Alluminati by Chris Oberle

    72% OFF
    Was $34.95   Now $9.79

    Your empty hands grab a can of soda and tear off it's aluminum pop tab (that cute little metal thingy with the two holes in it).

    Your lovely spectator focuses her attention on one of the tab holes....allowing her secret thoughts about you to flow into the metallic circular space. You wait a moment..but it's still just your...


    Atlantis (SQUEEZE) by The Enchantment

    72% OFF
    Was $9.95   Now $2.79

    From The Enchantment, the company which brought you Skywalker, Archangel, Dreamweaver, and ABYSS, comes Atlantis. If you are looking for magic that leaves a strong impact with the greatest of ease, look no further.

    Imagine having the ability to change the properties of an unopened beverage. Imagine taking almost any small...


    Attire by Roddy McGhie and Danny Weiser

    72% OFF
    Was $24.95   Now $6.99

    Attire is the ultimate way to introduce a Sharpie. They see a design of a marker on your shirt, and with a simple pull on the image, and you now have a REAL Sharpie in your hand that you can use in your next routine!

    Attire is a unique piece of magic from the creative duo of Roddy McGhie and Danny Weiser. It's truly...


    BASH! by Xeon Steel

    72% OFF
    Was $24.95   Now $6.99

    From the mind of Xeon Steel, comes "BASH". Inspired by Xeon's own previous effect, "FIVE", Xeon brings you a fast, super visual box change like no other and will leave your audience confused! Perform it anytime, anywhere. Start with your own ambitious card routine and end it with a box change your audience will not even expect.



    BETS (U.S.) by Jean-Pierre Vallarino

    72% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $8.39

    Push the limits of the impossible with this extraordinary challenge!


    You place some bills/bank notes on the table and offer the spectator a challenge using HIS deck and YOUR money. The spectator is then free to mix, shuffle and cut his cards as many times as he wants.

    The Challenge is very simple:...


    Benz by Sean Fields

    72% OFF
    Was $34.95   Now $9.79

    There are fewer joyful moments from a spectator when they open their hand and witness a hard, metal coin warped and bent right in their hand. Even better, the astonishment they have when they see you easily bending a coin at the fingertips, like soft butter.

    Bending a coin to pull off a great coin-bending magic trick has historically...


    Blistering by Alex La Torre

    72% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $5.60

    Cause a piece of gum to magically jump to four different portions of the hermetically sealed packet. If you are looking for visual magic to perform live or for a camera, this is ten seconds of sheer magic. It's not just a clever trick for video though; it's a practical and workable attention grabbing trick. What's more, at the...


    Burner by Christopher Khlers Burner

    72% OFF
    Was $9.95   Now $2.79

    You show your member card of your fitness club to the audience and explain that you hate to go there. The card is inspected by the spectators and then instantly changes into a coupon card of a fast food restaurant!

    That's way better than working out, you state. But to feel better you'd have to go to the gym again. Speaking...


    CAP IT by Twister Magic - Black

    72% OFF
    Was $10.00   Now $2.80

    Vanish any small object from the audience, like a ring, coin, bill, signed card or any other small item. Show a bottle of soda, water or juice of any kind and give to the spectator to hold. Now invite him to open the "factory sealed" bottle to realize that after pouring all the liquid out the item have magically re-appear inside.



    COIL by Jay Sankey

    72% OFF
    Was $39.95   Now $11.19

    One of the most VISUAL bending effects ever! Perform COIL as the perfect opening effect. And then wear the bent nail as a finger ring for the rest of your show!

    Or perform COIL as a closing effect, as a powerful reputation-maker. And thanks to the specially- machined gimmick included with the full-length DVD, the nail can be closely...



    69% OFF
    Was $22.50   Now $7.00

    by Andrew Gerard


    Invite a spectator to take your pulse. To ensure there is nothing restricting your pulse, allow them to check under your arms and examine your arms completely. They will agree there are no devices on you.

    Ask them to find your pulse. When they have it, ask them to snap their fingers...


    Change for a Dollar by Ron Jaxon & Eric Ross

    72% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $8.40

    In this updated version of the classic Mismade Bill, the bill changes form not once, but TWICE!

    You take a borrowed bill and show it all around.
    You fold the bill in half and openly display it. In a snap, you move the seam (fold crease) to another edge.
    You open the bill and now the left half of the bill is on TOP of...


    Cigatration by Chris Westfall

    72% OFF
    Was $15.00   Now $4.20

    Ever thought about doing "Cigarette Through Coin"? This is THE version to perform. It has it all: visual, surprising, and utterly clean. The advent of flash paper and keys (as prongs) elevate this trick into a strange and wonderful performance piece. If you perform in bars or outdoor settings in which borrowing a cigarette is possible, you...

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