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Tricks: Close-Up Magic

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COFFEE CUP by Mariano Goni

28% OFF
Was $34.95   Now $25.00

It has been said that if you want to develop new things, you have to look in the old books.
There's nothing like reviving a powerful classic, giving it a breath of fresh air.

Another treasure from Mariano's repertoire, a truly mind blowing routine, perfected over the years.

  • Easy to understand for the audience...


Cas na Clocha (Deluxe) by Hand Crafted Miracles

38% OFF
Was $120.00   Now $75.00

Cas na Clocha is far more than just a trick -- it is an entertaining and engaging mini-act presented in the guise of an ancient (con) game of chance. The game is played with a hand-made, carved wooden box that holds a stick embedded with three "stones." The stick is placed into the box, which is given a series of end-to-end turns. The spectator must ultimately guess which end of the box contains the odd-colored stone.

The escalating routine is designed to show spectators how a clever con artist was able to fool the magician, and subsequently the spectators,...


Magic Spinner 2.0 by Happy, Bond Lee & Magic 8

40% OFF
Was $24.95   Now $15.00

The great Magic Spinner got even better!

Now this upgraded version allows magicians to reveal any message desired! Created by Happy, an underground artist from China.

Imagine the following:

- Perform incredible mental routines
- Reveal predictions in an impossible manner
- The message can be changed in real...


Regal Ring Chain

35% OFF
Was $69.00   Now $45.00

What has more impact than performing a stunning effect with a cherished object?

Fashioned by a commercial jeweler, The Regal Ring Chain is a specially designed prop that enables the performer to secretly introduce a borrowed ring onto a stainless steel neck chain.

Just as magician's wallets are altered to...


The Boston Man`s Chopper Walnuts

36% OFF
Was $55.00   Now $35.00

The Chopped Walnuts are made using real walnut shells. As a result these walnut shells handle like real shells should, Also the inside of each shell is coated with an epoxy finish for added strength.

This set is a professional prop.


  • 3 Half Walnut Shells
  • 2 Green Peas
  • Detailed Instructions...

    SurPrice by Taiwan Ben

    40% OFF
    Was $39.95   Now $24

    Magicians are always looking for new and unique ways to entertain their audiences. SurPrice gives you the power to do just that.

    This is one of the most powerful and clever tools you will carry with you AT ALL TIMES!

    Surprice is a very clever gimmick that allows you to reveal names of cards, ESP symbols, etc.



    Inject 2 System (In App Instructions) by Greg Rostami


    Magic that's ALWAYS with you.

    "Rostami brings magic into the 21st century."
    - David Blaine

    "When THEIR phone is all you have, and you want to do MIRACLES, Inject is a NECESSITY!"
    - Dan White

    "Inject is natural, versatile and PERFECT. An app you will LOVE using!"
    - John...


    Close-up Cardiographic by Martin Lewis

    "I have always wanted to present a close-up version of Cardiographic but have been unable to create my dream pad until recent advances in material technology made it possible.
    "My criteria was simple, I wanted a pad that would comfortably fit in my pocket. That could be done surrounded under the closest scrutiny. It had to be self-contained...


    SUPER GLOW SET by N2G Magic


    A beautiful glowing thread for the classic "Gypsy Thread" effect! Break the thread into many pieces, and the pieces magically are restored back into one long thread.

    This thread breaks easily - not painful for your hands! Used with a hidden ultraviolet lamp inside your suit, this amazing glowing effect delivers a mysterious yet beautiful...


    Skymember Presents Paperless by Lyndon Jugalbot


    Money; a medium that can be exchanged for goods and services and is used as a measure of their values on the market.

    What would you like to do if money were no object?

    Our in-house artist, Lyndon Jugalbot has designed one of the most unique bill changes which grants you an ability to manipulate the value on the bill like...


    Cool Beans by Paul Brook


    Cool Beans is a set of five seemingly real coffee shop stamp cards and a special hidden crib card that will have you performing this effect right out of the box.

    With these cards, you will be able to have a participant select any card and tell the person which card has been selected. This can be done in three different ways,...


    Redator by Raphael Czaja

    56% OFF
    Was $24.95   Now $10.95

    The magician places a prediction in full view prior to the start of this effect, and points it out without revealing its contents.

    The spectator is handed a rather unusual set of cards. Each of these has various suits and values printed upon each side. The spectator thoroughly mixes the cards before dealing them into pairs, creating...


    Devil`s Mark by Alan Rorrison


    Finding new and interesting revelations for chosen playing cards is a challenge to be overcome by magicians far and wide.

    Finding a way to perform a revelation using borrowed objects that are both natural and memorable is another important piece of the puzzle.

    DEVIL'S MARK solves both problems and gives your spectator...


    Bliss by Noel Qualter


    BLISS - Bill Loaded Into Sharpie System


    Six years in the making, dozens of prototypes and thousands of hours of problem solving, Noel Qualter is finally ready to release BLISS.

    BLISS is a breakthrough system that allows you to vanish a borrowed, signed bill and cleanly show both hands...


    Lucky Cluckers by Brad Toulouse


    New from Maple Leaf Magic is a great utility prop suitable for a variety of audiences!

    "Lucky Cluckers!!!" Three adorable rubber chickens that seem to have the uncanny ability to "squawk" at your command! Here are just a couple of ways to use them!

    1. The Traditional Monte: Show that one bird squawks and the other...


    STASH by Jasper Jongejans and MagicfromHolland


    STASH by Jasper Jongejans and MagicfromHolland is the Card to Impossible Location for the next generation!

    Imagine the reactions you will get when their signed card appears UNDER your transparent phone case! Now you can do an easy card to an impossible location everyone is familiar with!

    So here is...


    The Z-Fold Wallet by Jerry O`Connell and PropDog


    The Z-Fold Wallet by Jerry O'Connell is handmade of the highest quality leather.

    There are loads of possible routines and uses for The Z-Fold Wallet. For a brief overview of its amazing capabilities, please see the video above.

    Please note that no instructions are included with this wallet. It's a tool...


    Blistering by James Anthony


    Blistering by James Anthony

    A new generation of card blister!

    "Blistering is super portable and convenient... I LOVE THIS!!"
    - DYNAMO

    asking someone to choose a playing card or an ESP symbol. Then, with any lighter, you ask them to stare into the flame and imagine...


    Mystic Frog by Tim Spinosa


    Mys*tic (mis'tik), adj. The belief that perception goes beyond logical reasoning.


    The Mystic Frog is a fun and entertaining magic trick where a cool little frog finds the location of a freely selected card. Your spectators will love jumping the frog from card to card, and suddenly the Mystic Frog's...


    Ring on Rope by Bazar de Magia


    This is the ideal ring for performing the classic "Ring on Rope" routines with which Daryl and Colombini have amazed us for years. The ring is built in only one piece, without any kind of welding or sewing.

    It is chrome plated. Its size (diameter 9 cm/3.6 inches) and weight (40 g) are perfect for all of the known routines....


    Forksaken by Mark Elsdon

    37% OFF
    Was $39.95   Now $25.00

    Forksaken is the brand new release from Mark Elsdon and Saturn Magic. Combining his love of puzzles with his knack for creating powerful and practical magic, Mark has devised an incredible piece of close-up and stand-up card magic.

    The spectator chooses a card which is shuffled into the deck and lost.

    The deck is dropped into...


    Marchand de Trucs Presents The Fooler (Black) by Eric Roumestan


    The Fooler is definitely one of the most practical and easy-to-use wallets currently available. Think of it as a modern-day thumb tip that's perfect for coin routines, close-up magic, and mentalism.

    The Fooler gives you the power to perform completely impossible magic, regardless of your skill level.



    Porous by Seth Race by Seth Race


    "Not only did it fool me the first time I saw it, but when I saw the method I realized that it was also SUPER PRACTICAL AND MOTIVATED!"
    - Alex Latorre

    gives you the ability to reveal a vanished Sharpie logo INSIDE a bill!

    This is a SUPER FUN routine with a KICKER ENDING that happens in the spectator's...


    The Whistle Blower by O`Grady Creations


    Long awaited to the Modern Practical Joke Range is The Whistle Blower by O'Grady Creations.

    After the ongoing success of his Divers Lung Tester, Jordan O'Grady has managed to redesign the workings of his bespoke prank prop and hide them in what appears to be an everyday survival whistle.

    Completely self-contained,...


    Secret Passage by Jay Sankey

    46% OFF
    Was $34.95   Now $18.95

    A brand NEW collection of extraordinary moments with a 100% ordinary Sharpie marker!


    Visibly CRUSH...

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