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Tricks: Coin and Money Tricks

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Squished by Ben Williams


Squished is the newest release from close up magician and creator Ben Williams.

How would you like to be able to borrow a penny and inches from their faces squash and stretch the coin into an impossible magical souvenir?

Everybody has seen the machines where you insert a penny and then pay your fifty pence or quarter and...


Chinese Folding Coin - Tango


The magician takes a Chinese coin and an empty bottle. He requests a spectator who takes the bottle for the peak and strikes the bottom of the bottle with the coin, and it crosses the bottom of the bottle. Afterwards he shows that the coin is really inside the bottle, the magician waves the bottle and the coin goes out of it. Immediately...


Flipper Half by Johnson Products


Half Dollar that unfolds allowing you to show two half dollars. When you release the coin, the coins fold back up into one single half dollar.


Chinese Set


The magician hold two cards in his hands face down. He ask the spectator to name two cards. "So, what are the two cards you pictured in your mind?" ............. "And they match." He shows the two cards in his hands, which have Chinese sign on them.

After this, the magician makes four Chinese coins appear from the two cards....


Big Coins


A big coin jumps from hand to hand, changes into a burst of silver confetti, and then changes into a 25 foot reusable coil!

Trick includes everything you need to perform including big coins, confetti, and complete instructions.


Boston Box by Johnson Products


An exact duplicate of the Okito box with one important difference. The bottom has a recess that will accomodate a half dollar. This variation makes many amazing effects possible.


Cigarette Thru Coin by Johnson Products

This is a visual miracle. Picture this: Borrow a quarter, and borrow a cigarette. Then right under their noses you push the cigarette through the center of the quarter. Let the effect sink in, then pull the cigarette back out. You wont believe this gimmicked coin even after you've seen it.


Coin Off Ribbon by Johnson Products


Don’t let the low price here fool you. The method is simple but the handling puts it into the miracle class. A half dollar with a large hole through the middle is examined. The coin is then carefully and fairly threaded onto a piece of ribbon. The ends are held by the spectator as a handkerchief is thrown over the coin. Reach under the...


Copper/Silver Half by Johnson Products


A Kennedy Half (heads) on one side, the other side is an English Penny (heads).


Dime and Penny by Johnson Products


An old favorite in top quality. The coins are placed in the spectator's hand and they are both visible as the hand is closed into a fist. When the hand is open the dime has completely vanished. Easy to do and made to last. Any trick that happens in the spectator's hand is especially magical and this one will surely have them...


Hong Kong Coin by Johnson Products

The Hong Kong Coin is one of our most versatile utility coins. Here are just a few possibilities. The Chinese Coin can penetrate onto a shoelace while the ends are held by a spectator. The coin can be placed in your pocket and instantly return to your hand. It can jump from one hand to the other under impossible conditions. The Hong Kong...


Magna Coin Box by Johnson Products


An Okito Box routine with an endless variety of incredible vanishes, productions, and penetrations plus a knock-out finish. Spectator places a coin in the box and covers it with the lid. The box is set on an address book and instantly the coin passes through the box and appears inside the book! Routine is climaxed by spectator seeing five...


Magnetic Silver and Copper by Johnson Products


A number of different routines are supplied, but the combinations possible with this unique set of coins are limited only by your imagination. Here is just a sample: A drinking glass is held in a horizontal position and two coins are set inside: an English Penny and a Half Dollar. The glass is slowly tipped up causing the coins to slide...


Nickel To Half by Johnson Products


Magician display a nickel. The coin visually and mysteriously transforms into a half dollar.Nothing to palm, switch or get rid of at the finish.


Okorto Box Set by Johnson Products


The set includes an Okito box, a Boston box, and an Okito box with a smaller inside diameter.The set is spoken very highly of in BoBo's "New Modern Coin Magic". Some great funny and commercial routines can be performed with this wonderful set of boxes.


Stack Of Halves by Johnson Products


A classic effect made to perfection. Half Dollars are stacked on the back of a spectator's hand and covered with a simulated leather cone. The cone is lifted revealing a stack of PENNIES! Each stack of Halves is carefully assembled by hand. Complete with cone and intructions.


Stack Of Quarters by Johnson Products


A classic effect made to perfection. Quarters are stacked on the back of a spectator's hand and covered with a simulated leather cone. The cone is lifted revealing a stack of PENNIES! Each stack of quarters is carefully assembled by hand. Complete with cone and instructions.


Twenty-One Cent Trick by Johnson Products


Two nickels, a dime and a penny are placed into the magicians hand. When the magician opens the hand everything has vanished except for a nickel.

Precision made by Johnson Products


Two Copper One Silver by Johnson Products


Three coins are shown - a Half Dollar, an English Penny, and a 20 Centavo. The two copper coinsare unmistakingly placed in one hand. The hand is immediately opened to reveal the Half Dollar! The copper coins are tossed on the table from your other hand! Now the copper coins are placed in your pocket as your other hand closes around the...


Visual Coin Penetration by Johnson Products


This effect is stunning. Two clear drinking glasses, a playing card and two Half Dollars are shown. The card is placed on the mouth of one glass and the second glass is set on top of the card. Both Halves are dropped into the upper glass and when they hit the card one coin passesthrough the card and falls into the bottom glass! The coins...


Tenyo Millionaires Dream


Fold up a dollar bill, and a quarter magically rises up from inside! Produce quarter after quarter from the same dollar bill. The last quarter that appears magically changes into another dollar!


Miracle Coin Box


A coin is borrowed and marked for indentification. You place it in your pocket and INSTANTLY produce a box with rubber bands around it. This box contains another box with rubber bands, a small bag with a rubber band around it is in the last box. Inside is the marked coin.


Magnetic 1 Euro coin


Magnetic 1 Euro coin...


Stack of Coins Quarter Dollar - Tango


This is a stack of five U.S. quarters joined together by a pivot pin.

This stack will work great in a Cap and Pence routine.

You will be able to perform many coin tricks with this gimmick.


Bite Out Half - Internal TANGO


The magician shows a coin, bites it and removes a piece. He then opens his mouth and shows the piece in between his teeth! He then puts the coin back in his mouth and returns it to its original state!

With this revolutionary "internal" design the mechanism is concealed inside the coin.


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