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Tricks: Coin and Money Tricks

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Spy Coin - Quarter


During the Cold War, spies used hollow coins to pass secret messages, hide suicide poisons and smuggle microfilms without detection. While we don’t expect you to use this for anything like that, being discreet with personal information is just one of the many uses for these Hollow Quarter Dollars.


Magnetic Flipper Coin Eisenhower Dollar by Tango



The magician show two coins, places them on the table and puts a glass (brim upwards) on the coins. Incredibly one of the coins appears inside the glass.

In this package you will find a finely crafted gimmicked coin set produced by Tango Magic.
Tango Magic produces the highest quality gimmicked...


Transition by Jamie Docherty


Jamie Docherty's debut effect - Transition, will allow you to perform visual coin magic like never before. 5 Visual effects using the Transition gimmick.

Coin Transformation: Showing your hands empty you simply momentarily click in front of the coin and it visually transforms into a completely different coin, immediately...


Monster Spellbound by Mott-Sun


This is Mr. Mott-sun's latest work which allows you to have coins appeared one after another right between your fingers. There are 4 types of coins including Half dollar and Chinese coin showing up one by one in the blink of an eye, eventually a note shows up. This is an amazing work on visual effect without using thread, magnet, reel,...


Chocolate Coin by SansMinds


Chocolate Coin is a cute and fun twist to the popular coin bite effect.
You can turn any borrowed coin into chocolate coin, bite it and visually restore it. It will get you crazy reaction. Everyone loves it and we know you will too.

Full gimmick set included, gimmick made in US Quarter size. Any silver color coin from...


Copper and Brass 5c and 20c Euro - Tango



The magician displays two coins - a brass and a copper one. He places both coins under a handkerchief. He takes the brass coin and places it on the handkerchief and raises the handkerchief slightly to show the copper coin, but incredibly now there is a brass coin and the copper coin is now on the handkerchief. Afterwards,...


Perfect Power Eisenhower Dollar by Johnny Wong


This Perfect Power 3 is the latest coin gimmick from Johnny Wong in 2010. This Edition includes an Eisenhower Dollar gimmick.

Everyone would consider it to be a normal half dollar if they see from any possible angles.But it will soon divide into two coins once being held in the performer's hands, and then again there will be 3...


Folding Coin - 2 Euros (Traditional w/DVD) by Tango Magic



The magician takes a normal coin and an empty bottle. He requests a spectator who takes the bottle for the peak and strikes the bottom of the bottle with the coin, and it crosses the bottom of the bottle. Afterwards he shows that the coin is really inside the bottle, the magician waves the bottle and the coin goes out...


Folding Chinese Coin Internal System by Tango


The magician borrows a coin and shows it to the audience. Holding it at the finger tips by the very edge, He begins striking the coin against the middle of the bottle on the label. Counting "One", "Two", and "Three". On the third strike, the coin magically penetrates the bottle and is found inside the bottle.


TUC Saint Gauden by Tango


T.U.C will be a classic!!

T.U.C it's really a revolution.


  • 3 Fly Coin
  • Chink a Chink
  • Matrix
  • Coin Across
  • Coins to Glass
  • Coins thru Table
  • Coin thru Note
  • Coin thru Hand
  • Coins thru Glass
  • Okito Box Routine
  • Signed Coin to Can
  • Scotch and Soda Routines
  • Copper...

    Expanded Shell Poker Chip Green (plus 4 Regular Chips) by Tango magic


    With this gimmick, there are two different effects in which you can use this item perfectly...

    Effect 1:
    Four borrowed coins travel, one by one, from left to right hand.

    Effect 2:
    A coin borrowed from the public through a ticket which was also provided, finally everything is given to examine. item(s) available...


    International Pocket Change


    From the creator of SHOPAHOLIC!, "Q" and NEWSWORTHY!comes an organic, all natural magic effect with everyday objects!International Pocket Change (a.k.a. IPC) is an easy to do, entertaining and MIND BLOWING effectwhere your AUDIENCE predicts the amount of pocket change you have in your pocket!

    Utilizing a unique revolutionary...


    S2C by Johnny Wong

    Johnny Wong 's S2C is the latest coin magic from Johnny.

    All coin magic fans know that Johnny Wong's coin gimmicks are always easy to use and can be applied to various tricks.

    The main illusions of Johnny Wong's S2C includes any type of penetration, movement, increment, replacement,...


    Magnetic Coin Strong Magnet 50 cents Euro by Tango


    "This is a great accessory to use with a magnet or steel. Its's simply a coin with a magnet inside, so this coin will be attracted for any magnet or steel. It's very useful for the use as an accessory for tricks such as ""The Bat"" or some matrix routines."


    Instant Travel Coins by Henry Evans


    With this effect you will learn how to make coins travel from one hand to the other.

    You will also learn the secrets behind this amazingly simple effect and how to achieve a flawless transfer.


    Dream Coin Set EISENHOWER (with DVD) by Johnny Wong


    This great new coin set from Johnny Wong is perfectly named. It is truly a dream come true!

    There are so many routines possible with this coin set, and we are positive you will "dream" up even more.

    You will learn a fabulous Coin Assembly, a version of Three Fly that will make your audience's eyes pop, the Production of...


    Balancing Coin - 1 Euro Tango


    While holding one coin between thumb and finger another coin is carefully balanced on it's edge. For even a more dramatic effect, the same coin can be turned while balanced!


    Slippery Expanded Shell (2 Euro Coin) by Tango


    Three coins travel between your hands. A borrow coin goes from your hand to your pocket. These and all the expanded shell routines could be improve with this new gimmick. It's really a new concept in expanded shell coins.


    The magician shows two coins in his left hand and makes one coin disappear with his right hand....


    Scotch And Soda English Penny by Tango


    Effect 1

    The magician shows a half dollar and an english penny in the left hand. He closes both hands and when he opens the left only the half dollar can be found because the english penny has appeared in the right hand!

    Effect 2

    The magician shows a half dollar and an english penny and places them in the...


    Coin Table


    Coins through Table made EASY!

    A small table and four coins are displayed. The coins are placed in the performers fist. He taps the table and magically one coin penetrates through the table and falls onto the surface below. This is repeated with the other 3 coins.

    use your own half dollars or similar size coin.



    Expanded shell by Unicorn Gaffed Coin


    The new Unicorn coins are handcrafted by Pablo Rivera the magician, in search of quality both in their aspect and in their precision. Their size and weight have been carefully studied so that manipulation is perfect. Every coin's surface is exquisitely polished and their shine is incredible, which makes them very visible even in stand-up...


    Flicker Coin (Quarter) by Rocco


    From the man who brought you D'lite comes FLICKER by Rocco!

    FLICKER will take your coin magic to new heights with ZERO SKILL. Visual coin magic usually requires difficult sleight of hand and has never been an easy task...

    That is until now!

    Imagine being able to duplicate the most impressive retention vanish,...


    Slippery Expanded Shell - Tango

    Three coins travel between your hands. A borrow coin goes from your hand to your pocket. These and all the expanded shell routines could be improve with this new gimmick. It's really a new concept in expanded shell coins.

    The magician shows two coins in his left hand and makes one coin disappear with his right hand. The...


    Karate Coin - Half Dollar


    Imagine pushing your finger right thru a real coin. Just throw the coin in the air, give it your best Karate finger jab, and show the ripped jagged coin.


    Tango Ultimate Coin - Walking Liberty


    T.U.C (Tango Ultimate Coin) is the result of many years of hard work and professional experience. This gaffed coin allows you to do hundreds of magic effects, it will soon became a classic that will be found in every magicians pockets.

    The set includes a gaffed coin and an instructional DVD.

    In this DVD you will learn...


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