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Game Of Diabolo


An exceptional 4 inch diabolo made from high quality EVA with a solid brass center piece for a superb spin. You will be very impressed with the price and the quality of this diabolo.


Micro Diabolo - Henrys

This is the smallest diabolo that Henry's offers. It comes complete with handsticks, string and a carrying strap. The Micro has captured the attention of diabolo users everywhere, and for good reasons; it has a small diameter of only 3.15 Inch x 2.5 Inch (80 x 63mm) and a light-weight body of 5 oz.


Beach Diabolo - Henrys

Diameter: 4.8-inches Width: 5-inches Weight: 9-ounces

Henrys Beach diabolos are precise, durable and lightweight for their size. They are made using strong, polyethylene plastic and have multiple layers of rings for improved durability. This is a great diabolo for beginners and those looking to try new tricks. This diabolo does...


Circus Diabolo - Henrys

Henrys Circus diabolo has been called the best diabolo on earth. It is a great beginner diabolo because of its large size, durable fame and ease in catching. It's flexible plastic that can withstand wear and tear make it a great diabolo for beginners. While many professionals rave about the Circus diabolos versatility and heavy feel...