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Abbotts Vase of the Genii


Estate Item

The production items just keep coming from this 15" tall metal vase.

The vase is shown empty and water is poured in. Then a large group of silks are produced, then a glass, then a bottle and a drink is poured. The glass of liquid is covered with a silk and then vanishes. Only to be reproduced from...


Houdini Bolt - Viking Magic


From our estate collection

A spectator's ring is trapped on the large brass bolt with a nut. When covered with a cloth, the ring can be instantly removed. Has other uses as well, a precision made outfit.


Heavy Air Tube - UF Grant


From our Estate Collection
Simple little idea from UF Grant. You show a very innocent little Metal Tube with spots. You can drop small objects thru it...On your command you can make the objects stay in the hollow of the Tube with no visible means of support. On your command they will continue the fall through the tube....


Authentic Jail Lock


This is the genuine article. Weighs 6.5 pounds. Comes with one very large key. Four bolt holes allow for easy installation onto your "jail cell", packing crate, or whatever your imagination can conjure.

Includes a strike plate plus 2 booklets from Ian McColl.
Picking a Prison Lock
Prison Key Making

If purchased...


Die Surprise - Harries Magic


From our Estate Collection

The magician shows a beautiful crystal clear box made of Plexiglass. The box is unprepared - no secret compartments, panels or mirrors. No nothing! You now show a big, haevy looking black die with white spots. The die just fits into the crystal box. When the die is in place you take a big, colorful...





Tom Horn was a famous cowboy who was allegedly framed for murder by the cattle barons and subsequently hung. Legend has it that he was trussed up in leather and chain restraints while being led to the gallows. This very heavy leather belt buckles at your back. Your arms are then laced through two sets of chains...


Russ Walsh Canes



From our Estate Collection. This is a set of vintage canes made by Russ Walsh. You get both the Vanishing Cane and the Appearing Cane.

Great condition and comes with original packaging and instructions.


Hades Improved Finger Chopper



You ask a spectator to examine both pieces of this two piece, guillotine style finger chopper. They find the blade to be solid, and the stocks solid as well. You then take the two pieces back, and place your finger in opening of the "stocks." You then slide the blade piece through both the stocks and your finger,...


Magic of Riedel by James Klein


This is a first edition copy number 461

The book is in excellent conditon the dust jacket has a tear on the back.

Includes information on the Riedels 60+ years of magic. They discuss advertising, costuming, asistants, show programming, music, building magic and more

Only 1 copy available



Best Of Friends Vol 1 - Lorayne First Edition


These 560 pages are crammed full of good to great to terrific magic by great people. Over 120 card effects, routines, ideas including Ace Sandwich, Future Change, Fast Stack, Quadruple Jeopardy, Sum Hummer, Fascinating Pair, Sweet Four-Card Change, Easy Slider, Mixed-Up Poker, Super Triumph, Voice Print, Produce Four, Vanishing...


Double Flower Tray by Mikame


Display an empty tray and put some flash paper on it & paper transforms into spring flowers! Repeat the effect but this time CHANGE the paper into a large bouquet of spring flowers. A repeat production tray. Many more effects possible Can be used to produce silks or sponge balls instead of spring flowers. 13 x 10 x 1 inch thick



Abbotts Di-It Silks


This is different - a real magic classic! The magician shows both his hands to be empty. He then displays a seamless brass tube and a silk square. Each of these may be passed for examination. The silk is pushed up into the tube, emerging from the opposite end a different color. An end of the newly-dyed silk protrudes...


Card Fare by Jerrry Hartman


This book demonstrates Jerry's incredible inventiveness with cards that just delights spectators. It starts with "Short Subjects" where a card just vanishes; a pair of cards mysteriously rise, another shoots out of the deck as soon as named; and two others change locations despite intense spectator watching (all in eight pages!). Then...


Paul Swinford Lecture Notes


A varierty of magic routines including color changing knives, serpentine silk, chop cup, bill vanish, and more.

J.W. Busby, Oakland, 1971. Plastic Comb Bound

Book Condition: Good

8.5" x 11" pages.




This book is comprised of modern ideas for modern magicians. Contains lots of comedy for any age group with new patter and routines with apparatus, which you may already own. Entertaining kiddies is generally known, to be one of the most lucrative branches of magic-and this contains plenty of kid stuff.

Also contained herein...


Two-Hole Chopper-Delben



Estate Item

This is #251 of a limited edition run.
Super mint condition. Used twice.
With case.

Delben Two-Hole Arm Chopper (originated by Ben Stone)
A mini-illusion, that's easy to carry and easy to perform. Good comedy...Good mystery...Good entertainment! A favorite of Terry...


Cabinet of Foo - Abbott


This deluxe outfit has a separate pedestal base and an oriental-type cabinet. The cabinet is approximately eight inches on a side. All four sides are opened and the two side panels are removed, showing the interior of the cabinet to be empty. While in this condition the cabinet may be turned and shown on all sides. The...


Jumbo No-Feke Card Frame - Viking


SOLD The No Feke Card Frame was invented by Joe Berg, manufacturing rights purchased by Viking Mfg. Co. George Robinson of Viking Mfg. Co. who has vastly improved upon the original by adding a locking mechanism to the card release, as well as making the new models with a double card production feature. Please be aware that there...


Carter Poster


Carter Two Color Poster

This is an original stone lithograph from 1926.

Large 30" x 40"

Lithographer: Eagle, Calcutta

Very Good condition (A-) - Professionally mounted on line.

There are no signs of any restorations. You will be proud to own an original poster of this age and condition....


Brocks & Block - MAK


SOLD Vintage MAK magic. A block of wood penetrates a sword


Wellington Switchboard


A finely finished walnut board is shown to have four differently colored light bulbs, each with a switch of the same color in front of it. When the red switch is turned on, the red bulb in front of it illuminates. As each switch is turned on, the correspondingly colored bulb in front of it lights. Nothing special so...


Richard Hughes 25 Bloom Botania



This is the unit more professionals depend upon and recommend.

Made to troupe and be used, not to sit on a shelf and look pretty. The feathers are hand selected especially for the needs of this effect to minimize breakage of the feathers. Each flower is trimmed and shaped to achieve the fullest, most...





The 3CM is my advancement of the Connie Hayden Double-Shelled Dollar (a silver dollar covered by two perfectly nested shells.) Schoolcraft's application of modern technology and neodymium magnets now allows him to add remarkable magnetic properties to this already powerful...


Marconick Magic NR2


1970, FIRST EDITION, good condition. This is the second book in the five booklet series that Tannen's published in the early 1970's to showcase the magic of the famous Dutch magician, Marconick. Magic is mostly silk and rope tricks, with a few other ideas included. If you do not know Marconick's magic, it is similar to Pavel's....

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