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Fire Effects

The Flash II by Rick Haslett
The Flash II by Rick Haslett

This is awesome and just fun to shoot.

Made similar to "The Flash" but has double the fire

Shoot flames from 3 to 10 feet. Easily concealed. Comes with a clip so you can dispose of with a pull EASY TO RELOAD

Great for any misdirection or attention getter that you need.


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Smart Wand
Smart Wand

Imagine to light a flash cord, flash paper, flash cotton, a candle, a torch, some sheets of paper, fuel, some sheets of newspaper, etc.. Gone are the days when you used a simple lighter or matches. From now you just show this magic and elegant wand and, with a simple push of the thumb, the audience will see to appear a flame on the tip...

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Fickle Fire
Fickle Fire

With this ingenious effect, the magician can produce fire at any moment from one hand, both hands, flames in a hat, flames that hop back and forth between both hands, and perform a flames into silk routine!

Effect includes two specially designed gimmicks, and instructions with performance suggestions and details.


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Self-Lighting Candle by Rick Haslett
Self-Lighting Candle by Rick Haslett

This one is a beauty! It’s a Remote Control Candle that will light at your command with just the push of a button on a keychain remote-control. The audience actually sees the wick light before their eyes!

No matches. No lighters. KEEP LIT AS LONG AS YOU WISH The candle looks and feels like the real thing, wax and all....

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Utility Smoke Cup
Utility Smoke Cup

A must for colored smoke lovers. This device enables you to create your favorite colored smoke, right from the palm of your hand. Can also be fitted on any prop; simply screw it down, load it, and strike the wheel. About five seconds later, a mysterious cloud of colored smoke will be seen billowing around your favorite illusion. Perfect...

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Pyro Kinesis
Pyro Kinesis

Forge fire with the power of your mind! An ordinary matchbook bursts into flames at your command. No chemicals, no suspicious moves, no worries! You control the exact moment the matches catch fire! Leave a burning impression in the minds of all who witness your feat!

Pick up any unprepared matchbook and unfold it. Now,...

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Flaming Bible
Flaming Bible

During the course of any magic or comedy routine the performer opens up his Bible and real flames shoot out from inside!

Of course, you could also open the book without having the flames-it's under your complete control at all times.

Battery-operated (no flint wheel to fuss with) and quality-made. ...

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Fire From Hands
Fire From Hands

The magician comes to the stage and raises his left hand. Immediately there is fire on the palm. Surprisingly the fire extinguishes and appears on the right palm and the flames keep travelling from one hand to another.

A highly visual effect.

We supply a set of two devices, one for each hand.


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Play with fire and leave a burning impression. Fireball is a super sleek high tech device that allows you to produce instantaneous balls of fire.

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Smokey Magic by Trevor Duffy
Smokey Magic by Trevor Duffy

by Trevor Duffy

Produce smoke from your hands or a spectator's sleeve! Use smoke for any magical transformation!

Chemicals Not Supplied (requires Amonia and Muriatic Acid)

Not for sale to persons under 18

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Double Shooting Flash Gun
Double Shooting Flash Gun

Like the Flash Gun shown above except this model allows you to fire twice.

Flash Gun Kit comes with everything you need. Flash Gun, Flash Cotton, Flash Paper, Spare Glo-Plug, 1 pack of Flash Cotton and 1 pack of Flash Paper will provide about 15 shots if using both barrels

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Dragons Breath

A.K.A. lycopodium powder. When squirted through an open flame, this fine powder creates a jet of fire. The flame burns very clean.

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Finger Flame

This gadget will deliver a candle-like flame on your command, over and over before refilling. Requires lighter fluid (not included).

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Fingertip Flashpot

An incredible device that will allow the performer to shoot a ball of fire 10 feet into the air while producing a loud bang, all at your fingertips.

Imagine pointing across the stage and firing a ball of fire toward an empty box only to have a rabbit or dove or even your assistant appear.

Imagine firing a ball of...

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Fire Can

Remove the lid from the chrome finished can and drop a match inside. Fire begins coming out of the can. You replace the lid to extinquish the flames. Now you remove the lid and begin pulling out silks. If that's not enough after you produce the silks you turn the can upside down and water comes out! The can is 6 inches tall.

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Fire Wallet Supreme
Fire Wallet Supreme

Jerry Palmer has spent many months and labored over countless prototypes to provide us with the most Professional Fire Wallet ever designed. This is a real working pro's wallet, designed to give years of service. No expense has been spared. Made from the finest and most supple leather available. Every wallet is hand tooled and hand...

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Flash Bills
Flash Bills

"Dollar bills" printed one side only on Flash Paper, with a special chemical ink that will not retard the Flash Paper's buring in any way. Leaves no residue. Pack of 4.

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Flash Cord
Flash Cord

Can be used as a fuse for lighting Flash Powder, or coat with Electric Sparkle Additive for sparkling effect. Can also be used as a release for a gimmick. Flash Cord is heavier than Flash String and burns a little longer.

10 feet

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Flash Cotton
Flash Cotton

Very fibrous and fast-burning. Ignites faster and easier than Flash Paper, so it's excellent as a primer in all Glo-Plug devices. Specially designed for Spark Wheel Assembly devices.

1/2 ounce bag

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Flash Gun  - Single
Flash Gun - Single

The performer enters the stage, hands seemingly empty , and then - WHAM! - suddenly a flash is seen streaking out of his hand, erupting into a brilliant ball of fire. Shoots 10 - 15 feet. This fantastic little gun is small enough to conceal in your hand, yet creates an astoundingly large effect. Requires Flash Paper, Flash Cotton, and...

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Flash Paper Glue
Flash Paper Glue

Flash Glue used to attach sheets of Flash Paper together to form a larger sheet.

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