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Tricks: General Magic

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Crystal Casket


A clear box is shown to be absolutely empty. Now silks, ribbons, flowers,etc.. suddenly appear inside the box. A nice looking magic prop. 4 ½ square


Automatic Square to Jumbo Die


First time in the world!
A square will be AUTOMATICALLY transformed into a 3D dice!

Show a flat square with six different sides.

Each turn will show another side of a dice.

When thrown into the air it automatically becomes a 3 dimensional dice.

(Made from plastic)



The Red Carpet


Originally presented in its debut performance in 1985, the routine caused such magic notables as Sid Lorraine, Howard Lyons, Norm Houghton and Bruce Posgate to give a standing ovation! This closely guarded routine is now being released to the public for the first time.

The Red Carpet is simple to learn, and is easy to perform....


Flower Box Production - Stage Size


A Quick Production of 3 Boxes of Flowers!

Show an empty bag not much bigger than a lunch sack. Reach into the bag & pull out 3 separate boxes of flowers!

This is an amazing self-contained production. Easy to do and very impressive.

The Large Size boxes are 7.75 inches in length.



Flower Box Production


A Quick Production of 3 Boxes of Flowers!

Show an empty bag not much bigger than a lunch sack. Reach into the bag & pull out 3 separate boxes of flowers!

This is an amazing self-contained production. Easy to do and very impressive.

The boxes are 6 inches in length.


ABC Block - Tommy James


Complete with instructional DVD which includes handling tips as well as Tommy's performance in front of a pre-school audience!

Absolutely one of the finest set of ABC Blocks on the planet.

A full three- phase, five minute routine for kid shows.

The effect is a classic. Display 3 blocks and ...


Zipper Change Bag

This change bag is a great way to exchange, vanish, or reproduce an item. Step by step illustrated instructions included. You can do all kinds of tricks and routines with this change bag, use your imagination, and the possibilities are endless!


Blink Thumb by Himitsu Magic


Blink Thumb, is more than just another thumb-tip.
With this prop you will be in control of the light


  • Bright LED Light
  • No DELAY
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy to carry and conceal


    Appearing Pole from Newspaper - W Rogers


    Wayne Rogers' Opinion Pole, the pole production with attitude!
    Pick up a newspaper and turn the pages while commenting on the headlines.
    Switch to the subject of opinion polls.
    Talk about their influence, margins of error, etc.
    "We all know about opinion polls, but what do they look like?"
    Suddenly, from...


    Dots to Die 2.0 by Sumit Chhajer

    Dots to Die 2.0 is modified with completely new secret.
    The modified version will enable you to perform the trick effortlessly.
    There are no magnets, no extra dots to attach or detach. The working principle will allow you to perform with confidence.

    The Actual Effect:
    A flat square with 1 dot at one side and 5 at...


    Flip Cup by Kyle Marlett


    The Flip Cup Gimmick is perfect for comedy performers, children's entertainers, emcees, stage magicians, parlor, close up magicians and street magic.

    The effects using the Flip Cup Gimmick is simple.

    While at a diner or on a stage you are holding a cup of soda, coffee, etc., and at your command you make...


    Silk To Egg, Vernet


    Magician pushes a silk into his fist and when he opens his hand the silk has turned intoan egg. You offer to show how the trick is done by revealing that the egg is hollow and allyou've done is pushed the silk inside the egg. Now that they know how it's done you crack theegg on the side of a glass and let them see the yolk and white...



    You begin with an empty tube resting on a table. A small flower is dropped into the tube. When the tube is lifted the flower has transformed into a large bouquet that is larger that the tube itself. Made from aluminum with cloth flowers.
    Small - 10 inches tall
    Jumbo - 13 inches tall


    Cups and Drinks by Lucian


    Differing from the conventional water vanishing routine,"Cups and Drinks" can make liquid disappear and reappear without any chemical substances used in the process.

    Thus, you can demonstrate the magical effect unlimitedly according to your routine.
    Besides, the principles and manipulation of "Cups and Drinks" are...


    Six Card Repeat


    Six playing cards are counted one by one as the audience watches closely. Three cards are discarded and the magician proves that six minus three equals six, as there are still six cards! This happens time and time again and it seems that the cards just never go away! This trick is easy for anyone to do.


    Checkers Necklace by Mikame


    Mikame Craft unlocks the vault and returns a classic. Mikame's Checkers Necklace is an oldie but a goodie. Enjoy the classics once again.

    With the help of an audience member, the performer places a rope through a wooden disc. The ends of the rope are placed together, and...


    Newspaper Dove Vanish


    After placing a fluttering dove inside a box constructed of newspaper, The box is openly disassembled.
    The performer actually punches through each paper panel hanging them from his arm like bracelets Proving the dove has mysteriously vanished!


    Coin Fan


    Produce coins from ANYWHERE!

    Show a Wooden Oriental Fan and produce a coin from THIN AIR!

    Perfect addition to any Miser's Dream ROUTINE.


    Perfect Mirror Glass


    One of the greatest innovations in mirror glasses ever made!

    Forget everything you have ever thought about “Mirror Glass.” This Visual Silk Production uses a completely different gimmick that is nothing short of awesome!

    Imagine a mirror glass that allows you to produce a silk without having to turn the glass!



    Split Die Box


    You display two boxes on a tray.
    Each box has a round cutout in front with a sliding window and a hinged door on top.
    When rested on a tray they appear to be like a die box. Show a Die and place it in one box and it magically travels to another box and vice versa.
    Finally the boxes are SPLIT from the tray but still...


    Triple Color Changing Cane


    Prior to the Vanishing effect, the performer changes the color of the Cane.

    Then, as a beautiful ending, the Cane Vanishes or changes into silks, streamers, bouquets, etc.

    Professional Quality
    No Danger In Handling
    Fast Silent Operation
    Harmless To Silks
    Smaller Hand Load


    Chick Pan - Double Load - bazar de magia


    Magician shows the pan empty. He breaks an egg into the pan, adds salt, pepper, and vinegar (really lighter fluid). A match is dropped into the pan causing it to burst into flames. The lid is put on the pan to smother the flames and when the lid is removed an animalor other production appears. The pan is 4 inches in diameter and 3 1/2 inches...


    Upside Downside Soda w/ Kicker



    Two bottles of Coke and two tubes, a spectator uses one set and the performer uses the other.
    Both covers are shown empty and then placed over the bottles.
    They are inverted back and forth, the spectator following every move.
    HOWEVER, when the covers are raised, the performer's bottle...


    PBE by Chris Pilsworth


    Egg Bag brought into the 21st century!"
    - Obie O'Brien

    This is the only Egg Bag I will ever use."
    - Bill Abbott

    "Relevant and elegant. Love It"
    - Jason Brumbalow

    "This is now my closer."
    - Bob Sheets

    "With a degree in industrial design...


    Supreme Serial Killer - Krause


    The magician buys seven $1 bills from seven spectators for $2 each. He then has two of the seven bills selected by two different spectators. He asks both spectators to concentrate on their individual bills' serial numbers. With eerie precision the magician proceeds to reveal both serial numbers to the complete and utter disbelief...


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