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Tricks: General Magic

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The Ultra Cane (Appearing Metal) by Bond Lee

Perfection is what Magiclism strives for.

After years of research and experimentation, Magicalism finally came up with this perfect appearing cane - the Ultra Cane.

It is lighter, smaller, stronger and is available in multiple colors.

The best appearing can you will ever have.



Black Water Clear Water - Dispenser


HANDS FREE Black Water Clear Water!

Magically turn clear water black with a swirl of your sharpie marker, then erase the water clear again all with the same marker!

It's amazing! It's visual! It's a real-life special effect!

The Black Water Clear Water Dispenser makes Sands of the Desert...


A Trip to Cancun by George Iglesias


Make any signed card travel to Cancun in a very sensual way!

Inspired by the classic Abbotts's Bathing Beauty effect, originally created by Frederick Culpitt from England.

George Iglesias brings us now his renovated version, with an improved method and a powerful effect. A seven minutes solid comedy routine that...


Crystal Tube - deluxe diFatta


A 10 inch long clear tube is shown. Three different colored silks are placed separately into the tube. The performer blows in one end of the tube and the silks come out tied together!

Easy to do.

Comes complete with 12 inch silks


Silk To Egg - Viking

"WOW! The best Silk To Egg I have ever seen!"..Oscar Munoz, IBM Gold Medal Winner.

Our Deluxe Silk to Egg is used by leading professionals the world over.

A classic comedy/sucker routine created by Harold Rice and Fred Haenchen. Unquestionably the finest on the market!

The performer states that...


Silk To Egg - Viking

"WOW! The best Silk To Egg I have ever seen!"..Oscar Munoz, IBM Gold Medal Winner.

Our Deluxe Silk to Egg is used by leading professionals the world over.

A classic comedy/sucker routine created by Harold Rice and Fred Haenchen. Unquestionably the finest on the market!

The performer states that...


Vanishing Martini Bottle


Magi displays a tall martini bottle. After pouring a drink from the bottle, the covers the top half with a cardboard sleeve. Now he pushes down on the sleeve, apparently compressing the bottle in the process. But when the sleeve is lifted and shown, it is completely EMPTY! The bottle has vanished! This is a fine piece of magical equipment...


Color Confusion


Change water to wine and back again!

Cover the special champagne glass with a handkerchief, & the water transforms into red wine.

Now cover it a 2nd time, and the wine changes to amber-colored whiskey.

Cover the glass a 3rd time it changes the whiskey into a green liquid!

Finally, cover the glass...


Multiplying Bottles by Reg Donnelly


A bottle and glass are covered with 2 tubes - they change places - this happens a few times, but as the performer progresses more and more bottles are removed from the tubes until 9 of them are produced.

Suitable for:

  • stages
  • cruise ships
  • television
  • anywhere and everywhere you have a platform or stage to present...

    Cylinder Of Plenty - Ickle Pickle

    This magical cylinder allows you to produce, vanish and transform almost any object, including liquids. Transform liquid into dry silks. The possibilities are endless.

    The Large cylinder stands 8" tall.
    The Small cylinder stands 6" tall.


    P&L Black-Art Powell Production Cabinet by P&L


    The second Dean of American Magicians, Frederick Eugene Powell sketched what he called the "Mysterious Cabinet" in his journal dated in the early 1870's.
    The cabinet utilized the principle known as "black art" giving the appearance of an empty cabinet. This principle has been used in many effects, from square circles...


    Jumbo Invisible Deck

    Have a spectator remove a card from an imaginary deck then replace it face down in the pack. Now you bring out a jumbo deck and spread the cards until youcome to the only one that is face down. Unbelievably, it is their selected card. No forces. Any card they name will be face down in the pack.


    Tie Shell (The Color Changing Tie) by David Penn


    This is Tie Shell - The Colour Changing Tie.

    David Penn has created a gimmick that provides the perfect solution to the colour changing tie plot.

    The Tie Shell gimmick means that you can easily customise two ties of your own choice. This gives you the freedom to promote the corporate client's brand colours, create...


    Devils Hank Pro by Sumit chhajer


    The Devil's Hank is a magicians utility accessory. It is in the Industry from decades because of its extremely simple and effective way to vanish, exchange or produce small objects.

    A handkerchief is shown freely on both sides. The four corners are gathered to form an improvised bag, and the object to be vanished is dropped into...


    NO Card in Balloon! by Quique Marduk


    A card is chosen and remembered by the spectator, then the magician shows a tray holding 3 colored balloons and explains that the selected card will appear inside one of the balloons, the one selected by the spectator.
    Just before he selects the color, one of the balloons becomes detached from the tray and hisses wildly into the air...


    Dlite - Singles

    Imagine showing your hands empty and then reaching into the air and catching a ball of colored light! Yes, this wonderful gimmick makes this amazing feat easy to do.

    Get two of them and make the light go from hand to hand.

    Morph - This very special D'Liteā„¢ first lights as a pale purple, then automatically...


    Improved Repeat Bill in Lemon Version 2 by Devin Knight



    Some magicians say this is the best trick that Devin Knight has ever released. This is currently how he closes his stand up show as nothing can follow it. It is something that Devin Knight has kept under wraps until now. Imagine doing the bill in lemon with a borrowed bill and immediately repeating it...


    PFD Copper Chop Cup


    You will never have to purchase another Chop Cup ever again! This beautiful hand crafted cup will last you a lifetime. Made of Copper and spun and Polished to perfection.

    This set comes complete with:

    • 1 Copper Cup
    • 1 Red Crochet Balls
    • 1 Red Crochet Balls (Gimmicked)
    1 Black Velvet Bag to carry the...


    Split Ball by JL Magic

    One split ball used for any magnetic split ball routine.


    Shopaholic! by Cosmo Solano

    33% OFF
    Was $90.00   Now $60.00

    Shopaholic! - A "Q-Singles" Effect
    New from the Creator of "Q" The Quantum Connect and International Pocket Change comes a unique and powerful effect using common coupons and a grocery store receipt!

    15 different discount snack item coupons are shown, mixed and turned face down. 4 are freely chosen by...


    My Piece of Art by Marcel


    With this creative effect, you the magician will be able to take a drawing of an easel and mysteriously place the spectators card on it.
    All of this will happen on a piece of paper that the spectator has already signed.




    An 11oz. glass and five 4oz. glasses are on a tray. Any small glass can be chosen to be filled with milk. One is chosen and filled. The milk is poured into the larger glass and fills it completely. With nothing added or taken away. the large glass is picked up and milk is poured into all five glasses filling them all.


    Modern Multum In Parvo


    Four glasses are shown. The smallest glass is filled with milk. This is poured into the next tallest glass, and fills it completely. Once again this is poured into the next glass and so on until the tallest is filled with milk. Then the tallest glass is picked up and fills all three glasses with milk. The milk has multiplied several...


    Appearing Table


    This table can be used as a production item. Reach under your coat and produce a table. Also great for walkaround magic where you need a small performing surface. Can also be used on stage as a prop table.Opens in seconds to a 35 inch tall table. The surface area is 12 inches long and 5 inches wide. This is a great item. Packs small and...


    QZ by Richard Mark & Mark Salem



    Marc Salem's QUIZ SHOW Comedy routine by Marc and Richard Mark and is the perfect routine to involve the audience and create an unfathomable mystery with a smash climax AND EVERYONE IS A WINNER!...


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