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Tricks: General Magic

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14" Linking Ring Set by JL


A three ring set of 14" linking rings. Can be used for any linking ring routine.


Chico: The Complete Package by Bill Abbott


For the family show entertainer Chico the Mind Reader is an hilarious show-stopper and solid laughed packed routine that packs small and plays big. After thousands of performances spanning a decade and a half, Bill Abbott has worked out EVERYTHING, structurally, physically and in every conceivable venue and in front of every kind of audience....


One Quart Low by Steve Dick


A quart of cooking oil is poured into a borrowed hat, bag or purse. Immediately, the oil vanishes into thin air, without leaving a single drop!!

One Possible Effect:

Pop Corn From Hat:
A top hat is displayed mouth-down on the magician's table. He turns the hat mouth-up and drops in a few kernals of un-popped...


Black Box - John Kennedy


Make things move, jump, and fly around anywhere in the room! There's no clue to the mystery because Black Box is hidden away from the action!

Black Box is an advanced RF remote control device for magicians. The electronics are designed and manufactured exclusively for John Kennedy Magic, enabling the...


Spring Animals - Magic Masters

These are the original Magic Masters spring animals. Only a few remain. Once they are gone they are gone for good.

These spring animals are so life-like you'll think they're real. Make them eat out of your hand, run up your arm, or just twist their head to look around. Inside is a giant spring that makes all of these...


Twin Dice Tower


The magician has the spectator examine two tubes and eight colorful, big dice (there are two of every color). The spectator puts the dice into a gift bag, and after shuffling them, they draw one die at a time from the bag - alternating with the magician - and place them into each tube.

While doing this, nobody tells or shows...


Pro Switch Box


The Pro Switch Box is a clear box that can be used to change or produce a flat object (bill, silk, etc...) The change happens instantly. Mentalists will find this box especially useful for forcing a prediction. Imagine asking a spectator to drop their folded bill into the box and close the lid. As you return to the stage the switch is...


Special Deal


An $80 VALUE FOR ONLY $35.00

Clever Card Magic - A professional entertainer for many years, Paul Hallas captivates his audience with a wide array of mind boggling card magic. From cloned cards to drawing a perfect royal flush, you won’t find card magic like this...


Appearing Barber Pole


The Magician walks out on stage stating he is in need of a haircut.
He asks the audience if they know where he can find a barbershop, "you know the old style one with a barber pole in the front".

The magician now removes a small toiletry bag and says, " if you have to tell the owner I have his pole".

He reaches...


Cubes From Bag


A paper bag is shown clearly empty. Performer reaches into it and produces a large solid block in glitter color.
Then another of a different color, and yet another... till six solid blocks have been produced.
They couldn't possibly fit into the bag they came from.
This is supplied complete with bag, and six cubes,...


Needle Thru Balloon WAND


If you have the Needle Thru Balloon then we suggest you get the wand to go along with it. The needle fits inside the wand for safe storage and contains a lubricant. Whenever you remove the needle from the wand it automatically lubricates the needle which is essential in making sure the balloon doesn't pop.

Needle sold separately...


Shrinking Glove by Samuel P. Smith


This makes a wonderful warm-up routine for young audiences

You begin wearing a pair of bright red gloves. Remove the gloves, give one to a child. Then say the magic words, and the glove has shrunk! A very funny effect and a wonderful, magical happening right in their hands!

Includes the complete patter for Sammy Smith's...


Superior Hydrostatic Glasses by Steve Dick


The Hydrostatic glass is a classic effect in magic and there must be 100's of marketed versions. We like the fact that this comes with a regular Drinking Glass (16oz) that is actually glass (not plastic).

Many professionals like Bob Sheets and Alan Shaxon use it in their working repertoire because the effect itself is nothing...


Utility Milk Glass


Fold a piece of paper in half and draw a funny face on it. Place the straw in the cartoons mouth, and he drinks the milk. Dozens of uses.


Incredible Block Penetration

This is an incredible visual penetration of a solid six sided block through two examined metal plates. Performer displays a large square wooden tube with three cut out holes on front and back, enabling the audience to see there is nothing concealed in the tube.

A large square die, (approximately 4" on all sides) is displayed....


Cups and Bells by Leo Smetsers


In 2001 I was fortunate enough to have private magic lessonswith Tommy Wonder.

These lessons focused on his famous "Two-cup Routine". I wentto the house of Tommy and he taught me his beautiful routine infull detail, covering every move, nuance and subtlety in greatdetail. Making sure he taught me all the important ins andouts...


PFD Cups & Balls


You will never have to purchase another set of Cups & Balls ever again! These beautiful hand crafted cups will last you a lifetime. Made of Copper and spun Polished to perfection.

This set comes complete with:

  • 3 Copper Cups
  • 4 Mini Tennis Balls
  • 4 Red Crochet Balls
  • 1 Black Velvet Bag to carry...


Professional Square Circle


This outfit can be worked just 24 inches from the spectator's nose. Show the Chest and Tube empty, then pull out yards of Silks or Spring Animals! Limited only by your imagination. The bright anodized aluminum grill work does the trick! This smart looking chest, 13 inches high by 7 1/2 inches square, has no top or bottom. Deceptive...


NO TEAR Torn & Restored Newspaper - JB Magic


The performer introduces several torn pieces of newspaper. After showingthe torn pieces individually they are gathered up. Now for the most amazingvisual restoration you ever seen. Simply let the pieces go and they restore to a full size newspaper. Resets in seconds.
Instructional DVD included


No Tear Newspaper 2 - JB Magic


Andy Dallas has taken the classic, No Tear Torn & Restored Newspaper to a HOLE new level.

Remove small pieces of newspaper, one sheet at a time, from all different pockets.

Read a gag from each piece. In the blink of an eye, the pieces become a real newspaper.

There’s one small problem, the newspaper...


Manoj Bottle by Manoj Kaushal



Yup, You've seen a dozen coin-in-bottle effects. BUT the Manoj Bottle so FUN and INGENIOUSLY PRACTICAL...


Lota Bowl - Morrissey 6 Inch


A nicely made aluminum bowl is shown empty. At the magicians command water is poured from the bowl. Once again, the bowl is shown empty. This is repeated over and over.

Capable of 10 pours.


Empty Plates Of Ali Baba


One cup, two cups, three cups till six cups continuously come from two plates that you show both sides empty during the routine.


Electronic Airborne


The magician holds a wine bottle in one hand and an empty wine goblet in the other hand.
He begins pouring wine from the bottle into the glass then lets go of the glass.
The glass magically stays suspended in mid air and then moves FURTHER DOWNWARD and then BACK UP again at your command as the wine continues to pour into it.



Square Split Ghost Tube


The magician shows a square tube, which can be folded in the middle. The audience can see right through the tube, and both halves shown completely empty. After folding the top up again, a production can be made, from the top and bottom of the tube. Attractive prop and ideas for many novel effects.


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