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Tricks: Kid's Show Magic

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Santa`s Suprise by Razamatazz Magic


This is an updated and modified version of the classic Farmyard Frolics (Edwin Hooper) style children's effect again with a twist.

Great festive fun routine where Santa vanishes and appears in a funny comical routine with a different ending to the original style of effect.

After Santa vanishes, the magician can't...


Santa`s Suprise by Razamatazz Magic


This is an updated and modified version of the classic Farmyard Frolics (Edwin Hooper) style children's effect again with a twist.

Great festive fun routine where Santa vanishes and appears in a funny comical routine with a different ending to the original style of effect.

After Santa vanishes, the magician can't...


Scared Silly Donny The Donkey by Collectors Workshop


Scared Silly-Donny The Donkey. This has proven to be a winner when demoed at day care centers and children's parties. Based on the Fraidy Cat Rabbit effect, the Viking version uses a silly donkey that is a favorite character of children and adults alike.




Mixed Up Holidays - Silk Version


11 Colorful 8" Pure Silks withClever Routines for Holidays Throughout the Year

This set of 11 silks can be used for Easter, Christmas, Birthdays, 4th of July, Halloween, Anniversaries or Valentines Day. Can be used with change bags, square-circle, geni tube, silk cabby, or any other production devices or even a thumb tip. The...


The Flash Appearing Halloween Banner


Just in time for your Halloween shows. Its Tommy James' newest release in the Flash Banner Series. It's the "Flash Appearing Halloween Banner"

A great way to establish the magic words for your Halloween show. Tell your audience that the magic words will not be the usual magic words like Abracadabra or Hocus Pocus....


Famous Faced - Four Card Trick by Paul Romhany


Paul Romhany has been performing a version of this routine for well over twenty years. He recently teamed up with Kyle Peron and they together they have taken the classic twisting The Aces Effect and re-designed it so you can now perform it for kids using four world famous magicians.

A multiphase four card...


Traveling Egg by The Great Gorgonzola


The magician shows an egg and vanishes it...

He then displays a clear glass which, if he chooses, he can hand out to be examined.

The audience having been satisfied that the glass is an ordinary one, the performer now shows a brown paper bag, which he says has some confetti in it.
He thrusts the glass into the bag and brings...


Color Changing Rabbits by Uday


Effect: Magician places a wooden cut-out of a white rabbit on the table and covers it with a wooden tube. He lifts the whole set-up and tells the audience that magically he will cause the rabbit to change its color. Then set-up is placed back on the table and the tube lifted. To the surprise of the audience, the rabbit has changed from white...


Rabbit Wand by Ronjo


Bring the birthday child up to help you with your next big trick! You explain you will turn him/her into a rabbit!
Show everyone your magic wand.
Place the wand in front of the spectator and let gravity unroll the wand revealing a digital printed picture of a rabbit with a cut out of the face. The birthday child's face is seen...


Happy Birthday Hat Tear by Andy Amyx


The magician displays two sheets of tissue paper and tears them into two different pieces giving two sheets to an audience volunteer who is instructed to tear their pieces just like the magician and magician says "We will restore our pieces together". The volunteer is left with several torn pieces but the magician takes their pieces and...


The Great Escape by Alan Chitty


You and the audience create a story The Great Escape" featuring 4 animals in a Zoo. The audience make all the decisions about everything that happens in the story including the ending. An envelope containing the "official" version of the story, which has been on display throughout, is now opened and it exactly coincides with...


Wailing Wand


Hand your magic wand to a spectator and it makes sounds. It Moans! It Groans! It Wails! A great comedy item. You'll love it.


Anti-Bullying Hippity Hops (Small) by Imagin-If Magi


With all the problems today with bullying in our schools and streets we felt that Magicians should put across a message in their Kids Shows that say to the Children "STOP THE BULLYING".

Based on the classic Hippity Hop Rabbits, the effect uses exactly the same routine as the Rabbits.
Just come up with your own story....


Fooled Again by Imagin-If Magic


A re-do of a CLASSIC Kid Show effect.

The Magician shows a fan of cards with different colored Rabbits and proceeds to, "Clumsily" vanish one. After some playing around, the kids think they know where the missing Rabbit is. The Magician FINALLY shows the card in question, but it turns out to say "FOOLED!"...


Apple, Banana, Pear


The spectator selects a card, then he gives you a card, then he decides whether he wants to keep the last card or take the card he gave you. When he's finished making all of his decisions, the Prediction Card is read.

It reads: I will have the Apple. You will have the Banana. In the Bag will be the Pear.

As the...


Sponge Mouse to Swiss Cheese


The magician shows a sponge mouse in his right hand, then the mouse is pushed into his left hand that is closed. Then the magician waves his right hand over his left fist...

When the magician opens his left hand, it is seen that there is no longer a mouse there but a piece of cheese !


Soft Soap

This is a very entertaining effect where the magician shows three dirty handkerchiefs. These are placed in a laundry soap box, which is shaken several times.
The box is opened and the handkerchiefs are removed SPOTLESS!
The box is then torn up and thrown into the audience.
Everything is included with this great children's...


Bunny Box by Wood Crafters


The performer shows a slate in which he sketches an outline of a bunny. The sketch is placed into a box. The box is shown to contain nothing except for the slate. The door is shut and a member of the audience is asked to come forward and assist in making real magic. A wand is waved, the classic words are spoken "abracadabra"... the door...


Magic Coloring Book

A large coloring book is shown. The pages are uncolored but instantly all the pages become colored. Magician then makes all the pages go blank. Perfect for childrens shows.

Large - 8.5 x 11 inches
Medium - 5.25 x 7 inches
Extra Large - 10 X 14 inches
Small - 3.75 x 5 inches


Popcorn Dye Box


Many routine are possible with this great item. For example you put a white silk in the box. Open the bottom and remove a black silk. You can let the spectators see right through the box and it is completely empty.

Use the Dye Box for changes, vanishes, transpositions, restorations. The possibilities are endless.



Soapy Suds

Three soiled hankies go into the box and come out clean.

The lipstick, fingerprints and ink all vanish. The box is shown empty at the end. Like the old "Soft Soap".


Monster Coloring Book

We have several models of the Coloring Book, and this version with pictures of Cute Magical Monsters has proved to be the most popular of the lot. We have this now, in different sizes. You show a book with black and white line drawings. The pictures are magically colored. Then the entire book becomes blank.

Small - 4 x 5.5"...


Wrong Way


The magician displays a large traffic sign with a big arrow on each side and explains the importance of traffic going the proper direction. The arrow on one side is shown to be pointing left and the arrow on the other side points to the right. Now the comedy begins-the magician continues to show both sides of the sign, but now the arrows...


Gag Bag Set by Ickle Pickle


A bag is shown inside and out and then again and then again and then once more. Each time the bag is shown inside out the inside in a different design. Finally a banana or two or three are produced from the bag.


Nested Wands - Black by Ickle Pickle


A great comedy prop. Hand someone your magic wand and when they take it your'e still holding a wand. They take that one and your holding another. This gets repeated until all five wands are shown. Great for kids shows.


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