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Tricks: Kid's Show Magic

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Apple, Banana, Pear


The spectator selects a card, then he gives you a card, then he decides whether he wants to keep the last card or take the card he gave you. When he's finished making all of his decisions, the Prediction Card is read.

It reads: I will have the Apple. You will have the Banana. In the Bag will be the Pear.

As the...


Sponge Mouse to Swiss Cheese


The magician shows a sponge mouse in his right hand, then the mouse is pushed into his left hand that is closed. Then the magician waves his right hand over his left fist...

When the magician opens his left hand, it is seen that there is no longer a mouse there but a piece of cheese !


Soft Soap

This is a very entertaining effect where the magician shows three dirty handkerchiefs. These are placed in a laundry soap box, which is shaken several times.
The box is opened and the handkerchiefs are removed SPOTLESS!
The box is then torn up and thrown into the audience.
Everything is included with this great children's...


Magic Coloring Book

A large coloring book is shown. The pages are uncolored but instantly all the pages become colored. Magician then makes all the pages go blank. Perfect for childrens shows.

Large - 8.5 x 11 inches
Medium - 5.25 x 7 inches
Extra Large - 10 X 14 inches
Small - 3.75 x 5 inches


Popcorn Dye Box


Many routine are possible with this great item. For example you put a white silk in the box. Open the bottom and remove a black silk. You can let the spectators see right through the box and it is completely empty.

Use the Dye Box for changes, vanishes, transpositions, restorations. The possibilities are endless.



Soapy Suds

Three soiled hankies go into the box and come out clean.

The lipstick, fingerprints and ink all vanish. The box is shown empty at the end. Like the old "Soft Soap".


Monster Coloring Book

We have several models of the Coloring Book, and this version with pictures of Cute Magical Monsters has proved to be the most popular of the lot. We have this now, in different sizes. You show a book with black and white line drawings. The pictures are magically colored. Then the entire book becomes blank.

Small - 4 x 5.5"...


Wrong Way


The magician displays a large traffic sign with a big arrow on each side and explains the importance of traffic going the proper direction. The arrow on one side is shown to be pointing left and the arrow on the other side points to the right. Now the comedy begins-the magician continues to show both sides of the sign, but now the arrows...


Gag Bag Set by Ickle Pickle


A bag is shown inside and out and then again and then again and then once more. Each time the bag is shown inside out the inside in a different design. Finally a banana or two or three are produced from the bag.


Nested Wands - Black by Ickle Pickle


A great comedy prop. Hand someone your magic wand and when they take it your'e still holding a wand. They take that one and your holding another. This gets repeated until all five wands are shown. Great for kids shows.


Nested Wands - Multi Color by Ickle Pickle


A great comedy prop. Hand someone your magic wand and when they take it your'e still holding a wand. They take that one and your holding another. This gets repeated until all five wands are shown. Great for kids shows.


Magic Party Picture

Turn any child in your audience into a magical artist! Show a simple black and white drawing of a room ready for a birthday party -- except there are no balloons, no decorations, no presents, and the cake has no candles. A volunteer writes his name across the cake, draws candles, and writes his age on a party hat with his choice of crayons....


Kids Kards


A group of children that you did a show for have made you a unique and special gift as a thank you. Wonderful though this is, it's not a lot of use for performing with. So using your special powers you set about changing one card, then the whole deck into a more familiar and useful design.

With the brand new deck you demonstrate...


Vampire Bee by Tommy James


A routine that is guaranteed to stir the kids into a buzzing frenzy!

You display the backs of five cards each with a picture of a magic hat. Ask the children "What do magicians pull out of hats?" Of course they respond "Rabbits!" Turn the cards around and state that you have five different colored rabbits....


Forgetful Santa


An absent minded Santa is shown to the spectators as the magician talks about a Santa who is very forgetful. He forgets where he put his Christmas list and how many toys he promised each good little child. He is so forgetful that he once forgot where he left his head. As the magician says this, he takes the head from the body and vanishes...


Forgetful Snowman


A model of a snowman is shown to the spectators and the magi talks about how he built him and his head kept falling off. As the magi says this he takes the head from the body and vanishes it in a devil’s napkin that is provided with the effect. He then takes a balloon, blows it up and places it where the head was on the body telling...


Pocket size What`s My Job?


Pocket size What's My Job?

Another highly visual and easy to perform effect from children's entertainer Sammy Patrick Smith...The magician displays a picture book of people at their different jobs-a doctor, chef, plumber, police officer, welder, fire fighter, artist, farmer, etc. A spectator freely selects one picture,...


Princess in a Pickle by Silly Billy


Princess In A Pickle is the first set of headless silks that are linked to tell a complete story. Not only do you get the advantage of a great photo opportunity for the parents, but the silks tell a classic story of a princess who must decide whom to marry. This is a 6 to 7 minute routine that packs flat and plays huge on any stage.



Measle Wand 2.0


It's bigger, It's badder, it's more entertaining! It's the new!

A complete FIVE minute routine with a comedy magic wand that will have your audience seeing spots. You will never want to leave it out of your show!

Bring out your magic wand. Oh No! It is absolutely covered with spots! No problem, you...


Spring Animals - Magic Masters

These are the original Magic Masters spring animals. Only a few remain. Once they are gone they are gone for good.

These spring animals are so life-like you'll think they're real. Make them eat out of your hand, run up your arm, or just twist their head to look around. Inside is a giant spring that makes all of these...


Shrinking Glove by Samuel P. Smith


This makes a wonderful warm-up routine for young audiences

You begin wearing a pair of bright red gloves. Remove the gloves, give one to a child. Then say the magic words, and the glove has shrunk! A very funny effect and a wonderful, magical happening right in their hands!

Includes the complete patter for Sammy Smith's...


Jumbo Inflatable Wand


Use it the same way you would the old styrofoam wand, except this packs flat, inflates, self-seals, and is cheap enough to give away!

Hit yourself on the head or just use it as a funny jumbo wand. Comes with a complete routine in which you start with a 4" wand and then magically change it into a 24" wand.

Inflate it...


Animal Racing


You dreamed of jumbo cards for your children's shows, and now they're here!

Cards on which you will find colorful jungle animals with which you can make at least four routines and even more if you know how to show a little imagination.

The routines are described in video on a DVD that is included in the kit.


Multiplying Banana


A kids show favorite! The performer removes a banana from his luch bag. Deciding to save it for later heplaces it back in the bag. Suddenly another banana appears in his hand. This is repeated over and over again.Just when you think the bag is filled with lots of bananas it is ripped open to prove it's completely empty.



Bunny Wand - Tommy James


This just isn't the best looking bunny roll-out wand on the market, but an entire routine. Invite a child to assist. Tell the child you will turn them into a bunny. Recite Tommy's magic words but nothing happens. Explain to the audience that it may not happen right away. It could take weeks before the spell takes effect!...


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