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Tricks: Kid's Show Magic

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Nested Wand Bags


A fun and entertaing bit to produce any magic wand!

Originally produced for the Comedy Ker-Plunk magic wand. Bags are now available as a separate item.

Explain that your magic wand is in your blue bag. You display a blue satin draw-string bag and place it under your arm. You ask who would like to see...


Giant Snaky Wand by Sumit Chhajer


Magic Wand is the signature for every magician. It represents magic.

Giant Magic wand is the powerful tool for stage magic, parlor magic, kids show or for comedy magician.

Giant snaky wand creates magic as well as comedy. This will entertain with hilarious riot of laugh with kids and adults.

Effect :- At any movement...


Flash Appearing Birthday Banner


The Magician shows two 18" silks, a red and a blue.

"Boys and girls, the magic words for today will not be the regular magic words like Abracadabra or Hocus Pocus, not even Alakazam! I am going to spell out the magic words using these two handkerchiefs."

"A YELLOW one (the magician holds up the blue) and a GREEN one!...


Flash Card Opener


You begin your show holding a large card which has a big bold letter "R" on its face. You point to the R, encouraging the audience to respond and the audience yells out "R!" You remove the card and place it at the back of the stack. The next card has a big, bold letter "U" and once again, you point to it, urging the audience to...


With This Ring - Dave Hill


Show a red and a blue colored woven rope loop. Place them in a change bag. When they are removed they have changed colors. The kids are not impressed. Place them back in the bag and change them to yellow and green! Ask the kids if you want then to become all different colors? Drop them in and bring out what appears to be all four loops....


The Traveling Pencils by George Iglesias and Nelson De La Prida


3 in 1 effects:

Teleport 12 pencils from one side to another: Show a pencil box empty and place it aside, on top of your table or give it to a kid to hold it. Now present another pencil box, showing 12 pencils of different colors. Remove one of them and give it to another kid to hold, tell them that you are now going to teleport...


Costume Bag - Wizard


A bag is turned inside out and a child is allowed to reach into the bag to prove it is empty. A handkerchief is dropped into the bag and the child is asked to wave a wand above the bag to make the handkerchief vanish. This is unsuccessful and allows itself to comedy by-play. Finally, the handkerchief vanishes and in its place is a hat. The...


Tricky The Fox


The key to making Tricky the Fox come alive is all about your handling. The special design of this Fox allows for the most life like performances... Included with your Fox is a teaching DVD. You will learn a variety of tricks and moves that will keep your audience laughing! Tricky will eat from your hand, scurry up your body, kiss on the...


Wand Machine


How do you make magic wands? Easy! You use a Wand Machine!

You display a box on all sides and then open it up and peer right through it. Once the box is closed again, a noisy handle is cranked, and a piece of square dowelling is taken out.

It’s the right sort of shape, but it should be rounded. The piece of wood...


Color Changing Clown Silk


With this color changing silk you can start you performance by saying that you want it to be lack-luster like this black and white silk handkerchief. This should get a laugh! The black and white clown instantly changes to a full color clown "visibly" with the snap of the silk handkerchief. This is very easy to do. You tell the audience...


Peanut Butter & Jelly


The Trick That Kids Instinctively Love...And With Good Reason!

The Build Up - The magician displays a large jar of Peter Pan Peanut Butter on one side of the stage (or living room) and a jar of jelly on the other side. He covers both jars, and after the magic words, he explains that the peanut butter and jelly have changed...


Phony Squirt

Imagine your victim's surprise when you pretend to squirt them with catsup or mustard, yet the only thing that comes out of the bottle is a piece of red (or yellow) string. What a surprise!

This is great for kids show performers and children also will love tricking people with this classic gag.Both Castup and Mustard styles...


Tubby The Clown


With this effect we have taken the best of a few different effects and put them together into one DYNAMITE children's magic trick. This is a perfect trick to do at a birthday party or on the stage at a school show. The prop is over eleven inches high and nine inches in width. It is beautifully silk-screened in five colors.



Cake In Hat Pan


A laugh riot. An amazing mystery. A cleverly constructed prop.
An automatic baking a cake in a hat routine. A hat is borrowed and a baking pan is displayed. You test to see if the pan will fit inside of the hat. The pan is now passed to the audience for examination. As the magician is pattering about baking a cake in a hat he has apparently...


Hippity Hop Rabbits Stage Size


The magician shows two cut out rabbits one White and one Black.

They are covered with two covers, the White rabbit going into the cover with a White hat, and the Black rabbit into a cover with the Black hat. The covers are moved around, and the rabbits are found to have exchanged places. This is repeated a number of times, and...


Funny Rabbit


The magician shows the audience a white rabbit standing on a pedestal. He then shows a colorful rectangular tube empty, and with it covers the white rabbit.

At this point he asks the spectators a simple question: what color is the rabbit?

Everybody will say that it is white… but when the rabbit is shown again, it...


Christmas Card Monte


The magician shows two jumbo sized cards, one with Rudolph the Reindeer the other with Santa. The magician hides Rudolph behind his back and asks the audience "Where's Santa?" The audience replies "Santa's in your other hand!" But to their surprise, the magician brings the card out from behind his back to show that...


Peg Leg Pete by Tim Stonefelt


Tired of hobbling along on your same old magic tricks? Then it's time for Peg Leg Pete from Wonder Imagery.

Three pirates are shown guarding the treasure. One is due for a break so he waits back on the empty ship. Choose a first mate from the audience to serve as the third pirate guard. Before he can start his duty he must be...


Misers Delight Pro


You have to see these bags to believe both the effect and quality of them.

The bags have 3 different settings, manual, variable timer and infrared. Each setting will allow 14 lights to appear or vanish one at a time inside the bag.

Manual, allows the lights to appear while you are holding the bag.



Dirty Hand Gag


A sure fire laugh getter! An assistant from the audience is called upon to help you. Before they touch your props, they are asked to wipe their hands on a napkin given to them. The napkin is casually shown to be clean on both sides. After the assistant wipes their hands the napkin is covered with black hand prints! This is guaranteed to...


Sweet Treats


Presented, is a stack of five brightly colored blocks on a base and rod to represent a roll of candy.

The stack is covered with a cylinder and turned upside down repeatedly.

Upon removing the cover, the blocks are always upright.

  • hand made
  • unique method
  • great kid show routine



Magic Bubbles


Pick a Bubble Out of the Air!

No sleight-of-hand and great for all ages!
Pick up a jar of bubbles and begin to blow the bubbles into the air.
Begin to pop the bubbles one at a time.
Reach out and grab a bubble and it doesn't POP!.
It has become completely solid!


Repeat Instant Art


A black and white picture first changes to a different picture and then becomes colored. We supply two different pictures for two different effects in each set. Rabbit Hat to Magician and Magic Fun to Clown: Large size props suitable for platform or stage use, the envelope and cards measure 8.25 " x 10.25". Complete with a special window...


Metamorpho Spots


Magician displays an empty black can with white spots and two silks, one black and one white. The two silks are placed into the can and then removed. Magician explains that the black silk changed to white and the white to black. This is repeated and when the audience realizes the magician is pulling their leg he puts both silks back...


Tootsie Pops - Ickle Pickle


The Lollipop effect comes to the 21st century--YOU show 4 different Tootsie Pops, that you removed one at a time from a Lunch Bag (comes with effect). You remove your favorite two flavors and put them in your lunch bag, leaving the other two for your helper. But when he looks into his bag, there is nothing but two Tootsie Pop sticks....


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