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Tricks: Mentalism

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Four Told Jumbo - Devin Knight

69% OFF
Was $22.50   Now $7.00

This is a larger 11.5 x 14 inch version of the plastic chart that comes with the smaller version of Four Told. This card is designed to be seen from the largest stages. It is especially useful when doing the routine where audiences members are asked to think of symbols as the chart is easily seen by the audience.

This is...


Fourth Key Book Test

71% OFF
Was $40.00   Now $11.48

Have you ever dreamed of any of the following?

1. A book test that can fit in your pocket.
2. A book test which is fun to perform.
3. A book test that will allow you to describe so much more than a single word.
4. A book test that will enable you to describe an image in your spectators mind.

Well dream...


Haunted Write by Christophe Rossius

75% OFF
Was $39.95   Now $10.15

The writing of the selected card appear slowly and visually on the back of a playing card.

The magician attempts to predict a selected card by writing it on the back of a playing card. Unfortunately, the magician forgot to write his prediction on the back of the card before perform the trick.

But then, the spectator opens...


INDIGO by Beautiful Mind Magic

72% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $8.39

4 Predictions, 1 Revelation, Unlimited possibilities. Indigo is your Ultimate-Unlimited Prediction Effect!!

Imagine 4 different spectators each have a card freely selected. The cards are then switched as many times as the spectators want. Once the spectators are satisfied, you turn over the prediction that has been in FULL VIEW since...


In the Frame by Mark Elsdon

72% OFF
Was $59.95   Now $16.79

The frame you can see on the front cover is an ordinary, examinable picture frame. And the card inside - the prediction - IS the spectator's signed selection!

They said it couldn't be done... they were wrong!

The effect of In The Frame is as simple as it is powerful: a signed selection vanishes from...


Infallible Prediction by Mago Larry

72% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $8.40

Five envelopes, one deck.
The spectator chooses five cards and puts each one into an envelope, shuffles the envelopes and picks one envelope.
The magician predicts the card in the envelope.

(Gimmicks and Online Instructions)


Infallible by Mark Elsdon

72% OFF
Was $49.75   Now $13.93

Mark Elsdon has created one of the finest card and number prediction effects we have ever seen! Not only is Infallible a real world worker and self-working, it's also instantly repeatable!

Mark has added the idea of a fantastic video revelation that you text to you spectator and its left on their phone as a memento of the incredible...


Infamous by Daniel Meadows & James Anthony

72% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $8.39

Plant a seemingly random word in your spectators minds... Then reveal exactly how you did it! This is INFAMOUS!

Infamous is a book test like no other. Where other book tests end, you're only just getting started! Infamous is a routine with a kicker climax that brings things full circle.


  • detailed instructional...

    Inked by Fred Darevil and Alakazam Magic

    72% OFF
    Was $30.50   Now $8.54

    Inked is a powerful mindreading effect that fits in your wallet!

    Tattoos are becoming a big part of popular culture and a way for many people to express themselves. Our good friend Fred Darevil has created a packet mind reading effect that you are going to love performing.

    Imagine having your spectator think...


    Invision Harvey Raft

    72% OFF
    Was $55.00   Now $15.40

    While the performer's back is turned, a volunteer is asked to circle an image of a playing card (from 52 different card images) on a laminated, 2-sided 8.5 x 11 inch card - the volunteer then places it into an opaque envelope (still while the performer's back is turned). The performer divines the image.

    The performer is...


    Key Prediction by Richard Griffin

    72% OFF
    Was $34.95   Now $9.79

    A marvelous prediction effect! You show a key fob with a prediction on it, attached to your keys. This is placed face down on the table. Four objects are borrowed -- a key, a phone, a coin, and a card. The spectator is asked to discard one of the objects -- this is repeated until one remains. You ask the spectator to turn over the key fob...


    Last Laugh by Mark Elsdon

    72% OFF
    Was $38.00   Now $10.64


    Last Laugh is Mark Elsdon's brilliantly clever take on the "stranger card" plot.

    Two decks of cards are introduced, both with different backs. One of the decks is removed from its box, shown to be 100% regular and shuffled. Your spectator now selects...


    Little Black Book Test

    68% OFF
    Was $40.00   Now $12.60

    by Docc Hilford

    Book tests are as popular with mentalists as cut and restored rope tricks are with magicians. Finally, here is one that stands out from the rest.

    The mentalist shows a little black book filled with nearly 100 different names and addresses of women. The mentalist gives it to a woman in the audience....


    Loaded, Mind Blowing Mentalism

    72% OFF
    Was $60.00   Now $16.80

    Introducing a game of "Russian Roulette" you will be able to demonstrate the talents and skills used by the security industry to assess risks and dangerous situations.

    The spectator is shown six cards, numbered 1 - 6 and told that they represent the chambers in a six shot revolver. They are then asked to freely select any number...


    Looking Glass 2.0 by Romanos and Magic Tao

    72% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $8.39

    Looking Glass 2.0 is a utility device used to acquire secret information, discreetly, in front of spectators.

    You will receive two utility device, and a DVD, with over 10 routines and ideas, performed and fully explained, plus various suggested ways to conceal the gimmick during performance.

    Some of what you will learn:...


    Mark Chandaue`s Ophiuchus

    72% OFF
    Was $24.95   Now $6.99

    Mark Chandaue's Ophiuchus is a new tool for revealing a participant's star sign and date of birth, or one could call it an old tool used in a new and deceptive way.

    Ophiuchus comes with three effects:

    Basic effect:
    After testing the participant's intuition, the performer gives a reading and correctly...


    Mental Dental Book Test

    69% OFF
    Was $45.00   Now $13.99

    A Spectator is asked to hold up a single hand indicating a number (one through five). Let's say four fingers are held up indicating the number four. A second Spectator is asked to do the same thing. Let's say five fingers are held up, indicating the number five. A third Spectator (or one of the first two) is asked to decide if they...


    Mental Hit

    86% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $4.19

    The magician presents a CD insert which contains different pictures and song titles from pop artists. A volunteer is invited on stage and asked to choose one of the pop performers, and to think of one of the artist's hits. The magician then instructs the volunteer to remove a CD from a prediction envelope, which has been in full view...


    Mind Reading Four Told 2: Modern Symbol Edition by Devin Knight

    72% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $9.80

    Devin Knight has created another hit with Four Told 2 the modern symbol edition. This is mind reading at its best, and allows you to read four minds at once. This new improved version is better and has a streamlined method that requires NO secret adding of numbers.

    It does away with the pad and uses just a few index cards, which...


    Modern ESP by SansMinds

    72% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $8.39

    Modern ESP is a modern rendition of the classic esp cards used for Mentalism demonstration. It plays with the idea of everyone's "six sense". Performer displays two sets of cards, 5 blue and 5 red. Each set contains 5 symbols that intuitively means something to everyone.

    Smiley Face: Emotion, a moment of happiness

    Flower: Nature, a sensation of being blessed

    Heart: Relationship, love life

    Wavy Lines: symbol of river, for abstract side of the mind

    House: Home, a sense of security and comfort


    NLP & Magic, other secrets by Mathieu Bich

    72% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $9.80

    This book presents the subtle alliance of Neuro-Linguistique Programmingand magic. Here you discover all the techniques of persuasive communication central to a magic effect.

    How can you bring an intense emotional experience to your spectator?
    How can you use persuasion with elegance?
    These and many other questions are dealt...


    Oasis by Clint Barrow and Alakazam Magic

    72% OFF
    Was $79.99   Now $22.40

    For many years booktests have been a firm favourite for both the performer and their spectators alike. But in recent years booktests have become more and more complicated to learn & perform.

    Finally we have a booktest that's easy to learn and uncomplicated to perform. Making the presentation uncluttered, and easy for your...


    Pocket Dreams by Mago Larry

    72% OFF
    Was $40.00   Now $11.20

    Do you like effects whereby the spectator has free choice of their actions, and you are then able to prove that you knew the outcome beforehand? Well, Pocket Dreams is right up your alley!

    The spectator is shown a pocket calendar containing all the dates of the year. The dates have information written on them, such as a fact,...


    Profiles: The Social Mentalism Routine

    73% OFF
    Was $35.00   Now $9.38

    Profiles is a social media themed mentalism routine that fits in your wallet, and your audience can relate to.

    Catfish: The reason to never date anyone online...
    Date night: Predict every aspect of your spectator's night out!
    Digits: Reveal the phone number from any girl's profile card.



    Psychic`s Credit Card by Menny Lindenfeld

    72% OFF
    Was $43.00   Now $12.04

    A Credit Card for the Real Psychic

    An amazing concept from the mind of Menny Lindenfeld: a credit card for the real psychic! They'll swear you're PSYCHIC!

    Suggest a bet: let a spectator hide a banknote in one of a few UNMARKED envelopes. If you perform in a pub or restaurant, let him hide it under beer coasters,...


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