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Tricks: Mentalism

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Shhhh! by Larry Becker and Lee Earle

41% OFF
Was $59.00   Now $34.83

by Larry Becker and Lee Earle

Bold, Easy and Entertaining Mentalism!

Four 3.5 x 5 inch plastic cards from a popular parlor game are handed to individuals in your audience. They verify that each one bears the identical four questions to be answered, regarding a person's horoscope sign, a phone number, a romantic...


Sudoku by Scott Creasey and World Magic

65% OFF
Was $47.15   Now $16.51

The Sudoku Booktest looks like something that can be picked up at a local store. The reality is that this innocent looking book can be used to create a full twenty minute mentalism routine for multiple or single participants culminating in a high energy performance of the magic square.

Every test is justified with a psychological...


The Streets Set (Boston and London Map) by John Archer

65% OFF
Was $120.00   Now $42.00

From the man who fooled Penn & Teller in their hit show, we bring you "The Streets." The plot is simple: someone picks a city street map and thinks of ANY street they see on the page. You read his mind and tell him many details about the page he is looking at and even EXACTLY what street he is thinking of.

The quantum leap forward...


Tube by Russell and Ethan Leeds

65% OFF
Was $55.98   Now $19.60

You ask a spectator to think of any one of the 284 stations on the Underground Map and commit it to memory. Nothing is ever written down! You then ask them to travel down the same line in their imagination and stop at a completely different station. Without doing anything suspicious and no memory work you can impossibly reveal their departure...


Uri Geller (Signed Box and Spoon) Set

65% OFF
Was $125.00   Now $43.75

Discover the unique, uncensored presentations of the world's most well-known, investigated and celebrated mentalist of our generation.

The Uri Geller Trilogy is an extraordinary LIMITED EDITION signed DVD collection. 
For the FIRST TIME ever, you will get answers and revelations about his most personal and closely held thoughts....


Veracity by Becker and Earle

65% OFF
Was $35.00   Now $12.25

A Lie Detector in a Card Case

Your participant shuffles and spreads the deck face down then slides out one card for himself.

He divides the deck into two piles and buries his card in either half, then squares the packet.

The half-deck is dropped back into the card case. One card at a time is removed (while the...


Access by Rizki Nanda and Skymember

65% OFF
Was $24.95   Now $8.74

What if you could gain access to someone's head and being able to reveal their thoughts in seconds?

Have the spectator think of a number, a name or drawing anything. They write it on a pack of gum, close it and return it to you. The moment you grab the gum, you instantly gain access to the secret information concealed within....


Broken Wing by Dee Christopher - Trick

62% OFF
Was $27.50   Now $10.49

With the Broken Wings device, you can easily:

  • Predict impossible things
  • Make writing appear, disappear or transform
  • Create dual realities
  • Force cards
  • Automatic writing without special pens
  • Peek information
  • Drawing Duplications
  • Switch billets or cards
This device is a gimmicked pad. It's simple...


DAT Challenge Duplication by Jakob Smith

65% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $10.49

DAT Challenge Duplication is a Drawing Duplication from the young, creative and mature mind of Jacob M. Smith.

An answer to creating a fun, engaging and remarkable challenge of mind reading for our audiences. It can be tongue and cheek or be played absolutely serious.

Imagine your audience electing a skeptic to oversee your...


Diary Of Destiny

61% OFF
Was $13.50   Now $5.25

Diary Of Destiny
Benoit Pilon and Christopher Williams

Are we in control of our lives...

Do we shape our future with our actions... Are our choices really that free...

Do we even have a choice...

Could it be that some things are already predetermined... that no matter what...


Eden Project by Geraint Clarke

65% OFF
Was $25.00   Now $8.75

The Eden Project is a collection of 3 Powerful pieces of Modern Mentalism.

In this debut DVD from G. Clarke, you'll learn 3 incredibly powerful mentalism effects that can be routined together, or performed separately to create an organic, modern masterpiece for your audience.

The spectator is...


Fortune by Dave Forrest

65% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $10.50

EFFECT: You show your spectator three photographs. "One of these guys was REALLY lucky, and I want you to focus, in your mind, on whichever person you think it was."

Now you show them three lottery tickets from three different countries. All three tickets are ripped in half and one of them belongs to the person they have in...


INDIGO by Beautiful Mind Magic

65% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $10.49

4 Predictions, 1 Revelation, Unlimited possibilities. Indigo is your Ultimate-Unlimited Prediction Effect!!

Imagine 4 different spectators each have a card freely selected. The cards are then switched as many times as the spectators want. Once the spectators are satisfied, you turn over the prediction that has been in FULL VIEW since...


Infamous by Daniel Meadows & James Anthony

65% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $10.49

Plant a seemingly random word in your spectators minds... Then reveal exactly how you did it! This is INFAMOUS!

Infamous is a book test like no other. Where other book tests end, you're only just getting started! Infamous is a routine with a kicker climax that brings things full circle.


  • detailed instructional...

    Looking Glass 2.0 by Romanos and Magic Tao

    65% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $10.49

    Looking Glass 2.0 is a utility device used to acquire secret information, discreetly, in front of spectators.

    You will receive two utility device, and a DVD, with over 10 routines and ideas, performed and fully explained, plus various suggested ways to conceal the gimmick during performance.

    Some of what you will learn:...


    Mental Hit

    83% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $5.24

    The magician presents a CD insert which contains different pictures and song titles from pop artists. A volunteer is invited on stage and asked to choose one of the pop performers, and to think of one of the artist's hits. The magician then instructs the volunteer to remove a CD from a prediction envelope, which has been in full view...


    Mirror Dimension by Devin Knight

    65% OFF
    Was $9.95   Now $3.49

    Defy and distort the laws of physics! This effect is based upon Devin Knight's Retro-sight, except these word cards are business-card size and designed to fit into your pocket.

    The magician is able to cause WORD CARDS to transpose with those inside a mirrored dimension. Magician introduces a set of a dozen word cards from...


    P.S. I Love You by Steve Shufton

    65% OFF
    Was $19.95   Now $6.99

    Impossible magic with your business card. Very strong, and your card is left in the hands of a completely bewildered and grateful spectator. What could be better as an opener, introduction or any random demonstration of your incredible clairvoyant, psychic powers? With no other explanation available, they must begin to believe...!



    SIGIL by Loki Kross

    61% OFF
    Was $27.00   Now $10.50

    An Opener That Opens Minds.

    As you introduce yourself you introduce ancient symbols of power. Whether it is on a special card or on your business card.

    A symbol of perception that "calls" out to them.

    They think of any sigil that they desire.

    You immediately know what it is and commit.




    65% OFF
    Was $24.95   Now $8.74


    Create Amazing Sculptures as You Magically Bend Silverware

    "I have created a lot of bent cutlery formed into jewelry in the past, but have never seen a manual this comprehensive and well done dealing with the beauty and method of designing jewelry out of spoons and forks!



    Stars and Hexes Elite by Reed McClintock

    88% OFF
    Was $65.00   Now $7.60

    Reed McClintock has done it again, and decided to share one of his most sought-after secrets, Stars & Hexes, a truly shocking and awe-inspiring effect.

    Take a step into your mind's eye for a moment, and imagine this: You draw a star, for instance, on your arm, then have a spectator cover the image with their hand. You snap...


    Supra Vision by Astor

    67% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $6.64

    A completely inexplicable mental effect. Is it real telepathy? It remains a mystery.

    The medium (who could be your partner) is blindfolded by members of the audience in the following manner: First, two cotton-wool balls are put over his or her eyes and taped crosswise with sticking plaster. Then the eyes are further firmly...


    Tab by Wayne Fox

    65% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $10.50

    Wayne Fox, creator of Secret Soldier, Safe Keeping & Flick Drift presents: TAB TEST - a mind reading effect that you are guaranteed to carry, always.

    Perfectly organic and expertly taught, TAB Test is an easy way to transition from your card magic into amazing mentalism without missing a beat!

    The unique gimmicks included...


    Tattle Tailed by Micheal Murray

    65% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $10.49

    Possibly the strongest ESP effect ever!

    With nothing more than a ten in prepared ESP cards or business cards you are set to devastate your audience with this powerful and emotionally moving routine.

    Imagine having a husband and wife each mix a set of five ESP symbols only to find that they are in the exact same order....


    The Last Prediction by Kneill X

    65% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $8.75

    A self working, insanely clean and utterly impossible Open Prediction!

    The magician writes a prediction and places it in full view of the audience. A spectator takes a freely shuffled pack (yes, freely) and deals cards face up onto the table until they choose to deal one card face down. This selection is secured...


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