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Tricks: Magic On Sale

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Torn Too by Daniel Garcia

40% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $18.00

From the mind of Daniel Garcia comes a torn and restored card routine that will make you smile.

A card is selected and signed.

You explain: Your "secret" is a small "CRIMP" you put in the card so you can find it.

You demonstrate: Your "CRIMP" is actually a hilariously large chunk that you tear...


Leap by Agus Tjiu

36% OFF
Was $69.95   Now $45.00

Leap is a Coin-Through-Glass (or Ring-Through-Glass) effect, greatly improved in its presentation and method versus "the old days."

There have been many great methods available in different formats, such as a pedestal under a shot glass inside of a larger glass, an item resembling a coaster, to utilizing a table.



Out Of This World

29% OFF
Was $6.95   Now $4.95

Sorting cards by color is easy, right? What if the cards are face down? Hand this challenge off to your friends and watch their amazement when they reveal the cards to be correctly sorted. The magic may be out of your hands, but it is definitely... OUT OF THIS WORLD

Any deck of playing cards can be used to perform this effect....


Pen-nomenon by Steven X

33% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $19.95

Pen-nomenon gives you the key to unlock the door to the spirit world; giving you the power to communicate with spirits. Imagine having the spectator think of anything. After a few words, a spirit possesses your pen and begins to write exactly what they were thinking of. Pen-nomenon is a highly visual, easy way to communicate with spirits.



Psychic Chess 2.0 by Brian Watson

37% OFF
Was $39.95   Now $25.00

Brian Watson's Psychic Chess 2.0 has all the impact of a Knight's Tour but no memory work! It's small enough to fit into a single credit card slot of your wallet... yet it play's huge!

  • No Knowledge Of Chess Needed
  • Easy To Do
  • No Memory Work
  • Fits In Your Wallet
  • Impromptu
  • Complete With Beautifull...

    Stealth Pen

    33% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $20.00

    (DVD and Props)by Oz Pearlman

    This is one of the most VISUAL and STUNNING illusions in magic. And you're gonna be able to make it happen INCHES from your spectators' eyeballs.

    • Borrow a dollar bill.
    • Pierce it with a pen. SMACK!
    • Your spectators see it.
    • Your spectators hear it.
    • You just...


    Heavens Aces by Chris Randall

    70% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $5.99

    On this DVD Chris Randall teaches you one of his trademark routines.

    Four Jokers are produced at the fingertips one by one and then instantly change into four aces.

    This flashy bit of sleight of hand fits in as the opener to any four ace routine or even as a moment of magic in your stage manipultion act.

    With step...


    Inversion by Andrew Mayne

    33% OFF
    Was $15.00   Now $10.00

    Andrew Mayne, the creator of Ghost Bills and Ghost Vision, presents an incredible object illusion using a single balloon.

    The magician shows a round balloon and points out that all the balloons have one thing in common - a nozzle. He then takes the nozzle and pulls it straight off the balloon and makes it vanish. He then rotates...


    Klink - Kris Nevling

    50% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $12.50

    From the creator of "The ReinCARDnation", Kris Nevling once again proves why he has become one of Magic’s most creative thinkers. Never has there been an easier or more deceptive card link. It's the most practical linking card effect in existence.

    Also included is Kris Nevling's "Million Dollar Card Trick." People...


    Mind Waves - Andrew Gerard

    42% OFF
    Was $60.00   Now $35.00

    Andrew Gerard's 3 DVD Set is a complete look at everything you will need to know about performing mentalism on the radio. Gerard Teaches you to:

    • Gain publicity in your local area
    • Promote Your Show
    • Who, When, Where, How, and What you need to know
    • Entertain the station
    • Leave like a professional...


    Sugar High by Chris Randall

    25% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $15.00

    A spectator is handed a sugar packet from the table and asked to hold on to it. A box of crayons are introduced and the spectator is asked to select a color. For our example, the spectator chooses green. A green crayon is taken out of the box and is waved over the sugar packet till it changes to a white crayon. The sugar packet is then...


    V2F 2.0

    33% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $19.95

    The original Visual Vanish Fantasy has returned with more crazy stuff on DVD! ??

    The most visual card vanish to anywhere! Even the most impossible location you can think of, from your wallet to spectator's shoe, and even inside of a frozen ice or anywhere your imagination can take you! ?

    Absolutely impromptu...


    Voracity - Corey Burke

    33% OFF
    Was $29.95   Now $19.95

    by Corey Burke

    Don't just change their bill. Change their reality!


    • Voracity - You now have the ability to borrow anyone's dollar bill and change it into a $25, then into a $50, and finally into a $100.
    • Terminal Voracity - A Dollar bill slowly dissolves into...


    Bill Lie Detector

    40% OFF
    Was $25.00   Now $15.00

    The magician asks the spectators to participate in an experiment explaining that he has been working on his skills as a human lie detector. He asks for change of a $5 dollar bill or pulls out a hand full of bills and hands them to a spectator to select one. The spectator chooses a bill and the magician returns the remainder of the bills...


    iLink by Jay Sankey

    40% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $18.00

    "iLINK arrived in the mail yesterday and I freaked out some friends with it at school TODAY. Now that's magic."
    -Mike Frost

    "Jay's right. This linking effect really is extremely disarming. Love it."
    -Shawn McDonald

    "It's just so casual. I ask to borrow their earphones and people...


    The Chip by Wayne Dobson

    33% OFF
    Was $59.99   Now $39.99

    Here's a great mental fooler that will astound your audience!

    An ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number) type of effect

    The performer introduces a special poker chip and a deck of cards.

    The spectator is asked for a number between 1 and 52.

    The Chip is turned over and a card is imprinted on the face of The...


    Matrix Gods Way

    31% OFF
    Was $65.00   Now $45.00

    Matrix God's Way has been repeatedly recognized as the premier instructional book of the barehanded matrix plot. It features 100 pages, and is generously illustrated with over 400 actual photos showing the intricate details and workings of every effect. However, it does not stop there. To greater enhance the learning...


    Artful Deceptions by Allan Zola Kronzek

    60% OFF
    Was $30.00   Now $12.00

    The thickness of a magic book doesn't make it great. Neither does a flashy cover, nor a fancy trailer.

    The best magic books are the culmination of a lifetime of knowledge and refinement.

    So Vanishing Inc. Magic is proud to present Artful Deceptions.

    94 pages
    9 tricks
    Unlimited Possibilities...


    Last Chance - Astor

    50% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $10.00

    The spectator can participate in a Winning Game without taking any risk. He can select one of the cards facing down. When the magician turns the cards facing up the prizes will be visible. Instead one of the real valuable prizes (e.g. house, car) the spectator only has a business card which he of course got at the end. In case the spectator...


    Double Side Folding Quarter (Internal System) by Tango

    50% OFF
    Was $40.00   Now $20.00

    Afraid to borrow a coin because of different back designs? Problem solved!

    As you know, coins in Europe and the US have an unfortunate recent trend: the backs of the coins are all different! When you borrow a coin to perform Coin in Bottle, you never know what kind of back design you will receive.Problem solved! Now Tango Magic makes...


    The Larry Lock by Mago Larry

    26% OFF
    Was $120.00   Now $89.00

    This is by far the best version of this type of combination lock ever seen.

    The Larry Lock Comes complete with lock and instant streaming videos with routines for both close-up and stage performances.


    Club Sandwich - JB Magic

    25% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $15.00

    If you are looking for a cool walk round, no reset card effect, then look no further this really is excellent. A regular deck of cards are shown and shuffled, Two cards are selected one is signed. Both cards are replaced into the deck. Two jokers are removed and flipped face down onto the top of the deck. Without any moves the top 3...


    GT Speedreader DVD by Kozmomagic

    50% OFF
    Was $20.00   Now $10.00

    Instructional DVD for the GT SpeedReader deck.

    This new design is truly revolutionary. It gives the magician an unprecedented advantage while performing card magic.

    Featuring Garrett Thomas.


    • Intro to the deck
    • Designed for Magicians
    • Working with a marked deck
    • Cut Force
    • Classic...


    Ladybug by Paul Harris

    30% OFF
    Was $99.00   Now $69.00

    For that make-or-break performance when nothing but the creation of life will do!

    You bring the crowd in close, then open a small pocket knife. Your hands are otherwise empty. The blade is seen to be normal.

    Placing blade on bare flesh, you pierce a fingertip and squeeze out a single drop of blood.



    Stretcher by Jay Sankey

    38% OFF
    Was $40.00   Now $25.00

    Shocking magic with a BORROWED item!

    Easy to do + extremely visual!

    Works with any tab from a can of soda or beer!

    The magician asks someone to snap off the tab from a can of soda or beer. The performer then holds the borrowed tab at the tips of his fingers and slowly, impossibly, STRETCHES the...


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