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Mugshot by Kevin Schaller


Mugshot offers six practical and commercial effects that were designed to be performed on the street or at a serious magic gig.
All Illusions are achieved without magnets, threads or complicated arts and crafts.

Easy to do - Easy to succeed.

DVD Contents:

  • Singularity - Visual change of a playing...

    On and Off Stage by Mark Shortland and World Magic Shop


    Mark Shortland is in demand as a comedy magician all over the world.

    His performances are captivating, hilarious, entertaining but also incredibly baffling!

    For the first time on DVD you can learn the routines that have taken Mark to 32 different countries and won him twelve national and international awards including the IBM...


    PK Ring DVD


    What can you do with your PK ring?

    • Coin thru can
    • Glass bottle penetration
    • Plastic bottle penetration
    • Matchbox penetration
    • Psychic matchbox
    • Stopping time
    • Haunted deck
    • Deck penetration
    • Coin transpo
    • Psychic coins
    • Coin balance
    • Chopless chopcup
    • Haunted...


    Painting by Mickael Chatelain

    Change the color of any card and even the color of the whole deck!

    Never has a color chagne been so easy and so visual!

    • No preparation
    • Instant rest
    Make any card disappear!
    • No Force
    • No Manipulation
    • The card chosen and signed by the spectator is immediately examinable.



    The Crown Jewel of Rubber Band Effects

    A borrowed object (finger ring). An everyday object (rubber band).
    Two of the strongest components of powerful magical experience combine in this four-phase presentation, whereby a rubber band penetrates on and off a finger ring-one strand at a time!



    Poker Cheats Exposed


    Poker Cheats Exposed (2 Volume Set)
    by Sal Piacente

    A DVD designed to help you, the player, protect yourself against cheating by exposing the moves, devices, and psychology that the sharks use.

    For the first time ever, 20-year casino consultant, Sal Piacente and "Charlie", the 45-year elusive poker shark,...


    Project ULTIMA by Andrew Herring & Feel Astonished LIVE


    This is a resource with a combination of both magic utilities, powerful direct effects, and a host of functional cuts and flourishes.


    • ULTIMA ACES - The ultimate 4 card production from a shuffled deck! No reversed cards, perfect at the start of any 4 card routine.
    • GLIMMER PRINCIPLE - A real...


    Revolutionary Coin Magic 2.0 - Sankey


    The wait is over! The mind-blowing companion DVD to the world wide bestseller REVOLUTIONARY COIN MAGIC is here!

    Over TWO AND A HALF HOURS of wild new coin magic featuring a parade of breath-taking new techniques including the Mephisto Change, Sickle Switch, Corkscrew Vanish, Merlin Sequence, Body Shift Production, Shaker Vanish,...


    Rumba Count by J.P. Vallarino


    Rumba Count is a way to show the cards and give the impression that they have the same back, or the same face.

    It was originally designed to hide the back or the face of the cards, and became a new classic count, replacing the Optical Hamman count.

    In this DVD, you will learn the three main techniques:
    - Vallarino...


    Scoundrels Touch


    Scoundrels Touch (2 DVD Set) by Sheets, Hadyn and Anton

    In this two disc Volume II, Chef Anton, Whit Haydn, and Bob Sheets outline their advanced system for the shell game and teach routines complete with patter and alternate endings for walk around, as well as demo the methods used by hustlers to work the scam for money. The...


    Sinful by Wayne Houchin


    Includes Book and DVD

    A signed coin magically penetrates through a sealed can of soda or beer. The can is opened, the contents poured out and trapped inside is the initialed coin. The effect can be performed anywhere, at anytime with no special props, no switches, no gimmicks, and no setup. Both the coin and the can may be borrowed....


    Spectators Dont Exist by Jon Allen


    Good performers avoid "me-versus-them" situations by breaking down the wall between themselves and an audience. In Spectators Don't Exist , professional magician Jon Allen explains how to even the most passive of "spectators" into enthusiastic "participants."

    Jon opens a Pandora's Box by performing for people in...


    Spontaneous Combustion - Sankey


    It's been thousands of years since humans first learned to make fire and yet there's still something about fire that's dramatic, exciting and even a little frightening.

    And when you combine fire with an unexpected appearance, revelation, transformation or vanish, you have the kind of wildly visual magic that really...


    Stand-Up Magic - Volume 2 - World`s Greatest Magic


    In the vast literature of magic, a surprisingly small portion of it deals specifically with stand-up magic; that is, magic that is performed on a stage or platform and suitable for entertaining and engaging audiences large and small. Thus, finding quality material has always been a challenge for performers who endeavor to present magic in...


    Stand-Up Magic - Volume 3 - World`s Greatest Magic


    In the vast literature of magic, a surprisingly small portion of it deals specifically with stand-up magic; that is, magic that is performed on a stage or platform and suitable for entertaining and engaging audiences large and small. Thus, finding quality material has always been a challenge for performers who endeavor to present magic in...


    Stars Of Magic #1 - Paul Harris


    Paul Harris is regarded as one of the most creative forces in the history of magic. Innovative methods, entertaining plots and great audience appeal are hallmarks of Paul's effects.

    3 volumes on 1 DVD


    VOL 1

    • Super Swindle
    • Bizarre Vanish
    • Sidewinder
    • Ultimate...


    Stars Of Magic #2 - Paul Harris


    2 volumes on 1 DVD


    • Bleached Blackjack
    • The J.A.P.H. Maneuver
    • Mondo Nifty False Count
    • Cellophane Surprise
    • Immaculate Breakthrough
    • Flap Jacks
    • Stapled
    • Uncanny
    • Tap Dancing Aces Finale
    • Galaxy The Unshuffle (Perfectionist)
    • Immaculate Video Scam
    • The Ultra...


    Stars Of Magic #3 - Garcia


    Respected as one of magic's all-time best performers, this tape has something for everyone.
    2 Volumes on 1 DVD

    • Surprise Finish
    • Four Bullet Routine
    • Triumph Outdone
    • The Traveling Visitor
    • Sponge Ball Routine
    • The Master Vanish
    • Eyemazing
    • Elevator Cup & Ball Routine
    • Paul Harris Overkill (performance...


    Stars Of Magic #6 - DeCamps


    65 minute DVD of solid magic that's a guaranteed blockbuster!

    Eric De Camps is one of New York's premier close-up magicians. For your entertainment pleasure see and learn the following:

    • The Inverted Card
    • Splitting The Twos
    • Showboat Aces
    • Royal Travelers
    • Jokers Are Wild
    • Ring And String Routine...


    Stars Of Magic #7 - Allstars


    Frank Garcia, Paul Harris, David Roth and Derek Dingle have all made giant contributions to the art of close-up magic. You will enjoy this DVD!


    • 4 Ace Location
    • Card Stab
    • Card Penetration
    • Cards Across
    • 4 Ace Revelation
    • 4...


    Stars Of Magic #9 - Roth



    • Super Clean Coins Across
    • One Coin Sequence
    • The Erasure Coin
    • The Fabulous Three Ball Routine
    • David Roth Custom Coin Box Set (Explanation and demonstration)
    • Additional Coin Effects and Theory
  • Stand-Up Wild Coin
  • Sawa's Bank Night
  • Stonehenge...

    Tempest Concept


    by Andrew Normansell


    • MAELSTROM...


    The 52 vs Joker Project by Gary Jones & Chris Congreaves


    Inside this package you'll find two awesome playing card gaffs printed by the United States Playing Card Company.

    The 52 on 1 Card features an entire deck of cards on one side and a joker on the other. And the second gaff is a double facer with a Joker on one side and a 5 of Hearts (or Spades) on the reverse.



    The Castle Lecture by Steve Valentine


    IN EARLY 2013, actor and two time Magic Castle Close-up Magician of the Year, Steve Valentine was invited to present his first ever lecture to The Magic Castle (TM) in Hollywood California.

    The Lecture ran almost three hours and Steve tipped everything. Not just his original effects, but also real world handlings and classic tricks...


    The Forces Project by Big Blind Media


    Forcing a card - Making your spectator take the card that YOU want them to!

    Being able to 'force' a playing card on a member of your audience is a very powerful skill to have, and for a lot of tricks, it may well be the ONLY skill you need!

    Learn all about how to force cards on this brand new project - techniques...


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