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DVDs: General Magic

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Hobson In The Sack


The World's Finest and Funniest Egg Bag Routine

- Over an hour of footage
- Full explanations of Hobson's famed Egg Bag Routine
- Exploration of styles of bags and props
- Step-by-step discussion of every move
- Hobson's gags and extra moves
- Subtleties of working with spectators


Sleeveless Sleeving by Johan Stahl


On this DVD, you will learn Johan Ståhl's previously unpublished technique that helped him win prizes all over the world. "Sleeveless sleeving" makes magic that use a sleeving technique appear even more impossible. With Sleeveless sleeving you will be able to vanish, produce and transform objects with apparently rolled-up sleeves!...


Jay Marshall Live


Find out for yourself why folks don't invite Jay Marshall to dinner in a salute to " Jasper the Great." This fond look at his career in magic contains more than 50 tricks, gags, bits, and stunts collected over his 50 years as a professional in the art.

A warm remembrance of Jay and Lefty and a special visit with Juan Escadero...


An Introduction to Flash Products by Scott Penrose


The use of a 'Flash product' is the perfect way to enhance a magic trick. Yet, there is very little written or recorded about how, when and where to use these products. On this DVD, Scott Penrose* gives an in depth teaching on everything you'll need to know - including how to store, how to handle, how to use and even how to...


Hobson Fabulous Mysteries


  • Two DVD set
  • Over three hours of footage
  • Full explanations of all effects
  • Hobson's secrets of his famous Watch Steal
  • Fifteen commercial routines full of comedy and visuals
  • Bonus footage of Hobson's Salt Pour act from 1981
  • Featuring 15 commercial effects, our Hobson: Fabulous Mysteries 2-DVD...


    Magic and Comedy by Jay Sankey


    • Includes over 40 minutes of live footage (shot in HD) from an exclusive 'magic & comedy' seminar.
    • LEARN HOW TO: use humor as the ultimate misdirection, 'find the funny' in any magic or mentalist effect, acting challenges that will help you grow as a comedic performer, play WITH your audience rather than...


    How To Eat Fire by Carisa Hendrix


    NOTE: This product is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18.

    Expert Instruction, Breakdowns, Interviews and Animations make the "How To Eat Fire" DVD the Most Concise Way To Learn

    The secrets of an ancient art REVEALED! Carisa Hendrix, a professional instructor and fire performer, walks you through...


    Magic Circus by Mark Wilson


    volumes 5 and 6
    In this Magic Circus are some of the world's greatest magicians as guest stars:

    The hilarious AMAZING CARL BALLANTINE, "every move a picture."
    Comedy magician ART METRANO.

    The fifth MAGIC CIRCUS special is titled "MAGIC WITH A PAST" and features magic history though...


    Basic Of Sleeving by Rocco

    Learn the Techniques that Win Awards!

    Don't let the name fool you... This 2 hour Series is the most comprehensive program on the topic of "Sleeving". Best of all, it is taught by the Master that elevated Sleeving to an "Art Form". Every aspect is covered, from clothing requirements to detailed instruction on the Sleeving...


    Learn To Levitate

    Learn the closely-guarded secrets of making objects float in mid-air. You will learn to levitate; money, matches, cards and more. You will even learn how to give the perfect illusion of levitating yourself right off the ground. Running time is 40 minutes.
    If purchasing this tape we also recommend buying our Invisble Elastic. ...


    Restaurant Repertoire by Roger Godin

    Volume 1
    >Starring Roger Godin
    Special Guest Star Michele Rothstein

    Award winning professional balloon artist, Roger Godin the Balloon Wizard, is going to teach you some of his favorite designs for restaurant work. These simple to intermediate sculptures use a mix of different size and shaped balloons...


    Ultimate Contact Juggling by Greg Shibley


    The most thorough introduction to contact juggling ever assembled.


    • Cradle Position
    • Windshield Wipers
    • Butterfly
    • Arm Rolls
    • Transfers
    • Stalls
    • Body Work
    • Throws
    • Isolation
    • and Combinations
    Each section features four different ways to learn: in-studio...


    In Concert, Klause


    Roger Klause is one of magic's most respected performers and instructors. He has long been referred to as an "underground magician" due to the secretiveness of his methods. This DVD features highlights from his best selling book, "Roger Klause In Concert," giving you an opportunity to experience one of the deep thinkers of close-up magic...


    Franz Harary's Magic Planet


    • Twelve complete Magic Planet television programs
    • Performances and interviews featuring JEFF McBRIDE, EUGENE BURGER, CHRISTOPHER HART, and other magic stars from around the world
    • Dozens of Harary illusions performed
    • Mega-tricks including the Space Shuttle Vanish
    • Franz Harary discussions on magic
    • Over nine...


    Vintage Magic Films Silent Films of Early Magic Stars



    - Over three hours of silent film from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s
    - Classic illusion show movies of Blackstone,...


    Modern Marvel by Mel Mellers

    Join your host Mel Mellers and his crew as they travel the length and breadth of the UK to bring you seven brand new routines on this superb new DVD set. Over a year in the making, you'll watch Mel perform in various live shows and then explain everything that you need to know in the studio.

    Along the way be amazed and above...


    Magic Performed Anywhere - Cellini


    These effects have been tried and tested under all conditions, and used in all types of venues. From the streets to the stage, they work! All are simple to do and can be performed under most conditions. Practice diligently and success will soon be yours.

    • The Loop Ball
    • The Salt Pour
    • Joe Karson's Chinese Egg Bag
    • The...


    Reel Magic Quarterly Episode 3


    Caught On Tape - Jonathan Pendragon
    Jonathan tells the amazing story of the time he rescued a dog from death row and how the dog returned the favor.


    Andrew Pinard - Continuum
    Andrew goes to Canada and speaks with Jay Sankey about magic and creativity.

    Off the Shelf...


    Instant Miracles

    With the techniques and methods explained on Instant Miracles, you will learn classic, stunning magic tricks - easily. This broadcast quality DVD teaches you how to conjure with items found around the house, at a restaurant or even in your pocket.

    No special props are required.

    On this DVD you will learn:



    Inside Their Pockets Number Two: Jacket Pocket Steals!


    Get in! Get out! Steal all you can! Number two in the amazing "Inside Their Pockets" series is the upclose and personal Jacket Pocket Steal!

    Long coveted as one of the most difficult skills in magic, pick pocketing is now an obtainable feature for your show thanks to this DVD. Jacket Pocket Steals made simple, taught concisely...


    Bubble Gum Magic

    Byrd and Coats are known for their unique forms of magic. This magic duo has teamed up with Wrigley Jr. Co. to bring you one of the most unique forms of magic, BUBBLE GUM MAGIC. This DVD will teach you step-by-step how to perform hard hitting illusions with bubble gum.

    Volume 1
    Gum Through Window – A spectator...


    Extreme Human Body Stunts


    12 Human Body Stunts performed and taught by Luis De Matos.

    The Essential Magic Collection, a new series of instructional DVDs featuring the best in professional magic. The first release is Luis de Matos's EXTREME: Human Body Stunts for Professionals. A four DVD set, containing twelve different stunts as used by Luis de...


    Its Magic


    • Rare footage of top performers
    • Roy Benson with his Salt Pour and Three Chinese Sticks
    • Tommy Tucker and Betty's unbelievably smooth code act
    • Fred Keating in the only film of his Needle Swallowing
    • Al Flosso's classic act
    • Comedy by the legendary A. Robins, The Banana Man
    • Additional illusions and...


    Magic Circle Diamond Jubilee


    • Performances by Fred Kaps, Robert Harbin, John Ramsay, Jay Marshall, Alex Elmsley, Billy McComb
    • Over 60 performers in all
    • Complete documentary on the Circle Jubilee
    • Over 25 performances from the 1956 British Ring convention
    • Over an hour of footage
    • Digitally remastered on DVD
    Now you can see...


    Magic Of Tenkai


    The Magic of Tenkai DVD showcases the lifetime work of Japanese master magician Tenkai Ishida (1889-1972). Join magician and street illusionist Sam "The Gambit" Rubman as he expertly demonstrates many of Tenkai's original magic and techniques. On this DVD learn: The Tenkai Palm, Two Penny Trick, Devaluation Coin Change, Rope Thru Neck,...


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