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Joe Lefler Pro Suitcase Table - Large


Note: Each table is custom made. Call for delivery time

The world's most popular table for professional magicians, clowns, and variety entertainers. This high quality, precision-crafted item is an investment that will carry and protect your props for years to come while making you look your best when stepping in...


Expanded Half with a Steel Back - Tango


Expanded Shell Coin - Half Dollar (Steel Back)
by Tango Magic


PRO VDF Close Up Pad with Printed Aces by Di Fatta - SMALL

A soft and durable, double layered close-up mat.
Does not slip. Does not tear. Lasts a lifetime.
Available in four colors.

Dimensions Approximately: 40 cm x 27 cm (about 11" x 16").


Thumb Tip - Vernet

The Thumbtip is the most useful item in magic. Available in a variety of sizes.

Standard - 48mm long, 22mm opening
Soft - 54mm long, 22mm opening
King - 60mm long, 22mm opening
XXL 52mm long, 27mm opening
Fingertip - 50mm x 18mm
Little Fingertip - 45 mm x 16mm



Real Egg by Gianfranco Ermini & Stratomagic

This is an essential accessory to create the "Silk to egg" routine.

The egg is TRUE and treated and cared in every detail, the hole is drilled manually on each piece.

The realization of each egg take a long time so that's why only one in every five exceeds the manufacturing process treatment and attention to detail...


Expanded Shell Euro Steel Back 50 euro


Expanded Euro Shell Coin with a steel back.

by Tango Magic


Hurricane Fog Machine 700 by Chauvet


Compact, lightweight fog machine emits thick bursts of water-based fog to enhance any light show Ready to use right out of the box by including a wired remote control and free pint of water-based fog fluid

Tank Capacity: 0.2 gal (0.6 L)
Remote Length: 13 ft (4 m) Heat-up Time: 2.5 min
Output: 1,500...


Tough Pad

Now available in a Mini size

The Tough Pad is a highly durable close-up pad for all performing conditions!

This pad is non-wrinkling, non-slip, non-fraying & hand washable.

The pad will provide many years of quality use!

Standard - 14 x 18 inches
Mini - 11 x 14



Heirloom WALLET Deluxe


This wallet which is also known as "The Shogun 11" Wallet, has had a lot of time and effort put into designing and perfecting the multiple out wallet so that it is completely deceptive and absolutely practical for real-world use.

This wallet has been specially designed in dark leather to make performing the effect easier than...


Kevlar Thread

This very fine invisible thread is perfect for the professional thread magician. This thread is twice as strong as traditional thread, and it is much better for fluorescent lighting. This thread is perfect for close-up or strolling magic and is incredibly fun to perform with!!


Sponge Balls 2 inch bag of 50 by Goshman

Sponge balls by Goshman.

Bag of 50 Super Soft.

2 inch


Sponge Balls 1 inch Super Soft - Goshman

Sponge Balls - Box of 4 - Super Soft - Goshman


Handy Sound 2.0 (Coin Sounds / Loud)


HandySound 2.0 is a great sound device that is an improved version of HandySound Coin type that sold more than 10,000 units in around the world.
The difference is its sound volume, so it is perfect for performances at huge venue or noisy space.
Handy Sound 2.0 adds something a little extra to every performance....


Joe Lefler Pro Suitcase Table - Mini


Note: Each table is custom made. Call for delivery time

NEW SIZE! The world's most popular table for professional magicians, clowns, and variety entertainers. This high quality, precision-crafted item is an investment that will carry and protect your props for years to come while making you look your best...


Emergency Light


Great addition to any party. Made of plastic and measures 7" high x 6" wide at the base. 5' long black UL Listed power cord. Liven up all your parties with this cool light.

This red police light includes a 56 inch long power cord and on/off switch.


Mini Strobe Light


Halloween fun ahead! Perfect for all your haunted house needs, or for good times at your non-haunted home or at events! These mini strobe lights are awesome for creating amazing party effects like in the best bars and clubs, or the most terrifying scary effects like in amusement parks and movies! These are small, featuring 3 lighting tubes,...


Cards - Double Face Bicycle


Bicycle - Poker Size - Deck of 52 cards

These cards have a different face card on each side.
You get a complete deck of 52 cards


Cow Costume


Comical deluxe plush moo cow mascot costume. Cow head, with see thru eye mesh, jumpsuit with attached mittens and foot covers. One size fits most adults.


Manipulation Cards - White


Manipulation Cards - White (For Glove Workers)
by Trevor Duffy

Imported from South Africa, our goal was to produce simply the best manipulation cards available. These cards combine all the neccessary requirements for manipulation into one deck.

  • White Colored Back All Around, perfect for Glove work!
  • Super...


Latex Orange


This latex orange looks 100% real! You can even show it a few inches away from your spectators.

A useful magic prop that can be used in many different ways.


Impossible Bottle - Darwin Ortiz edition by Rodney Eng


Made by Rodney Eng this Impossible Bottle is a one of a kind. The bottle is a Jack Daniels whiskey bottle. Inside is an entire deck of cards with two nuts and bolts holding the pack together. Each side of the pack shows a Jack of Spades and an Ace of Spades. Each of these 4 cards is signed by Darwin Ortiz, one of the worlds leading experts...


Rabbit Silk 18 Inch - Tuxedo


A 100% pure silk and a great addition for any magician.

Great for Productions and Vanishes


Vanishing Wife Pills by David Bonsall


How many times have we been asked "If you're a magician, can you make my wife disappear?"

We get asked this all the time, accompanied by a smirk. Well now you have the perfect comeback. You reach into your pocket and pull out a small pill tub, on it reads "Wife Vanishing Pills", you show it to the man who asked...


Chop Cup Balls

The Chop Cup Balls contain 3 regular balls and 1 with a steel core for use with a Chop Cup

1 inch


Jumbo Gaff Cards

Each of these jumbo cards measures 4 1/2" x 7" (11.43cm x 17.78cm)

Prices shown are for 1 card


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