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New Year 2021 by Maarif video DOWNLOAD


The method of finding cards is very unique, you can make your various creations, of course this is easy for you to do and one example of you can make the effect of the emergence of writing Happy New Year 2021, an unforgettable impression

Download now!


PRINTER by Segal Magia video DOWNLOAD


Create a true miracle by making a banknote appear on your fingers, a quite impressive effect and easy to perform. You can make appear tickets, receipts or similar.

Download it now!


QR CARD By Zazza The Magician Mixed Media DOWNLOAD


A magical, modern and very powerful prediction.

Turton this is what you will find with QR card.

Imagine having a prediction always in sight making you choose a card and lose it in the deck.

Now say that the card is trapped in another dimension and turn the QR card over... Scan the QR code and a video will appear...


Random objects by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD


This is a series of tricks I have created in 2 years.

In the file you will find 4 tricks that are compatible with each other.

Show an empty bottle and a coin. Visually toss the coin in to the bottle and the coin will melt through it. The bottle is then handed to the spectator...


Shy Monkey by Priyanshu Srivastava and Jassher Magic video DOWNLOAD


Shy Monkey includes 2 main effects... Touch force and card shooting technique.

Touch force has 2 variation where One card can be forced..or multiple cards... Like 4 of a kind... Or 2 mates and so on.

The card shooting technique gives you the ability to shoot the spectator's freely selected signed card out of...


Slider by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD


"Slider" is an interesting new levitation system. Borrow any bill, hold it in your hand, attach the bill to the card and it will start to rise! Simple, visual and clear effect!

Any currency can be used.

Download now.


THE GUM by Esya G video DOWNLOAD


Introducing, THE GUM is a visually and real twice-changing chewing gum effect in the front audience!

Your imagination is your limit!

Chewing gum can be a souvenir, anytime and anywhere.

"Looks cool, very visual!...




A good assistant can make any good magician's act appear great. With this trick, Esya G has created the illusion that incorporates one of the King Cards into your card routine! and together you will create a performance that will amaze any audience!

Esya G is proud to introduce THE KING!

A mind-blowing twist to...


Ematism by Ragil Septia video DOWNLOAD


The history of EMATISM (Quantum self Trance Formation).

Look at the rumors growing at the nusantara. How many other cultures have come to appreciate the fact that I'm outside. Many have learned many things in the nusantara.

If it's in the question of self-empowerment, there are a lot of nem les that actually...


Exchange by Magic Action and Zamm Wong video DOWNLOAD


Exchange is very visual, easy to do. The bill can be handed out right ahead, works with any currency. With step by step introduction on how to customize the gimmick.

Download the video and learn now!


Lucky Coins by Damien Fisher video DOWNLOAD


Have you ever felt that your luck is running out and you just wish you could hit it big?

These lucky coins will have your audience feeling like they just hit the jackpot! This trick is short and fast, and great for close up magic. Any spectator will enjoy watching you perform this trick as you vanish each coin and then have it reappear....


Matching Routines by Lars La Ville La Ville Magic video DOWNLOAD



The magician shows a red and a blue pile with 13 cards in each pile.Each deck contains the 13 spades. Both piles are mixed. The spectator now look at the top card and thinking of it.You now

take a card from the red deck and place face up. You tell the spectator to place there card face down...


Search by Maarif video DOWNLOAD


This new method with this gimmick, you don't need to memorize books anymore for your mentalist effect, this gimmick works on your control, you are a professional magician, either stage magic or close up, I really recommend this gimmick really work in live zoom as well as in person, all can be checked before and after.



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