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Re-Entry by Keelan Wendorf video DOWNLOAD


Re-Entry is a visual torn and restored routine with an event or transit ticket. This is a great lead in or conversation starter with an easy set up in seconds! A ticket stub is ripped from the rest of the ticket and you claim that if this happens prior to the event or even getting onto a train that it is rendered void, which spectators...


Air Restoration by Salvador Molano video DOWNLOAD


A freely chosen and signed card is broken in half, one of the halves is released and this levite in the air and slowly this half approaches the other half is recomposed into a single card, then the card is handed over for examination

A witty gimmick does all the work for you

Download now!


Bermuday Sandwich by Salvador Molano video DOWNLOAD


Above the table is a back card that will be visible at all times, two white cards with a hole in the center are shown, is chosen and signed an east card is lost in the center of the deck, the two white cards are placed on top of the deck and without any strange movement the white cards catch the chosen card between them, this same card...


Dictionary Test by Max Vellucci video DOWNLOAD



The mentalist proposes an experiment that has to do with all the possible words of the Italian language (or any other language) and takes a dictionary of the language in question.

He scrolls through the pages and asks the viewer to tell him stop when he wants, to read a...


Holes by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD


This is a series of tricks I have created in 2 years.

In the file you will find 4 tricks that are compatible with each other.



The magician shows a card with a hole in it. He grabs the hole and streches it! After a moment the hole morphs back to its original shape!



Magic Mistake By Alex Soza video DOWNLOAD


With a deck of cards you can choose a card and find the other three cards of the same value to join the four, but wait... an error has occurred, we cannot find the chosen card, but when you are a magician, no problem can affect.

Download the video and learn now!


Strange Cards by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD


This is a series of tricks I have created in 2 years.

In the file you will find 4 tricks that are compatible with each other.



There has never been an easier or more deceptive card link.

It is the most practical linking card effect in existence.

For the effect...




Through the deck is a very visual effect of solid objects penetrating solid objects. Imagine a deck of cards being stabbed with a straw but miraculously the card is without the slightest injury and can even be checked by the audience. Everything happens from close to the eyes of the audience.

Don't miss this extraordinary miracle.



The Vault - VOICELESS by Ali Foroutan Mixed Media DOWNLOAD


Here is what a few of the pros think about this project!

"When I watched Voiceless demonstrated by Ali I was baffled. When I read the book It opened a whole world of possibilities. This is something you want to keep in your arsenal of knowledge and pull it out when you need. Great for virtual or real in person situation....


Crystal Ink by Priyanshu Srivastava and JasSher Magic video DOWNLOAD


" Magic is the best language. I think that's what Crystal Ink means"
- Hondo Chen

''It looks incredibly impossible!''
- Alexey Sviridkin

''Looks pretty good!''
- Calen Morelli

''I love how far you've explored...


Just in time by Luis Zavaleta video DOWNLOAD


Make the time change in a very visual way



A very visual way to change the time of a clock drawn on a card.

The audience will see...


The Loopack 1 by Doan video DOWNLOAD


The Loopack is a series of gimmickless rubber band magic from Doan.

In this part 1, you'll learn 2 rubber band effects and a bonus effect that Doan remade from a classic work.

Download the video and learn today!


You Choose by Sanchit Batra video DOWNLOAD


Sanchit Batra - The Sleight illusionist is giving an IMPROMPTU CARD TRICK ROUTINE, where Spectator can freely shuffle up cards in a very Unique way which makes this effect even more deceptive and powerful, Sanchit is Performing this effect from past 3 years now after getting so much fame for this effect, He thought of Sharing it with the...


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