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The Vault - Riptide by Alex Soza video DOWNLOAD


A torn card instantly restores itself!

Rip off the corner of a playing card and watch it instantly restore itself without ever touching the card.

Easy to make gimmick.

Card 100 percent examinable after restoration.

Instant and impossible.

Download it today!


Band Through Deck by Romnick Bathan video DOWNLOAD


A rubber band impossibly penetrates a card!

  • No magnet
  • No flap
  • Make this easy gimmick in seconds!


Flash Changer By Anthony Vasquez video DOWNLOAD


One card changes into another in a flash!

Easy to make and totally examinable.

Download it today!


Sleight of You by Viper Magic video DOWNLOAD


Read minds like a pro!

With just a simple thought, your spectator will cut to the exact card you've been thinking of. It's the perfect illusion that will leave your audience amazed and speechless. Literally No sleight of hand required, this trick is easy to perform and can be learned quickly.

Download it today...


Top To Middle by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD


A reverse ambitious!

Place a card on top of the deck and with just a flick it goes to the middle.

It's really impossible and magical. After that the card can be given directly to the audience for inspection.

  • No magnets
  • No pulls or rolls
  • No threads
  • Super visual
  • Fully...


Just One by Viper Magic video DOWNLOAD


They think of a card it is the only blue one in a red deck!

Easy to do.

Fun to perform.

Download it today!


Restored by Zaw Shinn video DOWNLOAD


Rip and visually restore the corner of a playing card!

Take a card rip the corner off. Put the card in your mouth and the torn corner on the top of the deck. The torn corner vanishes from the top of the deck and appears reattached to the card you had in your mouth.

Fun to perform.

Easy to do.



The Vault - Moving X by Ding Ding video DOWNLOAD


Draw an x on the back of your playing card and watch it animate and then disappear!

This is a fun make at home gimmick that might be the perfect lead in to your double cross routine.

Easy to build.

Great visual moment.

Download it today!


Levitation 2.0 By Zaw Shinn video DOWNLOAD


A playing card levitates off the top of the deck!

Easy to make.

Fun to perform.

Download it today!


The Vault - Disco Pop by Sean Devine video DOWNLOAD


Three killers effects with your pop socket!

A card is selected by a participant and lost back into the deck. The magician takes his phone out and uses the pop socket in a mysterious way to locate the selection! The card can even be signed. If you're a fan of "Tiny Plunger" by Jon Armstrong, then you'll love this!...


Position Predicted by Oliver Vinacour video DOWNLOAD


Produce any small object that you like from the center of the deck!

''This was the one trick I saw at the London Magic Convention that I immediately started practicing when I got home. A creative, playful and off the wall idea.''
- Lloyd Barns

''I have no idea...


Moving Angel by Rowman Rowmiruz video DOWNLOAD


The little angel on the back of your playing card travels to three different locations and then back home again!

Points to remember:

  • Easy to perform
  • Preparation explained in full detail in video instruction
  • Quick set up


Portal by Anthony Vasquez video DOWNLOAD


Color changes, predictions and more!

Easy to make.

Fun to perform.

Download it today.


Sawebwork by Abdelali Nour video DOWNLOAD


A weird transformation effect!

The spectator chased a card. You show the back of a different card and then it transforms into a bizarre shape that is the chosen card.

  • Easy to do
  • Fun and super easy to make
  • Perfect for your social media
"What a beautiful reveal"
- Redouan...


Zodiac Card by Kenneth Costa video DOWNLOAD


Zodiac Card is a miraculous animation effect full of possibilities!


  • TnR card
  • Color changes
  • Animate permanent ink
All the routines in the trailer are explained step by step.

At the end of the routine, the deck can be delivered for examination, easy to build...


Freaky changes by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD


A new way to do the ambitious card as well as color changes!

  • No magnets
  • No threads
  • No elastics
  • No flap cards
Visual and elegant.

The method is unique and simple.

The cards can be handed out for inspection.

Learn it now!!


Matchbox Switch by Anthony Vasquez video DOWNLOAD


Switch a playing card in an impossible way!

Fun new method.

Easy to use.

Download it today!


Twirl Transpo by Anthony Vasquez video DOWNLOAD


An impossible card change!

Watch a playing card magically change into a different one at your finger tips.

Natural movement.

End clean.

Easy to learn.

Download it today!


Equado by Mohamed Ibrahim video DOWNLOAD


A spectators freely chosen card is found by an impossible coincidence!

Imagine this...

A participant grabs his deck of cards, shuffles it and chooses any number of cards (let's say 20), he takes out the 20 cards he wants from anywhere in the deck. He also chooses an extra card to be a prediction from the remaining...


The Vault - Little Big Assistant by Patricio Teran video DOWNLOAD


"A very funny and tender revelation that will make you smile, I am a big fan of Patricio's creativity"
- Victor Sanz

With just a flick, a selected card appears in the hands of the little magician!

  • No magnets
  • Easy to perform
  • Original and tender
This is a unique...


One 2 Match by Taha Mansour and Ori Ascher video DOWNLOAD


A prediction is placed on the table, never to be touched again by the performer. After trusting their own intuition, the spectator is able to discern the identity of the predicted card.

Equivoque, you say? Well, think again.

"I'm too respectful to say that I told Taha to **** off when I turned over that card, that...


The Vault - Shadow Window by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD


You put your finger through a large square cut out of a blue-backed playing card. Instantly the card turns red and the hole you just saw fingers go through somehow no longer exists. The black hole is now just a piece of black tape that is peeled off of the card.

Easy to build and fun to perform.

A real visual puzzle!...


Color Warp by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD


In the beginning, everything happens like in the classic Card Warp trick.

The magician shows two cards and folds them over.

He puts one card into another and a miracle happens - half of the card is face down and the other half is face up... But that's not all!

Suddenly the back of the card on the face down...


Penetration by Dingding video DOWNLOAD


Two cards magically penetrate each other!

Very visual.

Easy to make.

Easy to perform.

Download it today!


Traffic Light by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD


Spectator chooses one card and signs it.

The magician puts the card back into the deck.

The magician signs the top card and puts a sticker on it...

Suddenly, the sticker starts jumping onto other cards until it finally disappears.

The magician spreads the deck and shows that the sticker has jumped on...

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