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Close-Up Magic

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Clon Kapak by Sihirbaz Ali Riza video DOWNLOAD


Tear off the tab from a can of Coca-cola and immediately lose it, and then remove it from the bottom of the can.

  • You can reset it anytime
  • Wonderful visual effect
  • No memory
  • No elastic


Magic Phone by Max Vellucci video DOWNLOAD



Smartphones have changed our everyday lives and magic has also been influenced by these extraordinary technological devices.

As a matter of fact, they are currently the objects we use the most every day. Being able to perform magic with them represents an enormous added value.



Mail Delivered by Amir Mughal video DOWNLOAD


Mail Delivered is a principle that will allow you to send impossible prediction emails to your spectator's phone/computer.


Imagine that at the beginning of your performance, you send a prediction email to the spectator which they can check and acknowledge.

Then when your routine is finished,...


The Vault - Boneless by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD


The section of penetration of objects through matter in magic is one of the most popular. Visual penetrations through matter are few and they can rarely be shown live.

BONELESS is a visual insight that is great for live performances and social media. Never before has such a visual effect been so easy to implement.



Z Solve by Zazza The Magician video DOWNLOAD


This is the simplest and most visual cube solve that you can do!

Follow the moves step by step and in a few minutes you will already be able to perform this little miracle.

After writing IMPOSSIBLE techniques, tips and artifices - The first Handbook of Magic with the Rubik's Cube, he created instant resolutions...


Combining by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD


An incredibly visual rubber band restoration!

Easy to perform

Easy to make

Download it today!


Gecis By Sihirbaz Ali Riza video DOWNLOAD


A coin is placed on the back of a playing card. The coin instantly vanishes in the blink of an eye and appears on the table underneath the card.

  • No elastics
  • No magnets
  • Very easy to do
The gimmick is practical, instantly resets, and can be easily performed anywhere.


CashMeOut by Radja Syailendra video DOWNLOAD


Magically change a bill three times!

Everyone likes money. Money is a daily necessity in life. Something that everyone understands.

For example : $1 to $20 to $100. Make this up with the money from your country!

  • ...


Cute Card by Ragil Septia video DOWNLOAD


A mini playing card instantly transform into a full size playing card right in front of their eyes!

You can make this simple gimmick in minutes and perform it instantly. Killer for virtual or live shows.

  • No CGI
  • No Black Art
Get it now!


Hizli GeCiS By Sihirbaz Ali Riza video DOWNLOAD


An amazing visual restoration unlike anything you have seen before!

You clearly tear the pull tab off of the soda can and drop the tab into an empty clear glass bottle. Even though the cap is on top of the clear bottle you slowly see the metal pull tab come to life! It floats up inside of the bottle and then instantly vanishes, reappearing...


Card In Mask by Patricio Teran video DOWNLOAD


Use any mask and perform the incredible appearance of a selected card!

This is like the classic card sword effect but this is much easier to build and perform!

The appearance is incredibly visual, even from the stage. Download the video and learn it today!

Download now!


Mirage by Keelan Wendorf video DOWNLOAD


The most visual Rubik's Cube solve EVER!

Mirage is an INSANELY visual and INSTANT Rubik's Cube solve! In a blink of an eye a Rubik's Cube is solved without any cover and just a gentle shake. You can perform it even in the original packaging! Mirage was designated to take Zoom, livestream magic shows,...


Magic Wand by Armanujjaman Abir video DOWNLOAD


If you are looking for an extreme visual color changing magic to show, that can change anything like a card, a paper or a dollar bill then this is your best choice.

Suppose, you have a card which back is blue, you show the card to the spectator and wave your pen over the card and the card will change its color slowly and visually...


Bandimation by Luis Zavaleta video DOWNLOAD


Two rubber bands animate themselves to reveal a prediction BANDIMATION is a very visual way to reveal a prediction using two rubber bands that move like they have life. Luis Zavaleta & Nox from Peru, worked together to show you a very visual way to reveal a card using rubber bands.

  • No sleight of hand required
  • ...


Rubberbond by Nox video DOWNLOAD


A very visual effect, instantly performable, and super portable. Easy to made and once built it will last you for dozens of presentations.

You will surprise everyone! A card is chosen by the spectator, it is lost in the deck and thoroughly mixed. Finally a rubber band is shot towards the deck, and the rubberband not only finds...


Escape Ring by Nox video DOWNLOAD


It shows a rubber band with a linked ring, the ring is released in an instant, you can give to check the ring and the rubber band.

Download the video and learn now!


Stabber by ebbytones video DOWNLOAD


This is really unique and the visual effect with ordinary cutters you can do solid thru solid by stabbing the cutter in money, paper or cards. And you can even use borrowed money from spectators and cards can also be signed!

Everything can be examined by spectators

From cutter, cards, paper or money

It's easy...


Swap Dice by Maarif video DOWNLOAD


Dice that can change color, dice color change is very clear, this magic is great for you lovers of illusion magic or close up magic and street magic. The dice can be checked.

  • No sticker
  • No magnet
  • No thread
  • No flap
Download now!


The Vault - Social Distancing by Danny Urbanus video DOWNLOAD


Social Distancing is Danny's take on the zigzag effect. Inspired by Ade Rahmat's Distancing and brought to a more practical effect. The participant folds a card and then the performer will show the most visual zig zag effect.

It's so direct after the effect is done, you can immediately give the card back to the...


STEAL BOX by Stefanus Alexander video DOWNLOAD


STEAL Box is a Very Cool gimmick that I made... because with this gimmick, you can do any trick do you want...

For example: Solid Through Solid, Appearing Small Object, Multiply Objects, Mind Reading, etc..

You can perform with this gimmick on social media also on live performance..

So, don't waste your...


A Rising Card Effect in a Bottle by Ralf Rudolph aka Fairmagic video DOWNLOAD


Learn how to make a selected card rise of a a deck of cards that is trapped inside of a Bottle!

I teach you how to put the deck of cards inside of the bottle and how to make the rising Gimmick.

Very easy to to! You can hand out the Bottle before you do the effect. Reset in under 8 seconds. You can change to card that rises...


Impossible Puzzle by Nico Guaman mixed media DOWNLOAD


The magician shows six "puzzle cards" and that they are different. He then says that he will test the ability of the spectators, the first spectator chooses a puzzle and makes it while being timed. A second spectator chooses another puzzle and sets it but this time it's more difficult, he will do it face down. After the playing and joking...


Lacrima by Radja Syailendra video DOWNLOAD


My name is Radja Syailendra from indonesia.

Imagine as like a human you can create anti gravity effect in around where you are.

make sure you can float any object on there !

Q : Is that possible?
A : Yes, it can.

The Lacrima is great anti-gravity effect without touch with your hands.



RING MY RING by Luis magic video DOWNLOAD


You give a spectator a bell to ring "in case of good magic".

In the moment you make your RING visually disappears from Your finger.

and it will be found Inside of THE BELL instead of its clapper!

A strong, visual routine where, at the end, the Spectator gives you back your ring.




Smoking Pipe by Jan Zita video DOWNLOAD


Smoking Pipe is an organic switching tool built into a matchbox.

The box takes up almost no space in your pocket and you can carry it with you 24/7.

Your very useful helper in card magic, money magic and mentalism.

You always end up clean and have nothing to hide.

It's easy...

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