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Close-Up Magic

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With - Draw by Brent Lill video DOWNLOAD


Use a borrowed phone as an ATM machine!

Really I shouldn't be giving this effect away! I am having way too much fun performing With-Draw!...But who am I to stop you from having a good time?

So you are the go to guy for the unusual and you are also addicted to making gimmicks?

Here's one more gimmick...


The Vault - EYEPOPPER by Johannes Mengel video DOWNLOAD


"Between Johannes' Breaking Point and his brilliant new effect, I now have a powerful, realistic and shocking close up set I can do at a moment's notice with nothing on me but a single coin. I highly recommend this release!"
- Dee Christopher (Star of BBC's Killer Magic)



Maxim (App & Online Instruction) by Lloyd Barnes - Instant Download


"A lot of apps come and go with trends. Maxim lives on my homescreen. It's genius."
- Christian Grace

MAXIM is a covert app that instantly calculates and discreetly delivers to you the perfect hands-off reveal for any freely named card in a deck that's been mixed by the spectators.



Matrix Pepegyver by Jose Cruz Gonzalez video DOWNLOAD


A new clean version of the Matrix without magnets!

Easy to make.

Fun to Perform.

Download it today.


The Drawing Mystery by Boyet Vargas ebook DOWNLOAD


The Mentalist invites four Spectators for a drawing experiment. Three of them are asked to draw while the fourth Spectator acts as a medium between the Mentalist and the other three Spectators.

The Mentalist is able to identify the owner of the drawings, including the chosen drawing of the Fourth Spectator, and then finally, the...


Card Cash Transpo by Kenneth Costa mixed media DOWNLOAD


Transform a playing card into money and then hand it out for examination!

A playing card instantly transforms into a note of any size and from any country.

Learn real world audience tested routines and routines for social media.

Download and learn this amazing routine right now!


Mystery Hole 2.0 by Zaw Shinn video DOWNLOAD


Link a ring to your spectators signed card!

* Perfect for close - up performances and social media.

Download it today!


Shadow Thread by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD


Pass a piece of thread right through your hand!

A visual masterpiece you can carry with you everywhere.


Download it today!


The Vault - Breakers by Ade Rahmat video DOWNLOAD


A playing card, key, coin, or even a borrowed credit card melt right through a solid deck of cards!

After doing a card trick with a regular deck of cards and with no switches you offer to show them an amazing optical illusion. You borrow a key or credit card, drivers license etc. and make it melt right through your solid deck...


Talk About Tricks - Joshua Jay - video DOWNLOAD


Talk About Tricks (3 Volume Set)
by Joshua Jay

From the pages of MAGIC Magazine to your TV screen, the "Talk About Tricks" DVD Box Set is one of the most eclectic, unexpected collections of magic and magicians ever captured on DVD.

The concept is simple: Joshua Jay writes the critically-acclaimed...


The Vault - No Apps by Robby Constantine video DOWNLOAD


A spectator's chosen and signed card penetrates your cellphone screen!

No Apps.

Card and phone can be examined.

Easy gimmick to make and travel with.

Download it today!


The Vault - Ambition Hole by Dingding video DOWNLOAD


An amazing visual puzzle with a kicker ending.

Perfect for your virtual presentations.

Easy to make.

Easy to perform.

Download it today!


Mystery Bag by Zaw Shinn video DOWNLOAD


The magician shows a small zip lock bag and puts a coin inside. The coin vanishes with just a shake!

  • No flaps
  • Easy to make
  • Easy to perform

Download the video now!


The Vault - O rot by Sungjin Lim video DOWNLOAD


"Simply put Seong-jin is a Master of The Close Up Linking Rings. He understands them and develops his own techniques and performance style. Every magician should learn from him."
- Matthew Garrett

"Seong-Jin Lim has earned his place amongst the Great Ringsters."
- Joshua Messado



C.T.C. Version 2.0 By Kenneth Costa video DOWNLOAD


Impenetrability is a concept in physics in which two bodies cannot occupy the same place in space at the same time.

You show two playing cards of different colors in a crossed position. In the blink of an eye the front card crosses and passes through the back card. it's fast and amazing.

Simple to do and everything...


Mystery Hole by Zaw Shinn video DOWNLOAD


A magician holds a playing card with a square hole in it and passes an object through. Suddenly..the hole vanishes!

Perfect for social media. 

Download it today!


Ink Illusion by Dingding video DOWNLOAD


An impossible ink animation effect!

A spectator picks a card, you draw a line on the back of it. The line magically vanishes!

Download it today!


The Vault - Printing Machine by Rodrigo Romano video DOWNLOAD


Would you like to print bills like a machine?

From the creator of "The Mystery of the ten Coins" (TOP 1, downloads of 2021), comes now PRINTING MACHINE.

In a clean and amazing way, you will be able to transform a 20 dollar bill into a 100 dollar bill.

And as a special bonus you will learn a devastating "TRIPLE...


Card from Hat 2.0 by Dingding video DOWNLOAD


An impossible magic animation effect from Dingding!

Easy to make, fun to perform.

Download the video and learn now!


Coinage by Juman Sarma video DOWNLOAD


Have you ever wanted perform a solid through solid effect that is completely IMPROMPTU and PRACTICAL? Then this is for you!

A solid pen/toothpick/pin/pencil passes through a solid metal coin held between a piece of paper.

The impossible feature is that you STAPLE the paper. Yes! You read that correctly. You genuinely staple...


The Vault - Instant Money by Robby Constantine video DOWNLOAD


Show your hands empty and your bank card front and back. Now magically pull cash right out of your bankcard!

Easy gimmick to make.

Easy to perform.

Download it today!


Burman by Zaw Shinn video DOWNLOAD


Instantly change a playing card into money!

The magician holds a card with one hand.

The card instantly changes into money.

Easy to make gimmick.

Fun to perform.

Download it now!


Ink Change by Dingding video DOWNLOAD


An out of this world animated prediction effect!

Very simple and easy to make.

Download the video and learn it now!


Thrust by Maulana`s video DOWNLOAD


THRUST is the ultimate solid thru effect!

 Just uses a box of cards and some borrowed coins.

  • No elastics
  • No magnets
  • No switches
  • Visual
  • Can be performed live
  • Signed coin
  • Any coin Currency



Hole Vanish by Aurelio Ferreira video DOWNLOAD


A vanishing, moving hole like nothing you have ever seen before!

Easy to do.

Easy to build.

Download it today!

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