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Extreme Survival by Rendyz Virgiawan, Idodaniels and Mikha Khannaniel video DOWNLOAD


A Collaboration between Rendy'z virgiawan, Idodaniels and Mikha Khannaniel

A new project based on Mikha's underground project, "Extreme Survival".

Comes with 6 impromptu routines you can do anywhere, anytime.

Rubber bands, coins, candy, money and bottle.

Candy Transpo:


Numb by Agustin video DOWNLOAD


This is two phase solid thru solid effect that very stunning for both live performance and social media.

Easy, highly visual, and instant reset.

Download now!


The Vault - Signed Cards In Glass by Jasper Blakeley video DOWNLOAD



" of the best downloads of the year... I LOVE this trick... I genuinely believe this is the best you can spend in magic right now"
- Craig Petty

"Very very magical and very easy to can perform this walkaround strolling from table to can be seen very easily...


IMPOGUM by Ade Rahmat video DOWNLOAD


There are many tricks using gum, but this one just might become your favorite!

perhaps because of its very unique effect.

Imagine if you could increase the size of the gum pack. not only that, you can also slowly adjust the size to your liking. You can do it very close to the spectator. Finally, you restore the size to...


Thunder Bill by VIX video DOWNLOAD


A blank piece of paper instantly changes into money!

No flaps
No elastic
No magnet

Includes full routines.


EGG-CELLENT by Javi Benitez, Andrew Cooper and Alan Mcintyre video DOWNLOAD


From the fertile minds of World Champion and Penn & Teller fooler Javi Benitez. Alongside Andrew Cooper and Alan Mcintye.

EGG-CELLENT is perfect for your Christmas wish list, with Javi's take on a classic effect.

Great for Christmas presentations both live and over Zoom this festive season.



Orbit Coin Flourish by Greg Rostami Video Download


The Orbit Coin Flourish is one of the most amazing things you'll do with a coin and a phone.

It looks impossible, but it's an easy technique that you'll quickly master.

Start with a simple table spin, and move on to more advanced spins on tablets, phones and other surfaces.




BOLT by Emirsco and Esya G video DOWNLOAD


Introducing the latest "must have" item for every performing magician. A great effect with a seemingly innocent item.

This is BOLT from mind Emirsco and Esya G!

Take any card and have it signed, then put in the BOLT card. "SNAP!" Your fingers and the choice card gone!



Dice Through Card by Dingding video DOWNLOAD


This is a super visual effect with an extremely clever gimmick. One dice passes through the selected card without any excess moves!

Download the video and learn it now!


Rope with Hole by Dingding video DOWNLOAD


 A card is punched with a hole and the magician runs a rope through the hole. The hole suddenly jumps to the other side of the card and now you can clearly pull out the rope and display!

Download now!


The Transit by Kenneth Costa and Andre Previato video DOWNLOAD


The Transit is a perfect effect for your social media, but it can also be done in live performances.

  • Very visual
  • Easy to run
  • Instant reboot
  • 180 degree angle
Download the video and learn it now!


Haunt Change by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD


Mario Tarasini presents an effect based on the classic Haunted Bill trick.


The magician shows the deck and the dollar, puts it on the deck and the dollar, affected by spirits, fold!

The magician shakes the deck and the dollar turns into a different banknote!

The trick can be done with money...


Straw Through The Card by Dingding video DOWNLOAD


A straw penetrates directly through the chosen card. Clearly shows both sides of the card. It's very clean and visual! Very easy to make this gimmick!

Download now!


The Bye Bye Dice by Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD



The magician shows a die and places it on the card box.

The die is covered by a card and... the die disappears!

The magician opens the card box and finds the die there.

After the trick, the die box and the card can be given to the spectator for examination.

Gimmick is very easy to make....


Rubber Band Illusion by Dingding video DOWNLOAD


The audience chooses a card and then the magician takes out a rubber band and places it on top of the deck. The rubber band vanishes and and reappears wrapped around selected card!

What's even more amazing is that it turns into a drawing. And finally, the magician, snaps his fingers, illusion back to reality, everything goes...


Illusion Hole by Aurelio Ferreira video DOWNLOAD


The magician shows a small hole in the card. The magician flicks the card and the hole gets bigger. At the end the magician gives the person everything to examine. A very visual effect.

Download it today!


The Vault - SPL-ITS Project by Adam Wilber video DOWNLOAD


This is the splitting effect that went viral in 2019!
One object duplicates as it melts out of another. A must see visual effect that looks like a camera trick!


Learn the devious secret to splitting objects...


Transformance by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD


TRANSFORMANCE is an incredibly smooth and examinable ink transformation effect!

Change, move or transform text, images or symbols with ease. 

  • No flaps cards
  • No magnets
  • No black art
  • No elastic
  • Fully examinable
  • Practical,...


INKcarnation by Ebbytones video DOWNLOAD


An incredibly clean moving ink effect!

Which is:

  • No flaps
  • No magnet
  • No elastic
  • No chemical
  • No card switch
And 100% can be examine by the spectator directly.

Works with ordinary markers

Combine with symbols that you like

Simple and easy to...


The Vault - Fantasy by Patricio Teran video DOWNLOAD


"This is madness! My mind is exploding!"
- Avi Yap

"I'm a big fan of the matrix routine. Patricio's routine is so unique and his touches are beautiful"
- Jeki Yoo

With the Fantasy project you will learn Patricio's underground and personal favorite routines evolved...


BILL ZAG by Maulan


Borrow the audience's money, split the audience's money into a zig zag pattern and restore it again!

  • Fully examinable
  • Instant reset
  • Easy to do
  • Any money
  • Any wallet
Download the video and learn it now!


Signed, Sealed & Concealed by Kevin Cunliffe mixed media DOWNLOAD



You display a normal opaque envelope that has a small hole cut right through one corner so that a plain white card can be seen from both sides, inside the envelope. This plain white card is removed and shown both sides to be totally plain and normal. The envelope is also shown and fully examined and nothing is to be seen or...


OH! SOLVE by Hendy July video DOWNLOAD


A brand new method for Rubik's cube instant solving effect

No gimmick, use an ordinary Rubik's cube

Visual magic for live performance or social media

Multiple method variation taught

Download the video and learn it now!


The Vault - The Marvelous Pencyclopedia by Tom Crosbie video DOWNLOAD


Turn your everyday un-gimmicked Sharpie into a lethal magic weapon!

Welcome to the Marvelous Pencyclopeadia by Tom Crosbie and Marvelous FX. On this download you will find a comprehensive library of moves and sleights using the Magician's favorite pen - The Sharpie.

It also features moves and routines...


MARLBOX Gimmick by Riga Harakiri and Imperio Magic video DOWNLOAD


The magician shows an empty cigarette box to the audience, then with a snap finger the magician can issue a prediction card, money, and coins.

  • No magnet
  • No thread
  • No palming
  • No elastic thread

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