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Close-Up Magic

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Match Changes by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD


Images change on a matchbox!

The changes are very smooth and elegant, you can also create a transformation effects with the matchboxes.

  • No pulls
  • No magnets
  • No black art
  • No threads
  • Works with regular matchboxes
  • Easy to do anytime anywhere
Learn now!



Impossible card CGI by Anthony Vasquez video DOWNLOAD


Materialize any small object you can think of!

Gimmick easy to make.

Simple and visual.


Download it today!


Clip Drink by Bachi Ortiz video DOWNLOAD


Looking for something completely different?

With this effect your public will remember you for years.

Imagine being able to drink a paper clip through a straw.

You put three colored paper clips on a card and lock them in a card box. Then they pick a color. You take a straw and suck the correct coloured clip...


J.A.R.V.I.S: Secret System by SYZ mixed media DOWNLOAD


Iphone magic with no apps!

In the 'J.A.R.V.I.S: Secret System' project, you will learn mind blowing magic tricks using your iPhone.

5 amazing effects that you will learn!

1. Peek Note
Find out what the audience wrote in their notes without anyone knowing.

2. How...


Coinfo by Anthony Vasquez video DOWNLOAD


Toss a signed coin into a sealed matchbox!

Gimmick easy to make.

Simple and visual.

Download and learn today!


The Vault - I C C (impossible color change)by Dingding video DOWNLOAD


An impossible color change puzzle!

Perfect for social media.

Easy to make.

Fun to play with.

How can the card change color completely? Wouldn't the ribbon get in the way of traditional methods?

Download today to find out how it works.


Inbox by Zoen


A gimmick less and impromptu solid through solid effect!

INBOX is a solid thru solid effect the object through a normal card box

Use borrowed items from your spectators! Coins, rings, objects can even be signed.

Fully examinable before and after.

No slits or holes in the card box.



Confession of Sin by Dominicus Bagas mixed media DOWNLOAD


Adapted from The Seven Deadly Sins. This is an old concept

Adapted to have a fun spiritual theme.

Reveal their sins and erase them so they feel good again.

  • Pocket less
  • Easy to do
  • Setup in a minute
  • Can take this stuff on your phone
  • Powerful meaning
Grab this...


Flip by Bachi Ortiz video DOWNLOAD


An impossible and novel, visual revelation!

You place a beer cap on a spectator's palm, and then they pick a card.

After showing the cap on both sides, you place the cap on the card. Now give with touch the cap with your finger and the cap will fly through the air and fall again on the card revealing the chosen card...


Stickman 3d by Patricio Teran video DOWNLOAD


Line drawings of stick figures come to life to reveal special messages!

Limited only by your imagination. Your spectators will gasp at the surprise revelations.

Easy to build. Fun to perform.

Download it today!


Port Hole by Nusa video DOWNLOADS


Port Hole is a fun trick that is perfect for Social Media and in real life!

Even also can do it in live performance. 

A hole moves and then changes into a black sticker.

Very visual and practical.

  • No elastics
  • No threads
  • Easy to make
  • Easy to perform


The Vault - Hand Choreography by Matthieu Hamaissi mixed media DOWNLOAD


Brand new gimmick free coin magic for beginners and experts!

Magic made to perform real conditions.

12 powerful tricks with one, two, three and four coins.

Effects that happen in your spectators' hands and utilize common like a ring, a cup and even a borrowed book.

New visuals, coins raining...


Teleport Holes by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD


Holes magically move, vanish and appear on a chosen card!

No gimmicks.

Set up in seconds.

The method is unique and simple.

Very easy to do and very practical.

Everything is fully examinable.



The Vault - The Crane by T-ran video DOWNLOAD


Make a banknote transform into an origami crane in 1 second!

Level up your social media channels with effects that seem truly impossible!

The bill transforms into a paper crane and then takes flight!

Easy to perform.

Easy to build.

Limited only by your imagination.



Blink Changes by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD


A drawing on a piece of paper changes!

  • No magnets.
  • No chemicals.
  • No black art.
Works with plain paper or sticky notes.
One gimmick can be used for multiple magic effects.

Practical and simple.
What are you waiting for?



Flicker by Patricio Teran video DOWNLOAD


A beautiful transformation effect for your social media channel!

It's easy to make and even easier to perform! A 180 degree viewing angle also allows you to perform this amazing magic trick live!

Prepare it in five minutes.

Download and get started today!


Chapas Pepegyver by Jose Cruz Gonzalez video DOWNLOAD


Three different impossible effects in one download!

Easy to make.

Fun to perform.

A great value for your investment.

Download and learn all three tricks today!


Maleh by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD


Change pictures and transform writing on sticky notes!

  • No magnets
  • No chemicals
  • No black art
  • No pulls or rolls
  • Very visual and easy to do
  • One method for multiple magic effects.
Learn it today!


The Vault - Asteroidea by Shirvester video DOWNLOAD


"It looks unbelievable. Asteroidea from Shirvester contains material which every fan of rubber band magic will enjoy!"
- Hanson Chien

"The most visual rubber band effect I have seen. You've created a bomb. This rubber band project is ultra visual and easy to learn, I love it!" "
- Dr. Cyril...


X-moves by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD


An X travels like magic!

  • No IT
  • No thread
  • No elastic
  • No magnets
  • No chemicals
Works with a signed card. Everything is fully examinable. Easy to do and practical.





Your ring jumps from one finger to another and then vanishes!

Easy to make.

Perfect for social media.

Download it today!


The Vault - Fantastic by Sultan Orazaly video DOWNLOAD


A pen instantly materializes inside of an empty bottle!

Remove the pen and hand it out.

A fun gimmick you can build at home.

Easy to perform.

Hyper visual.

Download it today.


The Paper Cups and Ball by Jose Cruz Gonzalez video DOWNLOAD


A new take on a classic. The shell game with coffee cups and a sponge ball!

Your spectators can never guess where the ball is.

Easy gimmick to make.

Fun to perform.

Download it and learn the secret today!


The Vault - BREAKING POINT by Johannes Mengel video DOWNLOAD


Perform BELIEVABLE magic and create true ASTONISHMENT anywhere at any time!

"I laughed out-loud during the trailer, and the smile never left my face. Now I just need to convince you to teach me the secret... I hope there's a secret."
- Maxwell Murphy, co-founder of PenguinMagic

THE EFFECT: Breaking...


Gumbitious by Alex Soza video DOWNLOAD


GumBitious is a very clean effect based on a classic plot in magic.

You can build this with mini chicklet boxes or any small boxes.

This effect will fit perfectly into your magic repertoire and you will be delighted when you perform it.

  • Very visual
  • Examinable
  • End Clean
  • Easy...

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