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Coin and Money Tricks

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A new retention vanish technique!

From the mind of Alex Soza comes a series of routines that utilize this new retention technique.

Learn from a coin master and download it today!


Al Schneider Natural Element Series - video DOWNLOAD


Research in this DVD is dedicated to locating routines that do not use gimmicks. In general, one can carry some simple props or even borrow something from someone to accomplish miracles. Though the props are simple, the experiments presented here are about high complex and advanced logic. There is some new stuff, some old stuff, and some...


Exchange Rate Inc by Cameron Francis - video DOWNLOAD


Cameron Francis' Exchange Rate gimmick allows you to make an eye popping change between a coin and a folded bill.

You borrow a coin from your spectator. He signs one side, you sign the other. You then offer to blow their mind. and if you can't, you say, you'll give them the bill in your pocket (can be any...


Return of the Big Flap - Video Download


No threads and elastics because old school is the way!

Imagine you show any bill or banknote of any value and a playing card which is chosen and marked. In full view with no switches instantly the card changes into the bill and the bill into the card. Give the signed card out as a souvenir!

The strength of this...


Signed Bending Coins by Titanas - Video Download


These are 2 very clear signed coin bending variations.Can be performed almost impromptu and both of them can be done standing.


Tuning Fork By David Roth - Video Download


David Roth is, without a doubt, the finest coin magician the world has ever known.

Here is your chance to learn from the master with these incredible "Live Lecture" titles:


•Tuning Fork
Thousands of magicians around the globe are all in agreement...


Flipped Out - Craig Petty - video DOWNLOAD


On volume one of this DVD coin series, we will venture into Craig's world of the flipper coin and some of the fantastic effects Craig has created with the gimmick over the years. All in all, Craig has selected 9 of the very best coin routines to put on to this DVD. From transpositions to disappearances, you will learn how to maximise...


Audio Coins to Pocket by Eric Jones - video DOWNLOAD


Eric Jones presents a full body close up illusion. This is coin magic at its finest. Four coins are displayed on the palm of the hand. One at a time, the coins are rendered invisible and tossed into the air. As each coins falls, you hear an audible clink in the pocket indicating the moment the coin arrives. This process is repeated until...


Bill To Matches by Tom Mullica - video DOWNLOAD


This is the complete routine to Tom Mullica's Bill to Matches. This individual routine is from his Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy DVD. Learn to switch a US dollar bill to a booklet of matches.


Coins Across - Worlds Greatest Magic - video DOWNLOAD


Of the various plots that make up the world of coin magic, Coins Across has always held a special place in the heart, and repertoires, of close-up magicians. Audiences always seem to be intrigued by the idea of coins traveling invisibly between the performer's hands, which accounts for the enormous popularity of this very magical effect....


Coins Through Table - Worlds Greatest Magic - video DOWNLOAD


An anywhere, anytime miracle that you’ll perform for the rest of your life!

Since entering the literature of magic in the 1600’s, the effect of passing coins through a solid table top has captured the imagination of magicians and has led to countless variations and versions. The trick’s inclusion in the repertoires...


Expanded Shells - Worlds Greatest Magic - video DOWNLOAD


featuring David Roth, Dan Harlan, Mark Leveridge, Harry Allen, Jon Allen, Michael Ammar, Garrett Thomas

The expanded shell coin is one of the close-up magician's greatest utility gimmicks but unfortunately, many magicians have never really explored the full potential of this precision-machined and very powerful item. On...


Matrix/Coin Assemblies - Worlds Greatest Magic - video DOWNLOAD


On this DVD, the very best versions of Matrix have been collected along with several of its earlier ancestors. You'll begin your journey by learning the effect that started it all by the man who invented it Al Schneider's classic Matrix. You'll also learn various handlings of the basic version from Bill Malone and Michael Ammar....


Money Magic - Worlds Greatest Magic - video DOWNLOAD


featuring Michael Ammar, Michael Close, Tom Mullica, Jeff McBride, Scotty York, Dan Harlan, Robert Neale, Jay Sankey, and Mark Leveridge

Coins have always held a prominent place in magicians' repertoires but many have missed the wealth of magic potential in paper currency. As it turns out, the sheer variety of plots possible...


Ultimate Coin Magic, Roth - video DOWNLOAD

The Greatest Collection Of Coin Magic Ever Assembled

Dai Vernon referred to David Roth as the "greatest coin manipulator in the entire world." On these special double-length videos, David teaches some of the techniques that earned him not only accolades from the Professor but from magicians worldwide. This is visual,...


The Vault - Fusion Coins by Alex Soza video DOWNLOAD


Vortex Magic presents FUSION COINS by Alex Soza

Alex Soza is quickly becoming an underground sensation with his innovative and practical coin magic.

In this download you will learn some of his favorite routines:

FUSION COINS - A multi-phase routine where three coins appear, vanish and...


Coins From Air by Zaw Shinn video DOWNLOAD


Multiple coins appear under the cellophane of your card box!

Easy to perform.

Easy to make.

Download it today!


The Vault - NOBODY by Ji Feng video DOWNLOAD


The visual coin magic collection, including the legendary visual coin vanish system!
-An incredibly visual effect with one simple movement.
-Pure sleight of hand.

-No gimmicks
-English subtitles
-A brand new coin vanish system
-Modern visual coin effects



Coin Ideas by Alex Soza video DOWNLOAD


Coin Ideas is an instructional download in which you will learn six incredible magic routines with coins.

  • Oil and Water: Coin Routine
  • Pocket Transpo
  • Paint Coin
  • Metal Transpo
  • Coin Across
  • Spell Bound
Don't miss out on these very visual and fun routines.



Coin Vanish by Jawed Goudih video DOWNLOAD


A coin is tossed from hand to hand and instantly vanishes!
Easy to do.
Perfect for social media.

Download now !


Piercing by Big Rabbit & Mario Tarasini video DOWNLOAD


The best opener for any coin routine!
It's simple, visual, and outstanding without any black art.
It also allows you to turn the ink into the real thing.
You can adjust and make it in many different ways if you want.
Just a minute of DIY, then FUN with this new and ideal gimmick.

Both card and coin...


Okito Box New Generation by Smayfer video DOWNLOAD


IMPOSSIBLE... is the word I have heard the most when executing magic with this great too. Brand new routines revealed. 

Tips and handling for bars, restaurants and other situations. Detailed explanations of routines that have great visual impact accompanied by premises and concepts of public management with this element.



Sequence 3 By Alex Soza video DOWNLOAD


Three coins appear, disappear and then reappear again in one perfect sequence!

Learn brand new moves, transfers, and nuances. 

Download it today!


Lost Coin and Card by Viper Magic video DOWNLOAD


The magician vanishes a spectator's marked coin, and then makes it appear inside the box right above the card the spectator was thinking of.

The magic happens in an instant. The magician is even left clean after the effect.


Travelling Coin by Gonzalo Cuscuna video DOWNLOAD


The traveling coin is a visual game based on the goblet techniques.

From coins to dice to poker chips, this download will give  you access to a variety of effects.

100% customizable routines, up to your imagination. 
20 minutes of detailed instructions.

The traveling coin is one of those effects that you need...

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