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The Vault - B3 Envelopes by Radek Hoffman video DOWNLOAD


Read minds like never before!

"The B3 Envelopes is a great approach to mental epic. Radek has applied an existing idea in a really clever way, which tidies up any visual discrepancies that other methods may have. Each divination or prediction is clearly sealed into their own individual, numbered envelopes and the effect is...


Match Up by Tybbe Master video DOWNLOAD


You predict what they will choose!

You borrow 7 objects from a spectator, and then write your prediction on a piece of paper and place it in full view on the table. After your spectator chooses and object they can even change their mind! No matter what they choose...your prediction matches. A true miracle. You controlled their...




An ESP effect with a kicker ending that they will never forget!

The symbol on the selected card matches the couple of matching pairs that are randomly taken out from two stacks of 12 cards each.

None of the other pairs match. The trick does not end there.

Five Cards are arranged on the table. The stacks are...


Choices by Viper Magic video DOWNLOAD


Choices is an effect that looks like real telepathy. Out of five random choices, the spectator only selects the card the magician predicted in advance. Get amazing reactions with this trick.

Download now and learn it today!


Quadratic by Vinny Sagoo (Neo Magic) video DOWNLOAD


Divide and Conquer!

Calculate the impossible with this math based mental miracle!

With the quadratic system, you can divide a random 7 digit number into quarters, within a matter of seconds.

This will make you look like a math genius and is perfect for stage, close-up, parlor and even online!

  • NO...


That One by Dominicus Bagas video DOWNLOAD


A stack of numbered business cards is show and mixed. The spectator chooses any card and hides it, you are able to tell them what number they are just thinking of! The best part is that it can be instantly repeated.

  • No gimmicked cards
  • Killer method
  • Many variations to do (create with words or symbols)
  • ...


The Vault - Babel by Chris Philpott mixed media DOWNLOAD


Three effects using the 100th Monkey principle!

You give a spectator the ability to read a foreign language!

One Monkey Ahead
A diabolical twist on a classic method!

Person, Place and Thing. And Monkey
Astral projection and incredibly clean mind-reading!



The Obvious Co-Incidence by Viper Magic video DOWNLOAD


This trick might seem pretty obvious (to magicians) at first. But it will leave you with questions by the end. Learn The Obvious Co-incidence today and blow your spectator's mind.

Learn it today!




Guess whatever a spectator draws or writes down on an innocent notepad!

No messy prep. Use anyone's little note pad.

No magnets

No carbon paper

No special markers

Learn it now!


Your Choice by Ju Yeon video DOWNLOAD


The yes/no trick that British mentalist Derren Brown did on his TV show has been reborn. If you like 50/50 mentalism like the Which hand trick, you'll love this trick. 

Through years of developing this routine, we have developed pure mentalism technique, psycholinguistic techniques, and a gimmick to create a safe but...


Nothing by Max Maven video DOWNLOAD


Max Maven traveled from Hollywood to Lake Tahoe. He brought NOTHING but a nice suit. On the way from the airport to the studio, he stopped at a supermarket for less than ten minutes and spent less than ten dollars. Once in his room, he spent less than half an hour preparing, and proceeded to go on stage and do a 50-minute performance of...


The Vault - Presage by Ethan Zack & Michael Blau video DOWNLOAD


PRESAGE: noun: A sign or warning that portends or foreshadows a future event.

Presage is a devious tool allowing you to predict a thought of word or card. From the minds of Michael Blau & Ethan Zack, two up and comers in the magic world comes a device which can be used in a plethora of commercial & casual routines. Whether...


La Ville Magic Presents ESP Connection By Lars La Ville video DOWNLOAD



Phase 1:

2 piles with 5 ESP card in each pile are mixed. The magician now spells to the symbols and the spectator decides which pile to start with,and the spectator can stop the magician at any time.Then the spelling continues with the other pile. The goal is to have 2 matching symbol in the end.But as...


The Spectator Did by EbbyTones video DOWNLOAD


Imagine if you perform the mentalism trick but the spectator predicts the card of his choice

That's right! That's what you get

This trick is very successful in making your spectator believe that he has talent in mentalism.

The Spectator choose the card then after that we Take out a bowl full of small...


La Ville Magic Presents From A Distance By Lars La Ville video DOWNLOAD


La Ville Magic Presents From A Distance By Lars La Ville

The magician ask the spectator to name a number from 5 to 15.This gonna be our lucky number.

The spectator shuffle the deck and show around half of the cards to the magician.

The magician are now thinking of a card.The spectator now secretly deal...




Predict anything! Open a little paperclipped envelope and predict the same outcome. only one paper and envelope.

No forcing

No fishing

Free choice and 100% accurate

Learn it now!


Boxed Clairvoyance by Alfonso Bartolacci Published by La Porta Magica eBook DOWNLOAD


"Alfonso Bartolacci's Boxed Clairvoyance is a great principle. I tried it with a number of different style boxes and it works as explained. You will have to practice a bit to get it all natural, but once you have it down, it looks great! You need to have this tool in your arsenal."
- Richard Osterlind

This is...


Extra Sensory Perception by Tony Binarelli Published by La Porta Magica eBook DOWNLOAD


"Billet test" is one of the classics in mentalism: the mentalist divines a word, a number or a drawing made by a spectator, without coming in contact with the paper.

Numberless are the methods designed to solve this problem: "center tears", window envelopes, "umbrella moves" or billet switches. All these methods, in my opinion,...


Remote Viewing Miracle by Alfonso Bartolacci Published by La Porta Magica eBook DOWNLOAD


"Remote Viewing Miracle uses a very clever principle to learn a thought of city in a very disarming way. Nothing is written down, yet the mentalist gets the thought from across the stage! Highly recommended."
- Richard Osterlind

The performer invites on stage five people. Four of them sit in front of the audience...


mindCAAN by Ali Foroutan video DOWNLOAD


"No Other Method Can Achieve What Your Method Achieves."
- Dan Harlan

"To Be Honest, I Would Have More Than One Method To Achieve The Same Effect, But - And This Is A Big BUT - Ali Doesn't Use Any Of Them! So, It Is Indeed Very Clean And Very Fooling."
- Jan Forster

"This Looks Practical...


Spoonology by Scott Creasey video DOWNLOAD


The Science of Psychic Spoon Bending with Scott Creasey

In this one-hour and twenty-minute video, you'll learn every detail of the spoon bending routine Scott has performed all over Europe for the past twenty years as part of his professional act.

A complete psychic spoon bending routine suitable for both cabaret...


MANOJ PREDICTION-Virtual Prediction System by Manoj Kaushal video DOWNLOAD


The most IMPOSSIBLE virtual prediction is finally here!

  • Have your spectator name any celebrity.
  • Plan a Dream Vacation.
  • Generate a new PIN number.
  • Draw something.
  • Name a Card.
  • Name a person.
  • Name any word from any book, with the title and the page number.
  • Serial...


Writer by Maarif video DOWNLOAD


A simple method, this gimmick allows you to predict whatever the audience says, predictions there is an envelope that magicians don't touch from the start. Predictions are accurate and you can predict with as many variations and colors of writing as you want.

Very easy to do!

Download the video and learn now!



QR CARD By Zazza The Magician Mixed Media DOWNLOAD


A magical, modern and very powerful prediction.

Turton this is what you will find with QR card.

Imagine having a prediction always in sight making you choose a card and lose it in the deck.

Now say that the card is trapped in another dimension and turn the QR card over... Scan the QR code and a video will appear...


Ematism by Ragil Septia video DOWNLOAD


The history of EMATISM (Quantum self Trance Formation).

Look at the rumors growing at the nusantara. How many other cultures have come to appreciate the fact that I'm outside. Many have learned many things in the nusantara.

If it's in the question of self-empowerment, there are a lot of nem les that actually...


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