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Tricks: Magic Tricks For Beginners

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JEWEL THIEF / BALL VASE (Gimmicks and Instructions) by Apprentice Magic


JEWEL THEIF is a classic magic trick! Can you catch the JEWEL THEIF?


In this version, you show a very rare "red pearl" that is kept inside a beautiful vase.

A thief comes in during the night and steals the pearl and places it in his pocket. You, being the magician, snap your finger and show that...


THE FORGER / MONEY MAKER (Gimmick and Instructions) by Apprentice Magic


THE FORGER is a classic magic trick where you can FORGE your own MONEY! 


In this version, you take blank pieces of normal paper and place them into THE FORGER. When you turn the handle on the machine the blank pieces of paper VISUALLY change into REAL MONEY! You can produce ANY currency with THE FORGER!...


THE MUMMY by Apprentice Magic


THE MUMMY has returned!


In this fun version of the effect, you show three different colored Mummies (red, blue and yellow) and a black Sarcophagus. You tell the story of three different Egyptian Mummies (Nefertit, Cleopatra and Nitigret). 

While your back is turned (you can even be out...


THE TIME MACHINE by Apprentice Magic


THE TIME MACHINE is a classic fun magic trick reimagined for today's audiences!


In this version, you show a mysterious timepiece. An audience member SECRETLY sets it to ANY TIME in the future. While your back is turned the timepiece is placed inside THE TIME MACHINE by your spectator. Then, it is...


Color Changing Knives


This trick is especially good for learning magicians as well as seasoned vets. Magician shows a pocket knife to be the same color on both sides. Then, in an instant the knife visibly changes color. In a different routine magician shows a different color knife in each hand. Instantly the knives change places. Your audience will...


Color Changing Knives


This trick is especially good for learning magicians as well as seasoned vets. Magician shows a pocket knife to be the same color on both sides. Then, in an instant the knife visibly changes color. In a different routine magician shows a different color knife in each hand. Instantly the knives change places. Your audience will...


Appearing Bouquet


You start with an empty flower pot. Touch the pot with your wand and a beautiful bouquet of flower suddenly appears.

The bouquet stands 10 inches tall.


Coin Penetration - Uday


Four coins, that can be borrowed ones, pass one at a time through a solid piece of plastic! The tube is then opened and all is given out for examination.


Mesh Coin Bag


This a great little device for coin productions. The bag has a mesh front so you can see the inside at all times. Under the magicians control a coin instantly appears inside the bag. Easy to do!


Switch Can


A nice piece of apparatus that appears perfectly innocent, yet can be used for vanishing, producing, or exchanging items merely by adding or removing the cover from a can.
A First Class Professional Prop that is easy to use and comes complete with a manuscript of 20 Dynamite Tricks you can perform with it!


Fantastic Box


This is a really fantastic prop! With this box you will be able to make anything you want appear or disappear, as long as it fits in the box. You can use candy, money, jewelry, etc..

Easy to use! Colors vary.


Hot Rod Pen


Show both sides of the pen to have multiple colored spots. The spectator selects a color and all the dots become their selected color!


Magic Shrinking Nickels


Contained in this package is an age old trick with an ending that would even impress the seasoned magician. A stack of nickels are covered with a brass cap. You, with your magic, snap your fingers, lift the cap, and the stack of nickels has SHRUNK!


Mini Tricky Bottles


Sooth Your Magical Thirst With Uncle Rob's Original Root Beer Trick! This interactive effect keeps spectators guessing if the bottle is right side up or upside down in a game of unique copycat. Everything needed to perform this effect is included.

Bottles are approximately 5 inches high.
Illustrated directions...


Pea Can


A cork is removed from a small brass can and out onto the table drops a yellow pea, a black-eye pea, a green pea and a black pea. The spectator is asked to select one of the peas. The performer asks: "Would it be magic if the only thing that comes out is the pea you selected?" So, all of the peas are placed back into the can and sealed...


Coin Slide Plus


The Coin Slide resembles a drawer with a slide just big enough to take a coin and is traditionally used to vanish, produce, or change a coin. This Coin Slide is very well made. It comes with additional ideas and routines that will enable you to get more magic from this classic prop, than the usual beginner’s range of effects.



Mirror Glass - Sealed


With the aid of this glass, you can vanish produce or exchange many articles such as ropes, handkerchiefs, etc... Example, take three silks and place them one at a time into an empty glass. Say the magic words and remove the silks which are now tied together. Great item! Silks not included.

This glass has a...


Wonder Glass


Glass that Creates WONDER

1000's of Uses for ANY Show

Magician shows a glass full of milk. From this glass he pours milk into another glass, but magically both the glasses are still full of milk!

Have an audience member just think of drinking the milk in the glass & the milk starts diminishing in the...


Juggling Balls


Here's a nice set of quality juggling balls complete with basic instructions booklet to get you started.


Silk To Egg - Tenyo


Simple and straight forward. Magician pokes a silk into his fist and when he opens his hand there's as egg! The silk has vansihed. Easy to do! Comes complete with silk.


Magic Wallet - Leather


A classic novelty/magic/puzzle item, now made better than ever in pure leather!

The interior of the Magic Wallet has a elastic bands crossed on one side in an "X" formation and two running parallel to each other on the other side (see above). An item placed securely under the "X" ends up under the parallel elastics and vise...


Vanishing Coin In Glass


Vanish a coin with no use of sleight of hand.

Borrow a Quarter and place it under a handkerchief.
The spectator can feel the coin underneath the hank.
The magician then holds the hank over a small glass of water and drops the coin inside.
Upon removing the hank, the coin has vanished.
The water is...


Change Bag Zipper - bazar

Manufactured by Bazar de Magic In South America. One the the greatest utility props ever invented!

Put an item inside the bag and it vanishes. The bag is turned inside out to prove it's empty. Turn the bag inside out again and the item reappears.
Also great for exchanging one item for another.

Productions! Vanishes!...


Razzle Dazzle


The Magician shows a box of colored beads.

A spectator selects one of the colors.
The magician then dumps the beads into the spectators hands and they have all changed into the chosen color.


Electronic Rating Pen


The magician displays a regular Bic pen, stating that it is an "electronic rating pen" with a computer chip inside which rates people on a scale from one to ten. He then places a penny on the back of a spectator's hand, stating that "this is a one...the lowest you can possibly be." With just a tap of the pen, the penny then visually...

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