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Tricks: Card Tricks

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Lynx wallet 2.0 by Goncalo Gil, Gustavo Sereno

50% OFF
Was $99.95   Now $49.95

After the huge success of the "Lynx Wallet', Gee Magic is proud to finally bring you the "Lynx Wallet 2.0" and the great just got greater!

Based on the effect "Bang On" by Marc Oberon, Goncalo Gil and Gee Magic brought you an innovating method using only ONE wallet, ONE envelope and produce ANY named Card. This second...


Bicycle 2 Faced (Mirror Deck Same Both Sides) Playing Card


So, you're ready to take your magic up a notch?

Murphy's Magic's, 2 Faced (Mirror Deck Same Both Sides) Bicycle Playing Cards will make you look like a pro as you perform your best tricks and sleights with ease.

This is a complete deck of cards, with all 54 playing cards represented as a double faced card.


CONCEALED by Peter Eggink


An ultra quick and ultra easy card to pocket.

Any card is selected and is signed by the spectator. Next, the card is lost back in the pack and with just a tap of your sharpie, the card has magically vanished from within the pack - you explain that the card has gone through an actual portal. With no funny moves or whatsoever your empty...


4D BOX (NEST OF BOXES) by Pen, Bond Lee & MS Magic


The 4D BOX (Nest of Boxes) is one of the most powerful card to impossible location effects; here is our version of this incredible magic.

Spectators can freely pick and sign any card; it is then vanished magically. The magician then displays a beautiful wooden box wrapped with multiple rubber bands. The spectator is instructed to...


Call of the Wild by John Bannon


John Bannon's innovative routine is an entertaining, updated, version of the classic "Wild Card" plot. It has all of the qualities of a perfect routine. It contains a solid story based on the classic Magician vs. Gambler conflict and a new triple climax.

The contest begins with eight blank cards and the Ace of Spades. The magician's...





  • High quality cards
  • Easy level techniques
  • For every audience
  • For both, professional and amateur magicians
A fun card effect where green-backed leprechauns inexplicably turn over and magically change color, forming a beautiful rainbow. At the end of the rainbow a great treasure...


YU HO JIN 8 by Yu Ho Jin


YU HO JIN Magician's Manipulation Card has been upgraded to YU HO JIN 8 in 8 years.

YU HO JIN 8 is a product that YU HO JIN Magician released by accepting what he felt while doing Manipulation and what many people thought.


1. Waterproof
2. Increase durability
3. Elasticity increased...


Another World PARLOUR EDITION by Rob Zabrecky and Magic Apple


"A wonderful piece of theatrical magic."
- Derek DelGaudio

"A whole new dimension to an already mind-blowing card trick."
- John Lovick

"Zabrecky has turned the greatest card trick of the 20th century into a theatrical masterpiece."
- Derek Hughes

This is the FIRST commercial...


PITATA VibRing (Standard) by PITATA MAGIC

The world's first electronic magic ring with endless possibilities.


You hand a nut and bolt to an audience member and have them thread the nut partially onto the bolt to prove that everything is as it should be.

You then pinch one end of the bolt with your fingers. Without touching the nut...


Accumulator Deck by David Penn


Five years ago Wayne fox and David Penn created The 52-1Deck. Not only used by leading magicians, all around the world, it even made its way into the repertoires of top television magicians including DYNAMO.

With The Accumulator Deck the odds have increased!

Not only can you cut to a spectator's thought of card,...


Card Castle

47% OFF
Was $17.00   Now $9.00

A bunch of cards are shown spread out on a table. The cards are covered with a large cloth. The cloth is lifted away and a large "Card Castle" appears. This is a great finale to a card production routine.


Jazz Fusion by Mike Powers

40% OFF
Was $15.00   Now $9.00

What happens when one of the best coin men in the world turns his attention to cards?? Answer - JAZZ FUSION! Dave Neighbors has taken Peter Kane's famous Jazz Aces to a new level. The mind blowing ending will warp your spectators' sense of reality! Comes with all cards needed for the routine. You don't have to add anything to...


FOCUZ by Peter Eggink

57% OFF
Was $35.00   Now $15.00

Any card is selected and is initialized on its back by the spectator. The card is shuffled back into the deck. Next, a blank-faced card with a hole in its center is shown and placed on top of the deck - the top card can be clearly seen at an times through the hole with just a flick the spectator's selection magically appears on top...


Card-Toon Remastered by Dan Harlan


The most charming card trick in the history of the world has finally become more charming than ever. Featuring brand new artwork created by Dan Harlan to become more visible and magical than ever before, arguably one of the greatest card tricks of all time is back. Animate the ink on the back of a deck of cards so that it predicts a...


Detective Conan Playing Cards


"There is always only one truth", from the famous Japanese manga/anime "Detective Conan", which tells the story of a famous detective who looks like a child with wisdom but is too ordinary to solve murder cases and investigate black organizations.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the premiere of the anime, we have...


Eleusis Marked Deck by Fraser Parker


About Me

I am a creator of highly acclaimed products for Mentalists and Magicians and have worked alongside some of the largest magic companies to provide the secrets relied upon by Professionals and Amateurs around the world. I've also released many high end books on Mentalism featuring methods and principles I have created...


Permanent Record by Ben Seidman


A mind-bending effect that alters reality in their hands. "Permanent Record" by Ben Seidman (creator of the bestselling effect "The Oracle System") and Vanishing Inc. is a jaw-dropping experience that will leave your audience questioning everything they know.

Without a doubt, the best way to get big reactions is by making...


Defaced by Martin Braessas


The deck changes from blue to red, and then the ink on the faces of the cards vanishes without a trace. This multi-phase routine is a wild ride your audience will never see coming. This is Defaced by Martin Braessas.

Here’s what happens:

The magician introduces a blue-backed deck of cards. The audience selects...


Middle Seat by Alvo Stockman


Predict the completely free airline seat choice of a spectator. Give your audience a chance to go anywhere they want to go in the world and predict exactly how they will get there. This is Middle Seat by Alvo Stockman.

Here’s what happens:
You introduce an airplane seating chart and then set it aside as a prediction...


Villain Project Daniel Madison


Villain is Daniel Madison's undisclosed weapon of choice. A set of FOUR unseen gimmicks that are so smooth, it's criminal. Villain allows you to pull off the impossible, with almost zero skill.

Villain is Daniel Madison's undisclosed weapon of choice.

A set of FOUR unseen gimmicks that are so smooth,...


Nepomuk by Benjamin Chickering and Abstract Effects


"Bennie Chickering is that rare combination of artist and craftsman who comes up with things we've never seen before."
- David Regal

"Bennie is pretty good."
- Ryan Schlutz

From Benjamin "Bennie" Chickering, the man behind: Nanner World, Hofzinser's Dream, and CVF Deck, comes a...


Into Wallet by TCC


New yet familiar design

Two years ago, TCC PRESENTS released The Edge Wallet, a simple, yet powerful card-to-wallet that we believe to "usher in a new era of card-to-wallets".

There was no longer a need to worry about the complicated design structure of the wallet, which would hinder the secret operation, and that the design...


ACE by Richard Sanders


A disturbingly clean 4 card change that happens in the spectator's own hands!

2 jokers are cleanly placed into the spectator's hands and two jokers are placed into your hands, By simply touching your jokers to theirs, all cards change to aces.

Ace combines easy sleight of hand with a devious...


The JLB Marked Deck: World`s First Connected Deck


The JLB Deck is a marked deck that comes with connecting technology, exclusive content, a dedicated mobile app & magic tutorials.

Like any other deck in History, The JLB Deck is a bunch of regular cards - with a pretty dope design - That's what you might think! You may slip it at a party, have a card game with friends...


Ethereal Dreams Limited Poker Playing Cards


Ethereal Dreams illustrated poker decks are standard 52 card decks (plus jokers) designed for traditional gameplay. The tuck box features gold foil stamped and embossed lettering on the Autumn themed packaging.

Featuring masterpiece artwork by Digital Desires. All of the artwork for these exquisite cards was created by an artist named...

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