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Tricks: Card Tricks

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Avi Yap Presents Wormhole by Mario Tarasini


Imagine what would it look like if you are able to create a portal on a table, where you'd be able to put anything through it and cleanly vanish it.

That's Wormhole.

In June 2020, Avi shared an Instagram video of his take on Mario Tarasini's vanishing card. It quickly left a strong impression on thousands...


The Incredible Appearing Nothing by Christophe Fouquet


Get ready to make nothing appear. Magicians have been making stuff appear for centuries, but finally, you have the power to make nothing appear. This charming packet trick gets big reactions. Four playing cards have giant holes appear in them, and then those four holes transform into stickers. This is the Incredible Appearing Nothing by...


PCTC Productions Presents ERUPTION by Jordan Victoria



From the mind of Jordan Victoria (creator of Abra, Melty, Unlink,...) comes ERUPTION.

ERUPTION is the perfect B-Wave on the market. Nothing more.

In this effect you will learn how to ask your spectator to name any queen to find it reversed in your packet. Over this effect -...


HOLY SHT by Paul Gordon


Paul Gordon's Holy Sh*t is a fooler to beat all foolers! And, aside from the killer routine, it's totally examinable at the end! So you know, Paul Gordon first marketed a version (called Holy Cow) some thirty years ago but it didn't end clean. This new version does! It is supplied in USPCC stock but your set won't...


Opticks Box Set (Deck with Online Instructions) by Harapan Ong


An incredible collection of 26 innovative effects from the wildly-creative mind of Harapan Ong who, along with Vanishing Inc., brings you the highly-anticipated sequel to *Principia*.

When Vanishing Inc. released *Principia*, the magic community was introduced to the creative genius of Harapan Ong. The magician from Singapore had...


FOCUZ by Peter Eggink



Any card is selected and is initialized on its back by the spectator. The card is shuffled back into the deck. Next, a blank-faced card with a hole in its center is shown and placed on top of the deck - the top card can be clearly seen at an times through the hole with just a flick the spectator's selection...


TACTICAL by Magicworld

50% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $15.00

TAC-TIC-AL is your new favorite opener.

Imagine taking out a small box of mints, giving them a shake and, in the blink of an eye, they become a REAL deck of cards! It's fast, flashy, and incredibly visual. Best bit? The card box can be fully examined while you perform your favorite routine. There's nothing to find....


Watch Box Deluxe Teak


The Watch Box is a Magic prop to enable you to secretly remove from or introduce items into a Locked Box. The secret of the special box is a hinged Panel, which can be opened or shut when the box is locked. Anything may be introduced or removed from the box, in the locked state. If you like, you can cover the box with a handkerchief,...


PCTC Productions Presents Minimize by Chiam Yu Sheng


If you are looking for a powerful and visual effect, MINIMIZE is made for you.

Imagine a signed playing card with a torn corner that vanishes with no special move.

Then you introduce a few corners with different colors/sizes from previous performances and take one with the wrong color/size.

Just shake the corner...


This One`s for You by Zaw Shinn video DOWNLOAD


A magician holds a playing card at his finger tips. Instantly the card changes into a beautiful rose!

A breath taking and romantic visual illusion like now other. 

Download it today!


DOUBLE VANISHING DECKS by Juan Pablo & Quique Marduk


Double Vanishing Decks created by Juan Pablo and Quique Marduk

Imagine you have a case with two decks of playing cards, one red and blue.

Take out the red deck and perform any trick with it.

Place the deck into the case again and announce that it will vanish.

Immediately, open the case and the red deck...


Forecast by Craig Petty and the 1914


What do the world's top 1% of card magicians and mentalists have in common?

They have INSTANT recall of the position of ANY card in a memorized deck!

And now you can, too.

With a focus on prediction effects, master magician Craig Petty has taken an underused principle in card magic and created a monster masterclass...


Pro-Phesy by Smagic Productions


Accurately predict audience choice.

Bring your Pro-Phesy and walk to the crowd in front of you, then ask "Which of the 52 cards do you like best?" You will take out an envelope and then give it to the audience to open themselves, inside is the result they have chosen. Not only asking questions about 52 cards, you can create...


TNT by Roddy McGhie


A torn and restored card as only Roddy McGhie can do it. Create an impossible souvenir from a single playing card. Tear the center out of a playing card and then restore it in the wrong direction. This is TNT by Roddy McGhie.

TNT is a torn and restored card project that features multiple handlings taught by Roddy McGhie. The...


The GPS Deck by Steve Gore


The GPS Deck by Steve Gore Instantly find ANY card, anytime.. even after shuffling! You'll love it even more after you learn the BRILLIANT secret.

"HOLY SH*T!!!! That's AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Simple. Deceptive. Simply deceptive!!! " - Marcus Eddie

"The GPS deck is a weapon, use it cautiously" - Asi Wind



Arrested by Adrian Vega


Arrested by Adrian Vega (Red Bicycle Back) Two chosen cards VANISH from the deck, and you find them.. with your HANDS TIED TOGETHER. No sleight of hand.

Arrested is a killer double revelation that your audience never sees coming. Created by one of the new generation of Spanish School Magicians, this trick is not only powerful...


Perfect Cut Gimmick Deck by Jeff Nolasco

60% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $12.00

Perfect cut Gimmick Deck is an incredible visual effect that spectator's will love.


The magician takes 2 decks. One red deck, one blue deck.

Spread the red deck to the spectator so they know it is a normal deck.

Shuffle the red deck and set it aside.

Spread the blue deck, let the...


Instapad 2.0 by Goncalo Gil and Danny Weiser

50% OFF
Was $39.95   Now $19.95

The magician introduces the "Instapad 2.0" by saying that it will be important in a few moments and he can put it on the table, or give it to a spectator.

A card is freely chosen and signed. Then, the magician can perform his favorite card routine, keeping the "Instapad 2.0" aside for the big finale.



TST Torn Seal Transform by Justin Sopher

50% OFF
Was $25.00   Now $12.50

In partnership with Justin Sopher, SansMinds is proud to bring you TST. Or, Torn, Seal, Transform. The concept is devilishly simple and allows for a wide range of possible performance strategies.

Notably, the gimmick allows for a mentalism routine to be spiced up with visual magic in a way that was not possible before TST....


TRICK TAC by Ezequiel Ferra


The most powerful magic happens when the elements are common to the audience!

Imagine this:

Take a box of TicTac, and give away some pills to the audience and then transform all of them ULTRA visually into the card previously chosen by the audience, even the signed one.

But this is just the beginning! With TRICK TAC...


Visible by Craig Petty and the 1914



Admit it. You own (or once owned) an Invisible Deck.

A spectator freely names a playing card which is immediately shown to be the ONLY card reversed in the pack.

It's a very impressive trick!

But what if we told you that it's NOT a trick?

What if we told...




UNBELIEVABLE - That one word describes this miracle effect by Dr. Schwartz

The jumbo deck, card box and wooden stand are all examinable before and after the rise.

No wires, threads, weights, reels yet totally under your control. The cards are freely selected not forced and shuffled into the deck by the spectator. Each card...


JPV SERVANT by Jean-Pierre Vallarino


Servant + card and coin loader!

A specially designed card feeder first to fold it in three and unfold it to start working.
The openings to place the cards diagonally for an instant hold of the cards in Tenkai corners load.

High quality felt sewn around the edges
Very detailed explanation by Jean-Pierre Vallarino


Barnlos (Video Download plus Limited Deck of Cards) by Rune Klan


Celebrate the greatest magic show you may have never even heard of.

In his native land of Denmark, Rune Klan is a mega-star. He can't walk down the street without being stopped for autographs or photos. Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin have also said on numerous occasions that Rune Klan is quite possibly one of the best magicians...


Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls by Magicbox and Daniel Dorian Johnson


From the mind of Mr Freak (Daniel Dorian Johnson) Magicbox proudly presents Pocket Friendly Cups & Balls.
A full Cups & Balls routine using nothing but 4 cards and a final load.
Show 3 Cups & 3 Balls under each cup.
One by one make each balls disappear then reappear with the wand that the spectator has been holding the whole time.

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