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Tricks: Card Tricks

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Incognito by Roddy McGhie & David Forrest

62% OFF
Was $20.00   Now $7.50

Roddy has been quietly carving out a name for himself for the last few years as a creator of awesome, off-beat routines and crazy-clever gimmicks - 'Incognito' is a perfect example of why there's so much buzz!

On this DVD you will learn THREE killer effects - PHILOGRAPHY, WALTZER and CARD SHARK - all using Roddy's...


MR LIFTO by Ryan Schlutz and Big Blind Media

64% OFF
Was $22.00   Now $8.00

MR LIFTO is a self-working slab of uber visual magic. A card is selected and lost in the deck. A heap of random cards are taken from the deck and piled up on the table. You gently rub your hands together to 'generate some static charge'!

Then you place your hand on top of the stack of cards, and slowly, incredibly...


Red Card by Roberto Giobbi


"It's not often you get a pro's closer, but Giobbi's fantastic isolated thought is here; a great script with audience participation and an amazing effect rolled into one." - Paul Vigil

"This has been one of my most closely guarded effects in my professional repertoire. With it I have fascinated...


Wipe The Slate Clean by Chris Webb

82% OFF
Was $27.50   Now $5.00

A blue backed deck of cards are shown and any card is freely chosen and signed. The card is placed into the center of the deck and in an instant all the cards have changed from blue to red backed cards except one card. Of course, this is the spectators signed card, but then for the kicker. the card's back visually changes half to red...


One Question by Ollie Mealing

48% OFF
Was $24.95   Now $12.95

Ollie Mealing and Vanishing Inc. present a delightful new effect that's as fun to perform as it is for the audience to watch.

"One Question" is a unique blend of card magic and mentalism that offers an engaging plot and unforgettable visuals inspired by classic party games like "Heads Up" and "Twenty Questions".



Charisma by Tenyo Magic


"Charisma is an invisible power that enables its possessor to influence other people. Similarly, there are some cards in a deck that have charisma over other cards. Let me show you."

The magician holds four aces in his hand, and shows four jacks on the table. The charismatic Jack of Hearts is placed face down on top of the...


X BLACK HOLE by Kingsley Xu

Today all of us live in a world that information expands everyday. As well as in magic, there are lots of cards effect we have overly seen; the color changes, card vanishes and appearings and so on. Maybe, one single effect cannot touch people nowadays, so how about combine some of the best card effects to amaze your audiences.



Arrival by David Regal


What is ARRIVAL? It was the closing effect of David’s recent close-up act at the Magic Castle.

The magician displays a small cloth package secured with a silver cord. The bundle is unwrapped - inside is a deck of cards. A card is selected, signed if desired, and returned to the deck. The handkerchief is slowly folded into...


Initial Shock by Alex Latorre

62% OFF
Was $40.00   Now $15.00

A spectator selects any card from the deck. They initial the face of their card, on BOTH ends.The rest of the deck is returned to the card box. The selected card is slid into the card box, so it protrudes for about half its length.




Presto Printo by DARYL


Presto Printo is the most VISUAL and exciting version of the classic "Wild Card" effect. This electrifying classic of magic can now be performed with NO sleight of hand! Each step of this routine seems more and more impossible! 100% DIFFERENT designs are magically "printed" on previously blank cards! Some of the designs...


Signed Card by Dominique Duvivier


A card is chosen and lost in the deck.

First, the magician finds the card.

Then the spectator finds his own card!

Even more amazing, the face of the card disappears: it becomes entirely blank!

It then reappears face up in the middle of the deck (it is indeed the signed chosen card!) and all the other cards are...


BERMUDA by Nicholas Lawrence

We've all seen and probably perform the classic pre-torn corner vanish... Well, it just got a serious upgrade!

Tear off a small corner of a playing card and cleanly display it then make it vanish in the convincing way possible! Visually or with Cover, it looks totally impossible...

You're audience doesn't just...


Quantum Deck by Craig Petty



"I have not any idea. Not a ******* clue, dude. That's really, really good... I'm completely floored.."
- Adam Wilber

"No clue."
- John Bannon

The ICONIC Card At Any Number - revolutionized

A once in a generation, giant leap...


Inevitable Choice by Christian Grace


Like finding a "needle in a haystack", this impossible effect allows your spectator to find their own card in an impossibly fair way. Despite them making every decision, their final choice is ultimately inevitable.

"Inevitable Choice" from Christian Grace and Vanishing Inc. magic will seemingly rob your spectator of their free...


The Prophecy by Roberto Giobbi


When Roberto Giobbi wants to predict someone’s card he doesn’t mess around with convoluted dealing processes or clumsy presentations. He goes directly for the heart of the effect with an incredibly direct and frankly impossible trick. This is the one that will make your audience believe you can see the future. This is The Prophecy...


Misprint 2.0 by Luke Dancy

53% OFF
Was $29.95   Now $13.95

"Misprint has always been a great effect, and this 2.0 package is a value added/EFFECT added upgrade in every conceivable way."
- David Regal

"As Paul Harris would say 'what an incredible moment of strange'. Hard hitting, powerful and commercial. And most importantly unlike any other card trick out there....


The Cards Expert Lesson by Henry Evans

50% OFF
Was $35.00   Now $17.50

The Cards' Expert Lesson
by Henry Evans

The magician shows his amazing skills with a deck of cards by cutting to any card he desires.


5 Second Challenge by Henry Evans and Daniel Mornina


The effect begins when the magician asks a spectator to choose a card from a mini deck. This card is placed on top of a sealed standard deck held by the spectator, who is challenged to turn this card over in less than five seconds.

The spectator cannot succeed, as the Mini Card is enclosed inside the cellophane of the new standard...


ChequePoint by Hide & Creators P

Checkpoint - is a casual trick with rip up and restoration of a receipt.

"Uh show me something!?" - popular situation in life of magician.

During these moments, simple magic tricks like "choose the card" do not want to be shown.
Magician wants to feel himself like Dinamo or David Blaine, which create magical...


Picturesque by John Guastaferro & David Regal


McDonald’s Aces is a classic in magic. Aces are distributed into four separate packets of cards, and with a magical gesture, the aces are transported to the leader packet. The effect is clear, and the gimmicks make the effect absolutely impossible. John Guastaferro and David Regal have joined forces to create one of the most elegant...


Stack Watch by Peter Turner


THE STACK WATCH is the world's first anti-memory wearable for stack work in card magic. A covert, must-wear device for deciphering a stacked deck... Without you having to ever know stack.

The Tactical Mnemonica Decoder

What time is it? What position is the 5 of clubs in mnemonica?
One quick glance...


Deep Guilt Aces by David Regal

33% OFF
Was $15.00   Now $10.00

One Of The Cleanest Versions of Spectator-Cuts-The Aces You Will Ever See!

A deck of cards is shown and a spectator freely cuts the deck into four piles. The other cards are shown, so the spectator can see that they could have easily cut to any random cards. When the spectator turns over the four cards...


Icarus by Christian Grace


A mid-air restoration of a torn playing card - that ends totally clean.

Icarus is a trick only Christian Grace could create. An effortless display of insane visuals, but with a satisfying & practical method.

As the broken pieces are thrust towards the table, they unite in mid-air to end as a completely clean,...


THE THINEST DECK by Mickael Chatelain

71% OFF
Was $35.00   Now $10.00

A new wind blow on magic with my new creation: THINNEST DECK by Mickael Chatelain

"Fool your audience for sure... it's GUARANTEED. In close-up, with family or friends, THINNEST DECK is made for you!"

Show your spectators a dozen small cardboard panels.
On each of them, 5 cards are printed, 5 different cards...


The Gaff System by Lloyd Barnes



The secrets contained within this gaff system do not lay within the cards themselves, but rather in the devious constructs and notions which bring the cards to life.

Only when these methods of deception are learned will you truly understand the power...


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