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Tricks: Close-Up Magic

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Constellation Cards - Tenyo

32% OFF
Was $24.95   Now $16.95

This romantic card trick stems from the brilliant mind of creator Mathieu Bich. When you shine light behind a photo of the night sky, the twinkling stars in the photo magically form themselves to spell out a selected card! The stars then rearrange to spell out a second, and then a third selected card. This beautiful effect is made...


Connetction - Kreis

36% OFF
Was $39.00   Now $25.00

The performer displays a rod, which has a red string at each end. One tag has a picture of a boy, the other has a picture of a girl.

The performer tells an Asian myth, in which lovers are connected by invisible red string.

When the performer pulls the boy tag down, the girl tag rises as if they are connected. But the...


SOLE SNATCHER by Joel Dickinson & Joe Givan

38% OFF
Was $39.95   Now $24.95

"I really love the signed card to impossible location plot and what Joel has done with his new release is outstanding. It's going in my repertoire! It's perfect for close up, parlor or even stage. Check it and enjoy it!"
- Adrian Vega, Magician & Creator.

"I can't imagine how a signed card to shoe...




4D Ball Box Pro features a revolutionary triggering method that allows the performer to decide when the balls appear, a box that can be examined by the spectator, and an instant and simple reset. The set includes a customized walnut wooden box, 7 wooden balls, and online video instructions.

History: 4D Ball Box Pro...


MENTAL DICE by Tony Anverdi


Mental Dice by Anverdi is one of the most popular effects being sold today. As the holder of the rights to Mental Dice created by Anverdi in 1976; Murphy's Magic has produced the most up-to-date, innovative version available.

"Wow! One word - Amazing! Murphy's Magic went above and beyond in the creation of this...




Sometime last year, during our gathering with fellow magicians, one comment keeps popping up: "Have you seen Hyde Ren's dice routine?"

Although we haven't seen it before, we had a feeling that it would not be that simple. Intrigued, we found the video performance, and as expected, we could not wait to get our hands on it!

We immediately contacted him but were told that the routine was not ready. Since then, our regular greeting when we met with Hyde Ren was, "Sir, is the dice routine ready?" and would always receive a cold reply, "No...




The magician removes a surgical scalpel and uses it to easily cut through a piece of white paper to prove its sharpness, the magician then places the blade into his/her mouth in front of the audience and swallows it without hesitation.

As the audience members are still stunned, the magician takes out more blades and swallows them...


Hindu Thread by Scott Alexander


This version of the Hindu Thread is the perfect setup for stage performances and parlor shows. The handling is SUPER CLEAN. You never feel like you're being chased by the audience as to what's going on.

And the best part is... the ditch is over halfway through the routine so you end COMPLETELY CLEAN! Nothing to add...


ESCAPE ROOM (Gimmick and Instructions) by Apprentice Magic


ESCAPE ROOM is SUPER VISUAL and easy to perform magic trick!


In this version, You display a clear box and lid, two small pieces of rope and a ball with a hole going through it. You take the two pieces or rope and run them through the ball.
Next, you place the ball inside the clear box and tie the rope around...


Plug it by Gustavo Raley


A modern effect in time of social networks.

Showing some cards with several social networks icons you will guess a selected icon with an organic USB cable, the card will appear connected in the USB plug.

You could use playing cards instead.

Plug It included social networks cards and gimmicks (paper bag not included).



THE GENII (Gimmick and Instructions) by Apprentice Magic


THE GENII is a classic of magic also known as prayer vase.


In this version, You show an empty Genii's bottle.. well it's almost empty. There is a Genii inside and it is impossible to see him however, you prove he is there by placing a piece of rope into the bottle.
THE GENII grabs the rope...


THE LEPRECHAUN (Gimmick and Instructions) by Apprentice Magic


THE LEPRECHAUN is here to collect your coins!


In this version, you display a coin tray and a clear plastic cup. Both can be inspected by your audience! You place a coin on the tray (let's say a penny) to lure THE LEPRECHAUN. Then you cover the coin tray capturing the invisible leprechaun and penny...


THE LOST TREASURE (Gimmick and Instructions) by Apprentice Magic


LOST TREASURE is a VERY EASY and visual magic trick to learn and perform.


In this version, You display a coin pedestal. on the pedestal is a coin (use your own coin, any currency)
You tell the story of a treasure hunter that found a rare and special coin on a pedestal in an ancient cave. He takes the...


UFO (Gimmick and Instructions) by Apprentice Magic


UFO is one of the most amazing magic tricks of all time!


In this version, You ask an audience member to borrow a coin. The coin can be signed to signify it is the only coin like it in the world. You tell a story of a person (with the same name as your audience member) what was beamed up into a UFO! You hold...


ZIG ZAG (Gimmick and Instructions) by Apprentice Magic


ZIG ZAG CARD is a SUPER VISUAL and easy to do magic trick!


In this version, You attempt to perform the classic "Cutting a person in half" Illusion, However instead of using a real person, you use a playing card. The playing card is inspected by the audience and placed inside the "Cutting Box".
you slide...


Caffeine Rush by Peter Eggink

At your favorite takeaway coffee shop, be prepared to BLOW your friends away.

Show your paper coffee cup to be completely empty and close it with its lid. Visually penetrate ANY small object e.g. a milk cup, sugar cubes, coins, rings, etc. right THROUGH the closed cup while THEY are holding your cup.

Right after the penetration...


Power Bank by Gonzalo Albi�ana and CJ


"An organic twist for the bank note plot!"
- Julio Montoro

The premise of Bank Night has been one of the funniest, most explored and versioned in all of magic and mentalism since its publication in the 1930s by Tom Sellers... Power Bank takes that idea, and takes it straight to the 20s.

Wait a minute,...


SILK TO BALL SET (Automatic) by JL Magic



A silk instantly changes into a ball right before spectators' eyes.

New version allows for the silk to be handled free and independent of the performer's hands!

The SILK TO BALL Set comes complete with:

  • 1 black ball
  • 1 red silicone ball
  • 1 white silicone ball
  • 1 black...


Picture Consequences (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Joel Dickinson



Picture Consequences is fun, colorful and engaging.

Finally, a routine that is perfect for all age groups and guarantees to leave everybody baffled.

Under the guise of a game, your participant (or participants) creates a unique piece of art, yet somehow, their choices were predicted...


Collapsible Wine Glass by Joshua Jay


Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. present the perfect solution for transforming your close-up card magic into a larger parlor piece.

Card magic can actually work very well in larger settings as long as you're able to make the cards vertical (and ultimately more visible). A wine glass is one of the most sophisticated ways to do this....


CREDiTKA by Artifex


Artifex proudly presents to you best credit card routine, coming from an ingenious mind of Nazar Kayumov, a modern-day miracle that's been carefully worked on and perfected over a course of a few years. We bring you an astonishing routine using one of the most familiar 21 century object that is incredibly practical, fits right in your...


Cornered (DVD and Gimmick Set) by SansMinds

57% OFF
Was $34.95   Now $14.95

Visual magic is only memorable when your spectator gets to keep a physical reminder of the impossible moment.

Imagine you fold a corner of a signed bill, and the corner slowly crawls across the bill at your command. The corner will fuss wherever you want on the bill, then it can be immediately hand out to spectator as a souvenir.



Advanced Bolt and Nut by Uday Jadugar


A clever item which challenges all the old principles of removing the ring secured between the nut and a locked bolt.

A highly recommend item, suitable for close-up and parlor shows.



50% OFF
Was $49.95   Now $24.95

A super visual effect, direct and powerful!

With Name Cup you can write with a permanent marker any message on a cup of coffee or soda and transform it into another message instantly! And not once, even two and three times in a row!


  • You can transform names, cards, emojis, messages, symbols or whatever...


BLACK HOLE by Richard Griffin



You take a sharpie and draw a black spot onto a sticky note pad making a black hole. You then take the same sharpie and push it into the black hole until it completely vanishes. The black hole can now be peeled off the pad and given away as a souvenir.

Instant reset

You receive all the gimmicks ready to go


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