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Tricks: Close-Up Magic

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Ambi Ring (black) by Patrick Kun

43% OFF
Was $35.00   Now $20.00

Ambi Ring is a wearable modern take on the famous optical illusion, the Ambiguous Cylinder.

Depending on your angles, this ring can be perceived in one of two ways -- a circle or a square.

This tactile piece of illusion is meant as a conversation starter or can be applied to your favorite ring routine.



CTB by Alexander

87% OFF
Was $38.95   Now $4.95

Stefanus Alexander's CTB is a visual change from Bill to Bill or Receipt to bill.

This ingenious method allows you to change one bill to another, One Bill To Multiples or even a store receipt to cash for the ultimate recycling!

Imagine going up to a bar and buying a drink. You try to pay with a $100 bill



Dr. Schwartz`s Alexander The Man Knows Rising Cards by Martin Schwartz

33% OFF
Was $150.00   Now $100.00

Dr. Schwartz has invented many mechanical marvels. ALEXANDER'S RISING CARDS is probably going to be his best.
A completely new idea in rising cards. Completely baffling as the selected cards rise from the metal container. This is doneas you are no where near the prop, yet completely under your control.

A metal container...


Himber Card Wallet Plus by Alan Wong


This genuine leather himber card wallet is custom made for poker size playing cards and can be used with most packet tricks and business cards or folded bills.

Himber Card Wallet Plus has additionally included two brown Tyvek Himber Card Envelopes as a set, which gives you the options from two way out to eight way out, if you...


BENDING GLASS by Sorcier Magic

33% OFF
Was $59.95   Now $39.95

A glass goblet is shown and examined by a spectator. The glass is solid and robust. Now the magician begins to focus on it and slowly the stem of the same glass begins to slowly bend with the strength of the mind. At the end of the performance, when it is almost bent 90 degrees, it is left folded on the table upside down.



BOX ONE by Neil Patrick Harris


An incredible adventure game filled with puzzles, riddles, secrets, and surprises.

A game uniquely designed to challenge only ONE person - and it seems that person is you! And only you. Can you crack the code and solve Box ONE?

Or at least in the...


Dropped Call by Kyle Purnell & Zach Evans


Vanish your phone in the cleanest way possible

Dropped Call is a full utility with endless possibilities

  • Completely universal
  • No switches
  • Ends clean and examinable
The much-anticipated trick of MagiFest 2019 & 2020

With the Dropped Call gimmick you can make your phone vanish, transpose...


Nexus Wallet by Javier Fuenmayor

32% OFF
Was $110.00   Now $75.00

"Nexus is the only wallet you will ever need"
- Tobias Dostal

"This is the best wallet I have ever seen!"
- Craig Petty

Nexus is where form meets function. Where magic and mentalism converge, into a sleek, slim-line, everyday carry wallet.

Let's start with what this...


Tumi Magic presents Triple Helix by Snake & John Byng

50% OFF
Was $39.95   Now $19.95

"It's so visual and practical that I wish it was mine."
- Patrick Kun

"That's clearly impossible! I want it in our performance."
- Les French Twins

"This is amazing" Your viewers will have no words for what they just saw. That same incredible feeling that you have had when watching...


Chain Thru by Kreis Magic

50% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $15.00

A small chain, a nut, and bolt are given to a spectator. The nut and bolt have hole drilled through them for the chain to pass through. The spectator is asked to thread the bolt through the nut and then place the chain through the hole. The spectator is then asked to turn the bolt and thread it further through the nut. The chain won't...


Chain Thru by Kreis Magic

50% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $15.00

A small chain, a nut, and bolt are given to a spectator. The nut and bolt have hole drilled through them for the chain to pass through. The spectator is asked to thread the bolt through the nut and then place the chain through the hole. The spectator is then asked to turn the bolt and thread it further through the nut. The chain won't...


Jumbo Zig Zag Deck

44% OFF
Was $90.00   Now $50.00

This is a stage sized Zig Zag Deck. This effect uses high quality Bicycle brand jumbo playing cards, and a beautiful handmade wooden houlette. The performer removes a jumbo deck of Bicycle cards out of it's box and spreads the cards to show that they are normal. The cards are then inserted into the houlette. A couple of cards are removed...


Token by SansMinds Creative Lab

40% OFF
Was $34.95   Now $21.00

Magic is not just about what your spectators can see, it is also about what they can feel.

Imagine having a straw magically fold itself bit by bit into a origami heart. Your spectator can see it up close and they get to keep it in the end.

The SansMinds Creative Lab team brings you "Token." The routine has been tested on the...



40% OFF
Was $49.95   Now $29.95

JOTA presents five powerful effects, ALL IN ONE ROUTINE!

  1. An extremely visual transformation
  2. An incredible transportation
  3. A shocking appearence
  4. An exact location
  5. An impossible prediction

First you give the spectators the possibility to freely choose a card that...


Cas na Clocha Standard Edition


This magical and mystifying experience is a multi-phase encounter with the spectator. They get to immerse themselves in the story of an ancient con game, where the spectator must determine which end of a stick placed into a box has the odd-colored stone. Though it sounds simple, the routine ups the ante in each phase through pseudo-explanations...


Killer Key - Sankey

40% OFF
Was $25.00   Now $15.00

A key is placed in your left hand and a nickel is held at your right fingertips. Both hands are slowly closed into fists and held three feet apart, and yet a moment later when both hands are opened, the key and coin have impossibly changed places! You can even have the key and coin change places inside a purse while the spectator hlds...


SENSATION by Mickael Chatelain

36% OFF
Was $55.00   Now $35.00

Effect 1:

Take a small pebble out of your pocket, explain that you picked it up at the water's edge during one of your trips.

Among thousands of pebbles that day, a strange SENSATION pushed you towards it and not any other.

Since that time, you have always kept it in your pocket as a lucky charm!...


Molecules by Dave Loosley

38% OFF
Was $35.50   Now $22.00

Molecules is the latest brainchild from Dave Loosley. A sure fire practical and real world effect which will become your favorite everyday carry.

With molecules you can create the illusion that you can control and manipulate the molecular structure of an everyday object such as a coin, pool ball or even a bottle cap.



TJumbo Imp Bottle (Wood) - Collector's Edition (FT)

40% OFF
Was $45.00   Now $27.00

A large bottle is rested on its side and stays flat for as long as the magician wishes. When spectators try, it springs back upright. Repeat as often as you wish. Supplied with gimmick and instructions. This is a large model (approximately 4 inches), turned in mahogany, and a quality prop for those that prefer a deluxe hand...


Loops Legends by Yigal Mesika


Yigal Mesika Presents Loops Legends

Here's your once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Loops´┐Ż and raise the bar on performing real magic and mesmerizing audiences. Whether it's two people in a diner or two hundred in a theater, you'll leave them all with a mind-bending experience...


SHADE by Jeki Yoo

44% OFF
Was $79.95   Now $44.95

A cool and visual trick with your everyday carry! SHADE - Bill To Sunglasses!

I am proud to present my newest magic item, which is great for everyday magicians, social media & virtual shows!

I spent over 1-year developing SHADE and created many different methods and handlings that will allow you to perform...


Spidey`s King Con by Richard Sanders


An AMAZING 4 Card change, with a Comedy Twist and a KNOCK OUT FINISH!


Four 'HAND-DRAWN' playing cards are used to demonstrate a ridiculous card cheating technique.
The comic presentation causes the spectator to question the magician's sanity.


Hanson Chien Presents LUMOS by Nemo

50% OFF
Was $39.95   Now $19.95


Hanson Chien Production Company proudly presents. Nemo is here again to shed some light on us with LUMOS. An instant ice breaker that is visual, safe and easy to do!

Imagine you can surprise your spectators with just a "SMILE."
With LUMOS you can easily wow your audience...


Mangle by Christopher J. Smith


"My Mind was left MANGLED after using Mangle! I've been doing it the hard way for way too long. This is going straight into my act." - Morgan Strebler

"This is a very, very clever gimmick! It works differently to torque, deformer and anything else on the market, You will be able to put some truly incredible, impossible bends...


Mirror Mini Rubik Cube by Rodrigo Romano

33% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $20.00

Mysteries presents MIRROR: Mini Rubik's Cubeby Rodrigo Romano.

From the creator of Coin to Wallet and Osmosis comes MIRROR: Mini Rubik's cube.

Mirrors are magic because they duplicate and transform reality.

You will be able to achieve this with MIRROR: Rubik's cube: duplicate multiple...

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