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Tricks: Close-Up Magic

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ELASTIC BILL by Sultan Orazaly


A unique piece of strange to melt minds with!

A bill is shown, folded in half and then the corner is stretched out like it is made of rubber. When you let the stretched corner go, the bill magically transforms into a bill of another denomination!

Highly visual.

Perfect for social media and live performance.



Holely Change by SansMinds Creative Lab


6 years ago, Holely Change dominated the Japanese magic market. Now, 6 years later, we are proud to present this jaw-dropping effect to the English-speaking market. It's a self-contained finale for your card routine that your audience won't forget.

Place your spectator's signed card between 2 cards having large...


Bottle by Perseus Arkomanis


There's something undeniably romantic about tossing a message into the ocean and seeing to whom fate - abetted by the currents and wind - might deliver the marine missive.

Messages have been slipped into bottles and shipped on mysterious voyages at least since 310 B.C., when Greek philosopher Theophrastus employed the tactic to...


SOLE SNATCHER by Joel Dickinson & Joe Givan


"I really love the signed card to impossible location plot and what Joel has done with his new release is outstanding. It's going in my repertoire! It's perfect for close up, parlor or even stage. Check it and enjoy it!"
- Adrian Vega, Magician & Creator.

"I can't imagine how a signed card to shoe...


The Medusa Project by Perseus Arkomanis


What if you could turn objects into actual stone?
With the Medusa Project you are given the ability to do so...
A deck of cards, a Sharpie marker and a lighter transform into stone at your fingertips.
The Medusa Project is a 10 year old miracle in the making from the mind of Perseus Arkomanis.
The routines included...


Hundo Heist by Artifice & Craft


Imagine at your command you make Ben Franklin completely disappear from your note.

Take it one step further and with no switch or shading handlings. You begin to blur your audiences minds by transforming your bill into a blurred note.

This effect includes 3 highly visual $100 bill transformation options to add to your social...


5th Assistant by Geoff Weber

71% OFF
Was $35.00   Now $10.00

A Practical and Versatile Pocket Utility

The 5th Assistant takes a classic concept to a whole new level! Imagine a tool so powerful, so practical, and so versatile you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. This gimmick allows you to show your pocket empty, only to produce any item you wish moments later!



Size Does Matter USD by Juan Pablo Magic


Imagine having small Monopoly bills and being able to transform their value and also their SIZE! Then clearly show each of them, one by one, followed by handing them out for examination! And if you want, you can go backwards in a more visual and instantaneous way as if everything had been an illusion!

You can transform real euro...


TRICOLOR DICE by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong

33% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $20.00

Tricolor Dice is a fine five minute close up routine by Wayne Dobson features three small dice boxes and three colored dice that gives you a three- phase mindreading act under increasingly impossible conditions with a strong finish.

Despite the spectator makes all the choices of boxes, dice and all the mixing around, you are...


Perfect Switch Wallet by Victor Voitko

46% OFF
Was $65.00   Now $35.00

With our Perfect Switch Wallet, you can do standard tricks: transformations, switches, appearances; with cards, money, business cards.

Apart from being made of high quality leather, what makes our Perfect Switch Wallet so different from similar products?

There is a grand finale with is our Perfect Switch Wallet - the...


Visual Pen by Axel Vergnaud


Do you want to be able to make a sharpie disappear or transform it into a card or something else in less than a second?

Axel Vergnaud is the creator of many successful tricks and effects such as ROOM 66, B.CLEAR, ETNA, META-MORPHE and KRAFT.

Today Axel presents "VISUAL PEN" a UNIQUE trick, extremely VISUAL and easy to handle....


Hanson Chien Presents Eye Candy by Hanson Chien & Eric Ross


THE BIZARRE TRICK OF THE YEAR.A SIDESHOW CLASSIC, PRACTICALLY REMASTERED With the sensational release of "HOOK", Eric Ross stunned the magic community by transforming a stage plot into an intimate, closeup thriller. Not only was it thrilling, it was safe, clever, and practically designed for the modern performer. 3 years later, "Eye-Candy"...


Hanson Chien Presents iLevel Pro by Hanson Chien


In 2013, Mark Elsdon created and released iBalance, which allowed you to balance a borrowed cellphone on your fingertips.

But that trick became obsolete, as the gimmick doesn't work with any current cellphone. Therefore, with the cooperation with Mark Elsdon, we have created a brand new version - iLevel Pro.



HEADS UP 2 by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong


This is one of those effects whose methodology is as good as the trick itself - it will tickle you pink every time you perform it.

It's not entirely new territory for the Dobbmeister - he produced a wallet in conjunction with Alan Wong that contained the wherewithal to do this effect, and Heads Up was one of the routines supplied...


Interchange by Gary James


Finally a key-ring you will carry with you everyday!

An object to impossible location, you can use cards, coins, billets, predictions etc.

Make things vanish or appear in a split second.

Each key ring is made with care and to the highest standard. You will love the mechanism of Interchange and you won't stop smiling...


Skymember Presents Artist Series: Luka Kratsashvili (Rubber Band Magic)


Introducing "Artist Series" where we Skymember Presents feature some of the most talented magicians' work around the world.

Say hello to Luka Kratsashvili, a young and talented rubber band magician all the way from Georgia.

In this project, you will learn 5 beautiful rubber band:

Dimension Band:...


Drop Out


An interesting little metal device is handed out for inspection along with a small, metal ball bearing. You place the ball into the device and when you turn it over, the ball doesn't drop out. When the spectator tries it the ball drops out every time! There are no magnets or moving parts. Very sneaky.


ORBIT by Mark Parker & Jonathan Fox


This is exactly the type of magic effect that peaked your interest and served as thegateway to the art. Why? It's super visual, super fun and pulls people in like amagnet. Even better it's EASY to perform allowing you to focus on the mostimportant aspect of any effect - the performance! It also has the advantage ofquick reward...




JOTA presents five powerful effects, ALL IN ONE ROUTINE!

  1. An extremely visual transformation
  2. An incredible transportation
  3. A shocking appearence
  4. An exact location
  5. An impossible prediction

First you give the spectators the possibility to freely choose a card that...


Champagne Supernova (U.S. 50) Matthew Wright


The Champagne Supernova breathes new life into a classic close up illusion.

Matthew Wright has been secretly working on this effect for ten years and is finally ready to share it with the magic world.

An easy-to-do miracle that allows you to push a Sharpie pen straight through the middle of a borrowed signed coin....


CAP STACK by Taiwan Ben


What if you could DEFY the laws of physics, the laws of nature?

You walk up to a bunch of spectators and BORROW their plastic drink bottles. Unscrewing the bottle caps, you explain that you will balance one of the caps on top of the other.

No, not in the traditional sense! You balance the caps on their round edge, and to...


NO Credit by Gwilym Bugeja and Saturn Magic


"A genius way to vanish a Credit / ID Card"

No Cash?
No Problem!
No Credit.

Performing magic with a spectator's borrowed object has always been one of the most impactful (andcomical) effects you can do - especially If it's of huge importance to them. So, in a world where less andless people are carrying...


SHOWCASE (Universal) by Thomas Sealey



The Universal version (66mm wide x 95mm high) sticks to the back of your existing phone case and can beremoved if required.

Created by Thomas Sealey
Designed & Developed by Mark Traversoni and iNFiNiTi

In SHOWCASE we are unanimous. It is that good it has instantly...


Chop-Doh by J. Natera


This version of the famous Chop Cup its great because everyone can relate to it! Is ideal for any type of shows including virtual shows.

It includes:

  • Two regular yellow balls (simulating to be made of Play-Doh)
  • One chop ball
  • One regular red ball
  • One final load ball
  • One rubber duck
  • Chop...


Cupcake by Milo & Bacon Magic


Designed by Milo and produced by Bacon Magic, Cupcake is a versatile magnetic cup that can perform with both balls and coins in a same time. It's a clever combination of Chop Cup and Slot Okito Box. It can be used to perform both the traditional Single Cup and Ball Routine and a large number of coin magic with the regular half-dollar...


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