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Tricks: Close-Up Magic

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New Horizon by Matthew Wright


Matthew Wright has been creating incredible close-up levitation systems for over 15 years and now he has returned to where it all began.

A completely new hook-up system has taken this incredible card floating effect into the stratosphere. It is designed from the ground up to make sure it is totally practical and usable in the real...


Hanson Chien Presents ZOMBIE HAND by Hanson Chien & Bob Farmer



Make a Zombie Hand appears between your hands.

Your friends will see a creepy Zombie Hand reaches way out to snatch a coin - then disappears completely! They will be stunned.

You can not only produce a Zombie Hand in your hands, but also from a handful of leaves, dirt,...




There are some who will believe in Magic because they see it happen with their own eyes.

Others would think that magic is fake because there is more than what meets the eye, but it is something one could achieve through sleight of hand or other secret methods. In other words, what you see with your eyes may not be true.





JL Magic's Finger Dove is an artificial bird's head that you can substitute for a real dove. Made with high quality materials and quite realistic, this dove can be used in a stage act or as a comedy prop.

  • Easy to perform and use
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Perfect for stage magic shows or comedy...


FLASH CUBE 2022 by Tenyo Magic


A six-sided illusion
Instantly complete the puzzle!

Random puzzle blocks instantly transform into a completed animal image, and then continue changing into other animal pictures. The puzzle can even change into the animal selected by your audience! Amazingly, all the props are completely examinable, with nothing to find! This trick...


How to Cheat at Dice Leather by Zonte and SansMinds

These techniques are extremely deceptive and to be used for entertainment purposes ONLY.

Learn from an underground legend in dice cheating techniques and world record holder for dice stacking.

The entire project, Volume 1-3, is personally taught by Zonte, and you'll learn the complete A to Z of dice cheating even...




Take a snapshot of the future! See through solid objects!

Higar is a professional magician and magic creator famous for releasing tricks that incorporate cutting-edge principles. FUTURE PHOTO is a perfect example of his creativity, incorporating Rainbow Film, an invention that has received worldwide acclaim. Using a spectator's...


THE CASH 2022 by Tenyo Magic


The cash envelope of your dreams!

With this amazing envelope, making money instantly appear will be a snap! Based on a principle created by Tran Dang Ninh, Tenyo has further developed this prop so it's easy to prepare, and even easier to perform. The envelope is built with a durable resin-based material. Pop it into your pocket...




Beautiful Walnut case, individually handcrafted to fit a regular poker sized deck.

The gimmick comes in blue Bicycle deck, but you can easily replace it using a deck of your choice.

Made from real black walnut, hand-polished and waxed wooden surface. Worthy as a collector's item.

With the innovative unique...


Deluxe Wooden Ball Vase (Merlins Premier Range) by Merlins Magic


This classic of magic is beautifully made from choice hardwoods.

This really is one of the best hand crafted Ball Vases available on the market today. This model is finely crafted by our own craftsman using the finest materials available and will enhance anyone's magic collection. Classic Ball Vases sell for many hundreds...


Keynote by Seth Race

38% OFF
Was $40.00   Now $25.00

From the creative mind of Seth Race, creator of such effects as W.M.D, Bankript, and Coinnect comes a new object through bill concept that goes to a whole new level!

Keynote is a key through bill which can work with most borrowed keys and visually melt and pierce through a borrowed, signed bill right in front of your spectators'...


C LIFE (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Jerome Sauloup


Jerome Sauloup, the creator of the bestselling effects "Choice" and "Switch Cup", is back with a poetic, visual and very easy to do trick. Magic Dream is proud to present "C-Life".

Goldfish appearances have always been a magical and memorable moment for spectators. However, many factors have made this classic effect impractical...


Slide Project by Sebastien Calbry


Sebastien Calbry and Magic Dream are proud to present "Slide Project", an ultra visual card change in which the magician does not even touch the card! It slides by itself and transforms in front of your spectators eyes!

With his experience as a creator, Sebastien created Slide Project initially for his own use and performances,...


AnyWeb 2 by Magic Pro Ideas



Anyweb 2 is the first gimmicked Google that you can access easily on any spectator's phone.

Will allow you to force ANY image on ANY Google search using ANY borrowed phone.
Also, you can practice or use the Gimmicked Google on your phone.

Anyweb 2 is very...


BURNOUT 2.0 by Victor Voitko

"The safest and most reliable way to hand out your business card to show it is 'hot'"
- Review by Paul Romhany (Editor VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE).

You can get a burning business card from the card holder.

You can use your business card.

You can also get burning money from this holder.



PHONE APPETIT 2022 by Tenyo Magic


While wearing a face mask printed with a giant red mouth, the magician suddenly "eats" a smartphone in plain view!

Props enclosed:

  • Face mask (with adjustable-length ear loops)
  • Dummy smartphone (requires simple assembly)
  • Instruction sheet
The enclosed mask is identical to standard cloth face masks, but...


Frequency by Peter Eggink


Magic done with ordinary objects is still the best magic one can do.

Show your phone inside its case, close the case and have a spectator hold the phone in-between their fingertips. Next you hand out your business card and ask
the spectator to call your cell number...The phone rings, and they can FEEL & HEAR the phone ringing....


Latex Cube Set by SYOUMA


It is a cube gimmick made of latex. It's originally designed by Tejinaya. This allows you to do the magic in a variety way with the cube.

  • Put the mixed cubes in a paper bag that shows that it is completely empty, and the cube is solved in an instant.
  • The cube disappears in a moment
  • Simply solve the mixed cubes...


Latex Cube Gimmick by SYOUMA


It is a cube gimmick made of latex. It's originally designed by Tejinaya. This allows you to do the magic in a variety way with the cube.

  • Put the mixed cubes in a paper bag that shows that it is completely empty, and the cube is solved in an instant.
  • The cube disappears in a moment
  • Simply solve the mixed cubes...


Linking Onion Rings by Julio Montoro Productions


Chinese linking rings have been one of the most performed effects over the years. In 2017 Julio Montoro came up with the idea of performing it using something everybody is familiar with: Onion Rings.

After years of improving the gimmick and the handlings, we are proud to introduce you to LINKING ONION RINGS. This is the...


Chop Cup - Aluminum - Wide Mouth


A metal cup and small crocheted ball is shown to the audience. The ball is placed in the cup. The magician removes the ball and places it in his pocket. He snaps his fingers and the ball reappears under the cup. This is repeated twice more then the cup is lifted revealing one giant ball or a piece of fruit! Large aluminum chop cup and...


Chinese Prediction by Chris Kenworthey

50% OFF
Was $25.00   Now $12.50

A great mentalism effect that will baffle your audience!

Write a prediction, fold it up, and either place it on the table, or ask someone to hold it.

Then produce an envelope having a sheet of paper inside. On the paper are six different numbers. Your spectator is asked to cut the envelope into two pieces. It is found that...


CLING RINGS by Chazpro Magic


A Chazpro original!

Easy to do, yet fascinates spectators! Show two 'brass' rings, rub them together, then touch one below the other... they stick together. You can even spin the lower ring! Drop the rings into a spectator's hand and he or she cannot make them stick together.

Size: 1 and 1/2 inch rings!



Melero Rings by Ernesto Melero


A revolutionary new take on a classic of magic from Vanishing Inc. and underground Venezuelan magic legend Ernesto Melero.

To truly offer a new approach to a classic of magic, you often need to re-write the rules. And that's exactly what has been done with the incredible "Melero Rings."

This premium quality set of...





Magician Conan Liu has used this classic effect, the drawer box in hundreds of his TV appearances and corporate shows. He searched through all of the similar props available on the market and found none that could meet his requirement of quality, versatility, and that was designed for close-up situations. Therefore, he...


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