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Tricks: Coin and Money Tricks

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Coinception by Roddy McGhie


From the wild mind of Roddy McGhie comes a piece by piece appearance of a coin that will leave your audience’s jaw on the floor. Your audience will believe that the effect you just showed them must be a dream. This is Coinception by Roddy McGhie.

Here’s what happens:

The magician offers to explain exactly how...


Johnny Wong`s Super CSB (Eisenhower Dollar Size) by Johnny Wong*

50% OFF
Was $149.95   Now $74.95

Super CSB (Eisenhower Dollar Size) is the latest product from Johnny Wong in Oct 2023. Unlike the old CSB coin gimmicks, Super CSB uses a combination of magnets. Any performer will be able to perform numerous, stunning magic routines with the magnetic Super CSB. With limitless imagination and this perfect coin gimmick in your hand,...


Bite Out Quarter by Roy Kueppers*

50% OFF
Was $15.00   Now $7.50

N7 by N2G*

50% OFF
Was $79.95   Now $39.95

Imagine a couple carefully examining two ancient Chinese coins, one red and one black. Then they begin to attract each other like magnets and finally merge into one in the hands of the couple.

This is a miracle full of meaning and emotion. The beginning and end can be completely checked and happen in the hands of the audience.



The Opongo Box by Juan Luis Rubiales and Luis de Matos*

50% OFF
Was $70.00   Now $35.00


Juan Luis Rubiales has created the ultimate coin box. It's an Okito, Boston and Slot Box all in one. It's an ingenious combination that enables you to create routines that baffle even the experts. Rubiales performs and explains five different effects including Come and Go, an instantaneous appearance...



43% OFF
Was $35.00   Now $20.00

Switching Tripurse is an triangle shape of purse with brown texture combine retro copper button full of old-fashioned and US western cowboy style.

The purse was made by crazy horse leather, crazy horse leather is one of the best leather in the world, can be use longer than others as time goes by, the surface texture becomes...



45% OFF
Was $55.00   Now $30.00

This classic of HOPPING HALF coin magic is now available in "Morgan Replica Dollar" size.

You will get the high quality coins produced by Lion Miracle. 

Comes with full coins set and online tutorial video. Credit Jimmy Fan



46% OFF
Was $65.00   Now $35.00

In coin magic, the use of ancient Chinese coins is oriental, traditional and elegant.

After the N-series coin props are popular all over the world, I'm so honored to release a new product CCS, a high-quality coin shell set with Chinese charm.

The Chinese coins in the product are the same as those in the N series,...


Locking 1.35 trick - Johnson



dollar and thirty-five cents worth of change vanish completely leaving only a half dollar. The coins disappear without one false move. It’s the perfect vanish and the half that remains can be freely passed for examination. Includes a bang ring to insure your coin a long life. Easy to follow routine included....


Flash Cash 2.0 (USD) by Alan Wong & Albert Liao*

40% OFF
Was $25.00   Now $15.00

The instant blank paper to money trick now with super-visual, three-time changes!

You start with a pile of blank paper. Show both sides and, at your command, they all change into one dollar bills, then twenty dollar bills, and finally you just fan open the bills and they all change into one hundred dollar bills! Each time the bills...


My Magic Money by Mickael Chatelain*

57% OFF
Was $35.00   Now $15.00

An end of the year novelty!

Mickael is well known for regularly offering us visual and innovative effects. Once again, he offers us today something incredible!

Incredible because you will always have it on you! In your wallet, ready to show!

Unbelievable because you get no fewer than ten effects explained!



Ghost Coin by Nathan Kranzo


Sneak a coin into their hand as though it were a phantasm. Pass the same coin through the table as though it were a specter. This gimmick will give you the power to vanish a coin as simply as letting it fall into another dimension. This is Ghost Coin by Nathan Kranzo.

Ghost Coin is a secret utility device that allows you to...


Itoshito by Zee*

38% OFF
Was $39.95   Now $24.95

Our friend Zee took the coin magic community by storm with the release of Project Z and How to do Coin Magic.

Many respected names raved about his modern touch on classic moves. Zee definitely sets a new bar for visual coin magic, and Itoshito, is the next chapter in his advanced visual coin work.



eLit by Peter Eggink*

43% OFF
Was $34.95   Now $20.00


A spectator is asked to select a card and to memorize it. Next, you borrow a bill from your spectator and with a lighter you start to heat up their bill...slowly a watermark seems to materialize in the fibers of the actual watermark of the suite and number from their...


Fusion Coins by Dr. Michael Rubinstein

Two coins are examined by your friends (a Quarter and a Penny) as you explain the different metals they are made of.You then place the Penny on top of the Quarter and after a little squeeze the penny sinks into the quarter and is fused inside. The odd new coin can then be examined.

You pick up the coin, give it a little shake...


Revamp by Nicholas Lawrence


A bill is torn, then restored instantly. Looks like trick photography.. and you can immediately hand it out!

If you want crazy visual magic that looks like trick photography in real-life we have two words for you: Nicholas Lawrence. His latest effect is a hyper-visual torn and restored bill with an unthinkable method. This is...


Echo by Curtis Kam*

40% OFF
Was $75.00   Now $45.00

Visual. Audible. Tactile. Inconceivable.

Echo is a professional performance piece that Curtis Kam has featured in his close up, parlor, and stand up shows in Hawaii, at the Magic Castle, and at magic conventions all over the world. Purpose-built to make every moment crystal clear and engaging, Echo draws amazing...


Ghost Flight by Peter Duffie


The ULTIMATE 'Assembly' Style routine!

Join Liam Montier as he teaches you one of the most visual and shocking card tricks EVER - Peter Duffie's Ghost Flight!

Your spectator examines eight double blank cards, four regular cards, and a postcard - everything is as it should be.

The postcard is set...


Skymember Presents Nomad Ring Mark III (Barber Edition)*

50% OFF
Was $49.95   Now $24.95

In 2021 we brought you Nomad Ring Mark 2, a groundbreakingly visual coin ring routine that took the magic community by storm.

The Nomad Ring Mark 2 achieved great success and won the hearts of magicians, for its BOLD, DIRECT and VISUAL presentation.

However... We received feedback from the customers; their gimmick was snapped...




Ready to make your coin magic elegant and classic?

I am proud to introduce CS produced by n2g to you.

After providing many exquisite and high-quality coin magic props, n2g provides you with perhaps the most unique and elegant Half Dollar Coin Set in the market.

These perfect replica half dollar coins are...


Countdown Coins by Rocco Silano


Many years ago, Rocco came up with a coin gimmick that can be used to display four US quarters while instantly changing to three quarters, then two, and finally one quarter, it can also be shown in reverse, going from one to four quarters. The displays can be made one handed which allows for a very clean in the hand's coins across. Rocco's...


KINGS SECRET (Gimmick and Online Instruction) by Mark Bennett and Matthew Wright


Do you want to become a part of the most exclusive magic club in the world? Well now's your chance!

The King's Secret is not only an incredibly powerful piece of hard hitting, easy to do, close up coin magic that guarantees jaw-dropping reactions, it also comes with a topical and believable back-story that makes performing...


The Architect by Matthieu Hamaissi & Marchand De Trucs


Matthieu Hamaissi is a coin-magic genius who crafts every element of his routines, from premise to performance, with architectural precision. His magic is pure, highly visual, and avoids complicated sleights. In The Architect, Matthieu will guide you through all the details and subtleties that will enable you to present the...


Crazy Chinese Coins by Artisan Coin & Jimmy Fan (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)


The Moving Hole Effect has been popular in the magic community for decades; almost everyone is familiar with it. Simply put, it is an effect where a magician's finger drags a small hole on an object, much like dragging an icon on a touch screen, and the hole magically moves to a different position.

Magicians are eager to...


Double Face Coin Thru Bill by Johnny Wong*

31% OFF
Was $65.00   Now $45.00

Double Face Coin Thru Bill : A perfect coin magic trick with the most many effects to apply.

It's also the ultimate upgrade from the original Coin thru Bill which I invented and published in 2005.

No matter you are a professional, an amateur magician, or even a completely rookie to coin magic, you are going to love this...

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