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Tricks: Coin and Money Tricks

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Marcel`s Okito Box by Marcelo Manni


Marcel's Okito Box for a coin is an ingenious creation of the Argentine Illusionist Marcel.

This is an Okito style box for an only one coin. Due to its size, weight and morphology, it allows the magician to carry out completely new movements, which makes it unique for its revolutionary handling.

For Half dollar coin...


Follow the Silver Morgan Replica by Tango



This is a NEW Silver Copper Brass Transposition version in One dollar Morgan size.

We make a beautiful line of Morgan Replicas, in brass, copper and silver color.

So this set include a coin in every color that allows you to perform one of the classical and famous coin routines.



Skymember Presents Nomad Ring Mark III (Barber Edition)

40% OFF
Was $49.95   Now $29.95

In 2021 we brought you Nomad Ring Mark 2, a groundbreakingly visual coin ring routine that took the magic community by storm.

The Nomad Ring Mark 2 achieved great success and won the hearts of magicians, for its BOLD, DIRECT and VISUAL presentation.

However... We received feedback from the customers; their gimmick was snapped...


SCC by N2G

Controlling the shape of metal with mysterious power has always been a legendary magic effect.

It's my pleasure to introduce SCC to you. Make your coin magic closer to reality than ever before take an ancient Chinese coin from the audience, which they had just examined carefully, then take out the lighter and bake it slowly...


Ghost Coin by Nathan Kranzo


Sneak a coin into their hand as though it were a phantasm. Pass the same coin through the table as though it were a specter. This gimmick will give you the power to vanish a coin as simply as letting it fall into another dimension. This is Ghost Coin by Nathan Kranzo.

Ghost Coin is a secret utility device that allows you to...




This product is a handicraft, not a magic prop, and has no magic effect.

Art in a bottle is a very special art: the author needs to put an object that is much larger than the mouth of the bottle into the bottle intact. It's an obvious impossibility, that's why people are shocked when they see it.

Now, Bacon Magic...


Big Money by Anthony Miller and Ryan Bliss


Big Money is the jumbo coin set magicians have needed!

For a long time, magicians have used poorly made jumbo coins that did one thing - "OH LOOK! A BIG COIN!" RFA Productions and Ryan Bliss have worked together to create a custom made five piece copper and silver set that includes interchangeable shells and a matching copper/silver...


Blackbird by Jeff Copeland


Jeff Copeland's Blackbird is the quickest, cleanest way to hold-out and produce coins at will. It is the magician's new, ultimate, spy tool that secretly places a coin directly in your palm, on demand. The user can calmly and reliably get extra coins into play with minimal effort and expert timing. At your pace, easily unlock,...




As the tale goes, the hobos of the Great Depression used to spend excruciatingly long hours, or even days, about trains moving from one place to another. They would bide their time by carving their signature imagery into the famed "Buffalo Nickels", turning them into exclusive works of art to be traded, and more importantly, recognized...


The Traveler by Jeff Copeland


The Traveler Coin Wallet is epitome of style, form and function, designed with the serious coin worker in mind. Originally crafted to hold and carry your prized coins & small wares, Jeff has ingeniously added a special feature to The Traveler that allows it to double as a utility gimmick that will allow you to also perform killer coin...


TEN GRAND PRIX by Diamond Jim Tyler


A stack of one-dollar bills magically and visibly change to all one-hundred dollar bills!

It's easy to do and comes ready to go. It takes two seconds to reset.

The question magicians are constantly asked is, "Can you change a one dollar bill into a one hundred dollar bill?". This is the answer but on steroids! If...


Replica Walking Liberty Shell Set


The set includes 4 Walking Liberty Half Dollars and 1 Expanded Shell.

This is a beautiful brass reproduction set, custom stamped and engineered to look 100% authentic.


Polished Coin by Jonio


A JONIO-style karate coin.

Many magic enthusiasts have seen it performed in the French Drop 20th Anniversary Online Show and witnessed how it blew the audiences' mind. The coin is polished with a pocket-size handkerchief. As the coin is being polished, the handkerchief sinks in the coin and finally penetrates it.

Here is...




Your coin magic will be more convincing than ever

Get ready to shock your audience with NS!

From n2g, the author of N series coin props. NS is a coin sound simulator tailored for you

NS is small and easy to carry. You can roll up your sleeves and even perform in short sleeved clothes



N6 Coin Set by N2G


Since 2013, we have released N series coin props, followed by N2, N3 N4 and N5, they were so popular in the world. But today, in less than a year we followed up with a really great prop, N6.

N6 is the latest generation of N-Series coin magic props. It is totally different with the previous version.



FLASH COIN by Mago Flash -Trick


I want to present you a new magic game!

With this game you will be able to do the miser's dream routine in a different way.

It is a trick that fits in a cup of tea or coffee and is used to make different ways to appear half dollars.

The trick has a load capacity of 6 coins and fits perfectly in a cup of tea or coffee....


Cylinder and Coins by Joshua Jay


Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc. have taken a classic of magic and completely revamped it for a modern audience. This incredible professional kit gives you everything you need to add one of the best close up magic tricks of the last century into your working set.

John Ramsay's classic "Cylinder and Coins" routine embodies what makes...


Big Bucks US Dollar by Obie O`Brien


Obie O'Brien was best known as the organizer of "4F: The Original Close-Up Magic Convention" but most of the magic he performed was for family audiences and in restaurants. One of his favorite routines to perform in both venues was his handling of Larry West's Passing The Buck which he later marketed as Big Bucks.

The routine...


The Architect by Matthieu Hamaissi & Marchand De Trucs


Matthieu Hamaissi is a coin-magic genius who crafts every element of his routines, from premise to performance, with architectural precision. His magic is pure, highly visual, and avoids complicated sleights. In The Architect, Matthieu will guide you through all the details and subtleties that will enable you to present the...


Transient Coins by Roy Kueppers

A coin is plucked out of the air and shown around. A second coin is found on the sleeve of an audience member. A third coin is then found on the Magicians sleeve and brought together with the other two, but wait, one of the other coins has vanished! The Magician attempts to find the missing coin on his other sleeve when it appears at the...


ECC by N2G

Getting endless money out of thin air is people's imagination of magic ability since ancient times.

Based on the classic magic method, we are proud to introduce ECC to you.

Four ancient coins miraculously changed positions on the desktop, and finally magically turned into sixteen ancient coins.

High quality as always,...


Cool Cash by John T. Sheets and KozmoMagic


John T. Sheets presents a collection of impromptu bill switches that are perfect for any magician. Included is everything you need, except the bills. On this DVD, John teaches:

Cool Cash: Two bills, of different denominations, visibly change places between the magician's hand and the spectator's hand. COOL CASH looks incredibly...


Got Change by Jason Yu


Audiences always love when magicians use their powers to make everyday tasks easier.

Consider the simple act of getting change. Imagine being able to display a bill from any currency and, in an instant, visually change it to coins of the same value...

Enter Got Change?

From the mind that brought you Imprint...


InvisiBill by Josh Janousky


Finally, you can take the classic Omni plot to the streets! InvisiBill takes your money magic leaps beyond the norm by adding a truly unexpected kicker ending. A simple, familiar object - a borrowed bill - becomes CLEAR.

"Josh has taken a modern classic and put it in your wallet! Nice!"
- Justin Flom



Itoshito by Zee


Our friend Zee took the coin magic community by storm with the release of Project Z and How to do Coin Magic.

Many respected names raved about his modern touch on classic moves. Zee definitely sets a new bar for visual coin magic, and Itoshito, is the next chapter in his advanced visual coin work.


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