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Tricks: Magic With Fire

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FINGER FLASHER by Jean-Luc Bertrand


The best Finger Flasher ever made!

Create any object out of a huge ball of fire with your bare hands!

Outstanding magic effect!

JeanLuc Bertrand has been using this super cool Gimmick for more than 15 years. He finally created is own device!

Developed for professional magicians.

Durable, powerful...


Dragons Breath


A.K.A. lycopodium powder. When squirted through an open flame, this fine powder creates a jet of fire. The flame burns very clean.


Hot Wallet


Open this leather billfold and flames shoot out! You can even pull out money after the flames die down. Looks like a regular wallet. Crafted from fine leather.


Flash Cotton


Very fibrous and fast-burning. Ignites faster and easier than Flash Paper, so it's excellent as a primer in all Glo-Plug devices. Specially designed for Spark Wheel Assembly devices.

1/2 ounce bag


Spark Ejectors

The wizard extends his hands outward, and suddenly a giant burst of sparks showers from the palms of his hands. The sound of real crackling electricity creates an effect beyond imagination. Units have adjustable finger clips and are easy to handle.

Comes with 2 Spark Ejectors (One for each hand).

Requires Flash Paper,...


Utility Smoke Cup


A must for colored smoke lovers. This device enables you to create your favorite colored smoke, right from the palm of your hand. Can also be fitted on any prop; simply screw it down, load it, and strike the wheel. About five seconds later, a mysterious cloud of colored smoke will be seen billowing around your favorite illusion. Perfect...


Thumb Tip Flame


You reach out and pluck the flame from a cigarette lighter. Hold the flame between your right thumb and index finger, then you transfer it to your left fingers. Take it again with you right fingers and finally blow the flame vanishing it and showing your hands absolutely empty . Use it to light a cigarette or ignite flash paper. Blow...




SPARK, a miniature ignition device, can be easily hidden in almost any place desired, even behind cards or coins, waiting to light up objects at the planned moment.

Triggered by a remote control, SPARK makes things catch fire themselves as if it is pure magic. No unnecessary moves and unwanted sequence needed to achieve...


Finger Flame


This gadget will deliver a candle-like flame on your command, over and over before refilling. Requires lighter fluid (not included).


Fingertip Flashpot


An incredible device that will allow the performer to shoot a ball of fire 10 feet into the air while producing a loud bang, all at your fingertips.

Imagine pointing across the stage and firing a ball of fire toward an empty box only to have a rabbit or dove or even your assistant appear.

Imagine firing a ball of fire across...


Fire Wallet Supreme


Jerry Palmer has spent many months and labored over countless prototypes to provide us with the most Professional Fire Wallet ever designed. This is a real working pro's wallet, designed to give years of service. No expense has been spared. Made from the finest and most supple leather available. Every wallet is hand tooled and hand...


Flash Gun - Single

The performer enters the stage, hands seemingly empty , and then - WHAM! - suddenly a flash is seen streaking out of his hand, erupting into a brilliant ball of fire. Shoots 10 - 15 feet. This fantastic little gun is small enough to conceal in your hand, yet creates an astoundingly large effect. Requires Flash Paper, Flash Cotton, and...


Fog Fluid


This glycol/water-based fluid contains the safest, purest ingredients available. It's used in both Popular Fog Machines and Professional Fog Machines to make clouds of fog. The effect actually looks like smoke; however, these machines do create fog (consists of liquid droplets), not smoke (consists of dry particles).
1 pint bottle...


Thumb Thing


A magician's thumb tip that creates a quick flash of fire.
Requires Flash Cotton (not included).


Flaming Coffee by SansMinds Creative Lab


Most people need a cup of coffee to get themselves going in the morning. But what if you can kick it up a notch and add some heat to your morning.

Everyone loves a fire wallet because fire naturally draws people's attention. The SansMinds Creative Lab has modernized it into your daily cup of coffee.

Super easy to do...


Thumbtip Ignitor Pro


Imagine someone wearing a fancy black tuxedo and standing under the spotlight on the stage.

He pulls out a piece of paper and everyone's attention is on that single piece of paper.
What is going to happen to that paper?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, an ugly cheap lighter is produced to light up that paper!



Ball of Fire by Alan Wong


Produce a flash of fire between your hands at any time!

This unit contains a retractable flash unit on a durable steel cable reel with stainless steel casing clipped onto your belt under your jacket. Note that flash cotton and other flash products are used for this effect and supply of flash cotton is not included. For example, you...


Flash Cigarettes (10 Pack)


The flash cigarette is made out of flash cotton and flash paper, looks just like a real cigarette, with scorch marks , but burns fast without any residue. You can really fool people with it through fire magic both in close-up and on stage, brings a lot of fun and amazes audiences.

Pack of ten flash cigarettes in a mock cigarette...


Blazzard by CIGMA Magic


Fire has long been used as a catalyst to trigger subsequent magic effects. However, heating up objects to produce effects is more like a scientific experiment, rather than pure magic. For this reason, Cigma Magic and Jeff Lee invented Blazzard, an innovative device, which allows the magicians to utilize heat without the audience's...


Wonder Igniter


Imagine being able ignite flash paper, flash cotton, or any other flash product at a distance by remote control... Or produce a flash of fire at your fingertips without the use of matches, lighters or any other common igniter, then, rolling up your sleeves and showing your hands completely empty!

This new multi-utility device is...


Ultra Color Volcano


The Theatre Effects #UL01 Ultra Color Volcano is a device that can be used in creating some great on-stage flame effects. By filling the heavy-duty chamber of the Ultra Color Volcano with flame powder (a.k.a Alliant Green Dot Smokeless Powder) you will be able to create at least a 4 foot column of fire that lasts several seconds. This...


Flint Flasher

This heavy-duty mechanical device that creates a nice flash of fire. Can also be used to create electrically crackling sparks. So useful you'll carry one everywhere you go! Great for magic shows, wizard costumes, etc. Hands can be shown empty front and back; can be used in right hand or left; can be shot up or down. Spark Wheel Assembly...


Pocket Cannon


This compact model shoots streamers to distances of up to 30 feet. Good for magic, party, and mobile DJ effects.

An excellent starter model - begin by shooting 20 18 foot streamers using just a Backpressure Cap, or 2 stacks of Turbofetti using both Back Cap and Lift Cup. This will give you a good idea of how Aerotechnics cannons work....


Flash Bills

Printed on one side, you can't tell from a distant whether it's the real bill or a fake one. Excellent for close-up magic. No smoke and ash left after burning.

Pack contains ten half size bills. 2 1/2 x 3 inches


Glo Plug

These are reusable igniters and they are included in devices that require them. However, sometimes they burn out, or become broken, and need to be replaced. Follow the directions that accompany your device. A one-battery device uses 1-1/2V Glo-Plugs. A two-battery device uses 3V Glo-Plugs.


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