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Tricks: General Magic

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Color Changing Hanky - Magic Makers


A green and yellow hanky is shown. With one motion of the arm it turns into blue and red. The classic color changing hanky is made in the highest quality by Magic Makers.


Priceless by Michel Huot and Richard Sanders


ANY PRICE NAMED is instantly seen HANGING ON A PRICE TAG... anywhere on your clothing!

From the minds of Michel Huot and Richard Sanders comes a comedy mentalism breakthrough.

Walk up to anyone...
"How much do you think I paid for my jacket?"
They name ANY PRICE, example "$84.25" (which you jot down on a notepad)


Multiplying Bottles (Multi) by Reg Donnelly


A bottle and glass are covered with 2 cardboard tubes - they change places - this happens a few times, but as the performer progresses more and more bottles are removed from the tubes until 9 of them are produced.

Suitable for:

  • stages
  • cruise ships
  • television
  • anywhere and everywhere you have a platform or...

    Change Bag - Empire


    A classic magic utility item for vanishing, appearing and restoring items. Turn inside out to show it's completely empty. Then produce silks, or have cut rope pieces change into a single long rope, and more! One hand operation. Wood and cloth construction. Silks not included.


    Flash Appearance


    In this beautiful production box you can instantly produce a rabbit, duck, a large load of spring flowers or rubber production items.

    The box appears empty until the moment of appearance and because of the unique construction it can be shown empty up close.

    It is made from the highest quality materials and finished...


    Zombie Ball by Vernet


    This is the famous one man floating ball, using no threads or complicated set up with everything under the control of the magician.

    A ball is resting on a base. The performer covers the ball with a foulard and while he holds an end of the foulard with each hand, the ball begins to rise in a ghostly manner, first up and down, then...


    Comedy Salt Shaker by Premium Magic


    This comedy salt shaker squeaks when shaken.
    Each shaker is hand painted and packaged. Add guaranteed laughs and comedy to your magical performances!


    Senor Mardo Egg-Bag (Blue) by Martin Lewis


    "Nowadays it seems that the egg bag of choice is the Malini Style. I offer my variation of the Senor Mardo bag in my lecture as an alternative. My reasons for preferring this style bag are threefold. It is easier to handle, the (you know what) is invisible even upon direct inspection, and far more effects are possible, as well as some novel...


    Marvelous Magic Box


    The Marvelous Magic Box is an extremely versatile mirror box. A mirror positioned 45 degrees in the box allows you to hide a multitude of items behind the mirror. Open the front of the box and the box will appear to be empty. You can then open the top and remove the hidden items. Work it in reverse to make an item vanish - Place an object...


    Mirror Tube


    A tube is shown empty. A silk is placed around the outside of the Tube. When the silk is removed, the Tube is filled with silks.

    OR......Three silks are taken from the tube and vanished.
    INSTANTLY the silks reappear in the tube...
    OR....the Tube can be used for any blendo effect!


    Bowled Over by Christopher Talbat


    "This is a great solution that makes the illusion all the more practical for professional magicians."
    - Andrew Mayne

    One of the strongest effects that you can perform for an audience is the production of an impossible object.

    When that object is a bowling ball, the instant impossibility is recognized immediately by...


    Pro Grip Multiplying Balls

    The pro grip multiplying balls have been specially formulated from a special silicon rubber to make gripping and manipulating the balls easier than ever. The multiplying balls effect is a classic of magic. The basic effect is as follows: One ball is shown between the finger and thumb. With a gentle shake of the hand a second ball appears...


    Silent Treatment (Digital Edition) by Jon Allen


    When it was first released, The Silent Treatment created a huge impact and thousands of magicians started performing this unique and iconic routine.

    Now comes the brilliant update that enables you to do so much more with it: The Silent Treatment - Digital Edition

    • Create unique routines on your Ipad or other tablet
    • Write...


    The Rings (Gold Rings and DVD) by Raymond Long


    The Rings is produced by Jieli and Raymond Iong.
    Made of high quality metal with high-precision cutting technology.
    No joint in single ring and double rings.
    Perform in 360 degree surroundings.
    Accessories: one metal keychain, one flannelette bag.

    Originated from Chinese classic magic and can be used in your performance...


    The Rings (Silver Rings and DVD) by Raymond Long


    The Rings is produced by Jieli and Raymond Iong.
    Made of high quality metal with high-precision cutting technology.
    No joint in single ring and double rings.
    Perform in 360 degree surroundings.
    Accessories: one metal keychain, one flannelette bag.

    Originated from Chinese classic magic and can be used in your performance...


    Ghost Silk


    The performer freely displays a large silk handkerchief. He/she passes the silk through his hands, and at any time the performer wishes, the silk remains totally ridged, standing straight up into the air. The silk then drops back down. The performer has complete control over this. This effect can be used for table hopping at restaurants,...


    Bottle Production Box


    The Performer introduces a rectangular wooden box with a hole on top. He turns the box showing it on all its sides. He opens the back door and front door showing the inside to be completely empty. He then closes the both doors and makes a magical gesture. He reopens the front door and a bottle is seen to have appeared inside the box....


    Color Sticks by Jim Jayes


    One Stick - Two Stick... Red Stick - Blue Stick...

    Jim Jayes has finally released his Three Stick Routine COLOR STICKS! A new take on the classic Chinese Stick routine done with three different colored sticks.These are LARGE sticks! Each one measuring 17 inches long. Jim's COLOR STICKS is the PERFECT routine for Kids Shows, Library...


    Mirror Box - Ickle Pickle


    The magician displays a wooden box and opens up the front doors, showing it to be empty.

    He then closes the doors, flips open the top, reaches inside and magically produces silks, flowers, livestock, etc.!

    Nicely crafted by Ickle Pickle Products

    Measures 10" by 5.5" by 5.5"


    Tora Wine Bottles


    A clear tube is shown and covered with a dark tube. The tube is lifted and a glass of wine has appeared in the clear tube. The clear tube is covered again and a bottle of wine has appeared. The wine bottle is removed and placed into a suspicious open top cube. This is repeated two more times and the bottles are placed into the cover...


    Needle Through Arm


    Finest Needle on the market, with 8 oz. Bottle of Blood and 4 oz. Jar of Cement

    Clean your forearm with a strile towel and all the lines and jokes that go with this. Push the Needle completely through your forearm flesh. Move the needle up and down even back and forth, you don't feel pain. NO harm done you say! Blood slowly...


    Milk To by Bazar de Magia


    Transform milk to almost anything

    Any audience -both children and adults- will enjoy this transformation before their eyes. This is an exclusive product created by Bazar de Magia; a new product within the glasses line that has come to stay. An easy, simple-preparation and care trick to perform, having a high impact on the audience....


    Shoe Business 2.0 by Scott Alexander & Puck


    This is the newest version of Shoe Business with all new jokes told by your personal smartphone assistant. If you have an iPhone you know the voice we are talking about. She gets so many things confused in this hilarious reboot of our widely successful original Shoe Business.

    This deluxe edition comes with a custom made polyacrylic...


    Victorian Coins & Glass - Powell


    Four half dollar coins are shown and placed on display in full view on a walnut and pewter stand. A shot glass is placed, mouth up, on a beautiful Walnut base. The shot glass is the covered with a larger glass sealing the shot glass inside.

    As the magician holds the base with the glasses in one hand, one coin is removed from...


    Automatic Appearing Candle by Tora Magic


    Quick and Visual!

    The magician shows a candlestick to the audience with a candle in it. He lights the candle and then he takes the candle from the candlestick and makes it disappear. Now he takes the empty candlestick and in a magic movement the candle appears again in the candlestick. This trick is very easy to perform as the candle...


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