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Tricks: General Magic

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Black Box Production by Tora Magic


The Perfect Production Box

The audience sees an empty box. As if by magic a dove is produced from inside. A Rabbit, colored silks, spring flowers, sponge balls etc. may be produced or vanished from this new and unique box.

Made from Light weight Lexan and built to last!

Measures 9 by 7 by 5 inches



Mirage Billiard Balls

The quality of these billiard balls is getting rave reviews from the magic world.

These billiard balls are made from silicone material similar to the kind that is used for surgery.

So these billiard balls should not fade and can be used as semi-permanent.

If the surface gets dirty, please wash with water....


Needle Thru Balloon


This effect looks impossible! Spectator blows up an ordinary balloon, ties it off and gives it to the performer. Magician takes a long metal needle with a ribbon at the end and VISIBLY sticks the point in at one end and pushes it completely thru the balloon! The needle actually goes through.The needle is removed, the balloon tossed in...


Ultimate Snowstorm


In recent years, the classic snowstorm effect has gained more and more popularity. We thought it was time to explain, in depth, one of magic's best kept secrets. The book in this set is a complete explanation of the Classic Snowstorm including tips, suggestions and ideas to help bring a new light on this stunning effect. If you use...


Remote Controlled Card Fountain - Powell


Shoots the cards over 6 feet high.

The remote is only 1 inch square by 1/4 inch thick and has a range of 150 feet.

We guarantee you will be impressed by the workmanship.

Every detail has been carefully thought out.


Blooming Blossom


The Blooming Blossom is a unique specialty item that is adaptable to any Magician's style of performance. A barren stalk is openly displayed to the audience and, quick as a wink, a colorful flower appears at the top! The flower can be vanished in the same way! This appearance can be performed in a slow manner also, using an "invisible...


Silk to Ball By JL Magic

A silk instantly changes into a ball right before spectators' eyes.

Comes complete with Trick ball, silk, instruction sheet and CD-rom.


New Silkola by Wack-O-Magic


The SILKOLA has been around for a long time. The effect is basic. A handkerchief is made to disappear then reappears inside a sealed soda bottle hidden within a tube.

The Wack-o-Magic version has SEVERAL significant improvements over every other Silkola sold before.

What makes Wack-o-Magic's...


Color Changing Silks

A good magic act should begin with a fast trick that will get the audiences attention. You begin by showing a yellow and a green silk tied together. Just pull the silks through your hand and they instantly changes to red and blue! Made of pure silk.


Multum Parvo Pro by Bazar de Magia


Through this fabulous classic magic trick you will astound your audience by making the liquid contained in a huge glass fill a smaller glass and even fill a further smaller glass and a further smaller one until finishing with a very small glass from which you drink the liquid in it and offer this glass to the audience for them to have a...


Senor Mardo Egg-Bag (Black) by Martin Lewis - Trick


"Nowadays it seems that the egg bag of choice is the Malini Style. I offer my variation of the Senor Mardo bag in my lecture as an alternative. My reasons for preferring this style bag are threefold. It is easier to handle, the (you know what) is invisible even upon direct inspection, and far more effects are possible, as well as some novel...


Bottle From Silks


Three silks are shown one at a time to be normal and then a bottle of wine or other spirit is produced from them.

Bright Colors!
Very Visual!
Easy to Perform!
Everything is Included Except the Bottle!


Transformation Book to Radio - Tora


The magician shows a book in his hand as he opens the book and turns its pages.

Then the magician takes a normal silk and covers the book and when he takes the silk away, the book has been transformed to a big antique type radio!


Sponge Cake


Instead of producing an animal why not produce a cake from you Dove Pan. The Sponge Cake is over 10" tall and fits perfectly in your pan.


Nut Dropper by Matthew Wright - Trick


Instantly load any small object inside a walnut, inside a handed!

The "borrowed item to impossible location" is a classic of magic and for good reason. It always generates great reactions and interest because the props are personal to the spectator. It leaves itself open to great comedy, interaction, tension...


No Tear Pad - by Alan Wong

A whole pad of "No Tear" paper.

Dimensions Small - Approximately: 3.5" x 3.5" (60 page pad)

"All No Tear" - No sheets will tear
"Alternating" - Every other sheet will tear


Milk Pitcher - Crystal


The professional Milk Picher. Made of high impact plastic for durability but looks like cutcrystal. No funnels are needed to fill. Entirely self-contained. A quality looking prop!


Mini Production Pan


A compact prodution pan with a larger load capacity. Measures 5" in diameter and 4" tall. The load chamber is 4" in diameter and 2.2" in height. Show the empty pan, drop in a flaming piece of paper, close it, and make your production.

You can use it to produce a small animal, Spring Flowers, or Silks. A quality prop made out of...


Zycho - Comedy Mentalism at its Funniest


Zycho - Comedy Mentalism at its Funniest!

The audience is in on all the fun. You show them the face of your Giant Prediction card (10'x14") unseen by your spectator, which is then set on a stand (a chair, or anywhere} in full view, but with its back toward the audience. Next, you show them the faces of an extra large (3"...


Jumping Signed Bill


A spectators bill is signed and wrapped inside a silk and placed in a glass. The glass is covered with a metal tube. A second glass is placed upside down inside a second metal tube. In the blink of an eye the signed bill jumps from one tube to the other. The first tube is lifted to show a now empty glass. The second tube is lifted and inside...


Production From Silks


Three different color silks are shown one at a time. The silks are put together in a group and instantly a bottle of champaigne appears. The 24 silks are a heavy weight. Very nice quality.


SPOTS Routine, Script & DVD by Bill Abbott


"When I was 14 years old I saw Michael Ross perform at the anniversary party of a local magic shop here in Toronto. One of the pieces he performed was his original presentation and handling for the spot card that baffled me completely. Even though I had a version of the same prop at home, Michael seemed to make the spots appear like magic...


Senor Mardo Egg Bag

Martin Lewis's answer to the Egg Bag. His new design is easy to handle, stands up to direct examination, and allows for more effects than are possible with a standard design Egg Bag. Whether you are new to the Egg Bag or a seasoned professional you will enjoy this hand-crafted bag.

In the DVD, Martin Lewis explains his affinity...


Four Square Blendo


Five 18" silks are shown. One silk is placed aside and the others are twirled together.When they are opened all four silks have blended into one large 36" silk.


Diminishing Cards by Steve Dusheck


Dusheck returns with his first release in decades! And, to kickstart his return, he partnered up with Steve Shufton to produce an improved version of his fabulous Diminishing Cards!

Steve Dusheck will tell you, he has five favorite effects in all of magicdom - and the diminishing cards ranks high on that short list. These diminishing...


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