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Tricks: General Magic

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Zombie Ball & Wire Wand by Ickle Pickle Products s


A shining silver aluminum ball is seen resting on a pedestal. A silk is displayed and draped over the ball. Slowly the ball rises in a ghostly manner.

La Grande Zombie measures 3 1/2" Diameter (8.9cm).


THE CARD INTO THE EGG by Alan Alfredo Marchese


We present a great idea that after a long time finally comes to light. The original idea and the basis of this effect are from Dr. Elliot, which thanks to the genial mind of Alan Alfredo Marchese is improved and taken to a totally higher level.

Imagine that the spectator merely names any card from a deck of 52 cards -- a totally...


LInking Rings by Magic Makers 10 Inch


Come with 2 Singles, 1 Key Ring, 1 Set of 3 and 1 Set of 2.

The classic Chinese Linking Rings are now made to near perfection by Magic Makers in this complete 8 ring set.

The seams in rings are almost impossible to find ... These professional grade linking rings are high polished. They shine beautifully and make...


Linking Rings 4 inch


Small 4" Complete Ring Set of 8 (5.5mm thick)

Come with 2 Singles, 1 Key Ring, 1 Set of 3 and 1 Set of 2.

The classic Chinese Linking Rings are now made to near perfection by Magic Makers in this complete 8 ring set.

The seams in rings are almost impossible to find ... These professional grade linking rings...


Linking Rings by Magic Makers 8 Inch


Medium 8" Complete Ring Set of 8 (5.5mm thick)

Come with 2 Singles, 1 Key Ring, 1 Set of 3 and 1 Set of 2.

The classic Chinese Linking Rings are now made to near perfection by Magic Makers in this complete 8 ring set.

The seams in rings are almost impossible to find ... These professional grade linking...


Rabbit Pan

The magician shows a pan, puts all the ingredients to make a cake inside (flour, water, eggs, and so on) and finally puts the lid on. When the magician uncovers it, a rabbit appears! The pan includes three parts: the base, lid and the secret tray that will fit into the base. Outside diameter is 10.5". Inside diameter is 10.". Depth of...


The Rose 2.0 (Red) by Bond Lee & Wenzi Magic


Elegant, visual and practical. The Rose has been one of our best sellers for a long time.

Now this routine has got even better! The Rose 2.0 allows you to produce four roses at once.


The magician holds a silk and produces a rose, then the rose is vanished under a flash of fire. Then four roses...


PSI POWER by Secret Factory


After 3 years of development, the mind that brought you WINNERS DICE is proud to present PSI-POWER, the revolutionary remote-control system.

Imagine having the ability to control objects from over 15 feet away! PSI-POWER is a revolutionary gimmick that you can take with you anywhere and seemingly create true miracles...


Flash Parasols (Multi) 4 piece set by MH Production


Flash Parasol is the latest creation for your umbrella performances. Flash Parasol has a bigger surface and it opens with great force making the parasol open a lot quicker so your show runs smoother.
Note: Set of 4 parasols per package.


Spotted To Multi-Color Silk


A silk streamer (approx. 48 x 6 inches) with spots changes to a bright multi-color streamer in a couple of shakes. The reverse can also be done, from multi-color to spotted.


Punctured by Richard Griffin



A cardboard tube is shown and pushed over your arm. Seven spikes are then thrusted one by one through the tube and your arm. You can even wiggle your fingers to prove that it's really your hand poking out of the tube! You now pull the spikes out and remove your arm from the tube to show that your arm is unharmed....


CARD IN THE AIR by Tora Magic


Let the spectator choose a card and, without even looking at it, fly the chosen card in the air...


Taste Conditions by Morgan Strebler


by Morgan Strebler

This mesmerizing and innovative effect is actually simple, but the psychological impact is dramatic! As you begin, have a spectator open a new bottle of water and take a drink. Then, you transform the water to mouthwash INSIDE of their mouth! At the end of the routine, the spectator spits the mouthwash into...


Rubik Smart


This is deluxe model of the classic Die Box comes with a special "Rubik's" cube, handsomely crafted to give you a collector-quality prop.

Specially made to fool even the toughest audiences!

A Perfect Any Show Effect in which a die vanishes from a two compartment box and reappears some place else.

A quality...


BOX OF MYSTERY by Tora Magic


Audiences love magical productions where, first there is nothing, and then, tons of objects!

This professionally designed wooden box can produce items 4 times!!

Show it all around, even putting your hands through the sides. Still, at the magic moment, items appear! This could be money, spring flowers, you name it!



No Tear Newspaper 2 - JB Magic


Andy Dallas has taken the classic, No Tear Torn & Restored Newspaper to a HOLE new level.

Remove small pieces of newspaper, one sheet at a time, from all different pockets.

Read a gag from each piece. In the blink of an eye, the pieces become a real newspaper.

There’s one small problem, the newspaper...




Magician shows an empty tube and a shining black bottle to audience.

Then he puts the bottle inside the tube, when he brings it out of the tube, the color of the bottle is changed.

This trick can be done for 5 times in 5 different beautiful colors. You can keep your spectators amused & wondered by playing this impressive game...




Have a duck magically appear!

Or have an animal travel magically from one carrier to the other! Or have two animals change places! Looks like real magic!

This product can be used for all of the above, using a pet like a duck and such size pets...

Your audience will gasp in amazement!




A great piece of mentalism!

Your participant selects any number from a giant die (each side is colored differently), places it with that number on top in an opaque box, and places the lid on it. You cannot see the die through the box. Magically and astonishingly, you are able to discern the color and number of their selection.





A great piece of mentalism!

Show your volunteer a giant cube containing a different ESP symbol on each side. Explain that they are to place it in an opaque box, with that symbol on top, and then place the lid on the box.

You put a blindfold on yourself so you cannot see anything.

Your volunteer does as requested....




It looks amazing when objects mysteriously travel from one place to another. This device will enable you to do exactly that!

Place 6 large juice bottles, one by one, in a paper bag. With a wave of the hand, magically show that the bag is now EMPTY!

A juice box that has been on display the entire time is now covered for a...


Hopping Silk


Performer displays a square board with five holes. A silk is pushed through one of the corner holes. The board is passed behind the performer's back, and the silk is found to have jumped to an adjacent corner. This is repeated several times and the spectators suspect the board is being turned behind the performer's back. The performer...


Silk On Sash


After vanishing a silk, the magician displays a 42" long black sash. In the twinkling of an eye the silk reappearstied to the center of the sash. Great visual magic.


Super Multiplying Martini Bottles by Tora


These bottles are manufactured in aluminum and are made to the highest specification and they will never lose their color. They are very versatile and you can perform many different effects with them, such as: Bottle and Glass Transposition/Multiplying Bottles/Silk – Bottle – Wand etc.

Each set includes two sets of five...


Half Jack by Magical Tales


You offer a bet of $100 (taking a $100 bill out of your wallet and placing it on the table) that you'll accurately predict a card chosen at random by a volunteer from the audience. You lay the Mega-Card with your prediction face down on the table.

You then ask the volunteer to select a card from a regular pack - and then, you...


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