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Tricks: Gags and Jokes

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Laugh Bag


The Laugh Bag (aka Laugh Box, Laughing Bag) has been around for many years. It has always been a favorite gag toy. The laugh box is a simple plastic box, when you press the button, it starts laughing at a loud pitch and volume, laughing uncontrollably. It's infectious and all around will begin to laugh. Batteries included. Great fun...


Deluxe Shock Lighter


Creates a harmless, but startling shock

Not recommended for children under 14, adults over 50 or anyone in poor health.


Folding Pocket Comb


Looks like a dangerous weapon but it springs open into an innocent pocket knife.


Snake In Potato Chips


Classic Gag.

Open the lid and a snake pops out.

Looks like a can of potato chips.


Telescopic Fork


This is a great gag item. Looks like a regular fork but extends to almost 2 feet.

A whole lot of laughs at a dinner party.


Bang Gun


Have you been looking for a comedy "gun" that would be great for close-up performances as well as parlor shows. This is a well made item that is easy to "set" between performances and looks like a professional prop. When the trigger is pulled the barrel opens and a colorful cloth drops down showing the word "BANG"! Can be used for many...


The Insultinator


Never be at a loss for words again, you HOPELESS SLOBBER GOBLIN! With 54,872 ridiculous insult combinations, you will have enough zingers for every day for the rest of your life! Oh, yeah, it's a calendar too. Made by Really,Really, Really Neat Stuff but FUN Incorporated is the EXCLUSIVE distributor on this item!


Voodoo Doll


Stuffed novelty voodoo doll has a retro appearance and allegedly magical powers to do harm to your enemies. Use pins (not included) to give stress and dark thoughts, dissolve love, and cause unemployment or weight gain. The silly-fun possibilities are endless for the vengeance-seeking justice dealer!

Weighted bottom so...


Hypno Glasses


You are feeling very sleepy. As you drift into a state of suggestibility, let us suggest that you buy these lenticular glasses in high quality plastic frames. As you move your head, the spirals in the glasses appear to twirl in a very calming way. When we snap our fingers you will wake up feeling refreshed and want to order twelve dozen...


Novelty No Tear Cards


Hand these cards over to your friends, or leave them out for unwitting victims to find - and watch them get exasperated as they try to tear them in half!

These nifty novelty cards are made up of untearable material - impossible to tear with bare hands! Each package contains 36 cards - 12 each of the "Free Coupon," "Stress Reliever,"...


Fart Bag


America's favorite fart noise maker! Have a blast making fart sounds. FartBag is the perfect gag gift. This hand held whoopee cushion breaks wind to break the ice at any party or event. It farts - everybody laughs!


Shock Gum


This shock gum is one of the greatest gags of all time! Looks like a real pack of gum.

It looks like a real pack of gum.
Give your friends a quick and mild electric shock when they reach for this gag stick of gum
When you try to pull this trick gum, you will get an unexpected harmless electric shock.


Fake Cockroach


Looks real. Scare friends.




A great gift speaking volumes in audible fun. This megaphone provides high level excitement at New Year's Eve parties, Mardi Gras, birthday bashes and sporting events. Requires four C batteries. Includes strap.


Gelling Joke


Gelling Joke. Place this powder in someone's drink and in no time it turns to jelly. Watch them try to drink it! Hilarious gag!


Party String


Use as a gag of a party decoration. Sprays a colorful "string" anywhere you want it. Removes easily will and will not harm clothing.


Emergency Underpants


Great gag gift, useful as well
Safe, sanitary and secure
Fits most adults


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