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Tricks: Kid's Show Magic

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DROPPING WAND by Mago Rigel & Twister Magic


An amazing new gag created by magician Rigel from Mexico, a magic wand is handed to a kid and when he holds it, in a quick and graceful manner the magic wand wilts but at the same time becomes super long, dropping all the way down.

An ideal gag for children's magic, comedy, clowns and much more.

You receive everything...




The wands is a beautiful set of nesting wands consisting of 7 wands in total.


The magician asks the child to look after the want and to be very careful... as he walks away another wand appears at his fingertips.

The magician asks the spectator to place his wand in the other hand and to look after this new wand....


PIZZA MAGIC by Gustavo Raley


Gustavo Raley brings you a new hilarious magic effect for your shows.

Pizza Magic is visual, practical and magical.

Doughs for pizza will be cooked in an entertaining way.

Get it and use it now in your shows!

High-quality manufactured with an original transformation system.




Comedy Watering Can is very visual in which 2 very funny gags happen. When the watering can handle is given to the attendant, it breaks in her hand, then the spout is given to her and it also breaks. Finally, the magician makes the watering can water disappear and then reappear with a fish.

It is a game that can be combined...


MILK BOX by Marcos Cruz


Marcos Cruz, presents MILK BOX, ideal for children's parties and shows

Show a totally empty tube inside and then magically make three milk boxes appear.

Tell your audience that each carton of milk has different flavors, the blue is the classic milk flavor, the red is the deslato and the brown is the chocolate flavor.



MAGIC SHOW Coloring Book (3 way) by Murphy`s Magic


MMS is proud to present the most popular effect in children's magic...

The Magic Coloring Book!

A coloring book is shown to the audience have all blank pages..
The magician (that's you) asks the kids in the audience to point at the coloring book and say the magic words.. You then show there is a different...


Cakes and Adders by Gary Dunn Poker Size


A Professional 5 minute routine that will both entertain and astound your family audience.

Every child loves a Snake on their Birthday... Sorry did I say Snake? I think I meant Cake! Let the fun begin.

The Snake just keeps coming back - provoking much hilarity and amazement from your audience until the climax of the routine,...


CHRISTMAS FUSION by Magic and Trick Defma


The Funny Silks Collection are silks with unique and exclusive designs of magic and trick, they can be used in different ways and with different props (thumb tip, various kinds of change bags, Z bag, etc.) or without them (like the card silk routine).

They are made from a resistant and manageable material which can be compressed for...


Old MacDonald`s Farm Gag Bag by Lee Alex


Lee Alex presents OLD MACDONALD'S GAG BAG with additional routine idea by Rafael (Belgium)

A breath of fresh life for the traditional Chameleon/Gag Bag effect married with the internationally famous children's song "Old MacDonald Had a Farm".

The outside of the bag shows the barn in which all the animals live.



TRICK OR JOKE by Gustavo Raley


Gustavo Raley presents you a funny magic effect for this Halloween.

Surprise kids with this funny magic joke when they come to ask you for candies.


Twas the Night Before Christmas, A Magical Presentation


Few books are considered an American "classic" and become ingrained in the popular culture internationally. But Clement Clarke Moore's, "An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas", later known as "The Night Before Christmas" has achieved such an honor.

Winner of 5 awards in the Printing and Imaging Association of Georgia! Best Juvenile...


GO OUT by Gustavo Raley


Gustavo Raley presents "Go Out", an incredible effect for kids shows using famous Lego characters, it is interactive, magical, practical, and fun where you can entertain and surprise your audience with a great finale; leaving a nice souvenir to your spectator.

You can combine this effect along with "Let's Go" (also by Gustavo...




A giant magic wand that can be wrapped up into a tight coil, yet can become rigid as a stick at your command!

Many effects and animations are possible with this wand. Perfect for kids and family shows!


Pop Out Wand


The Pop Out Wand is a comedy prop. The magician shows, and / or uses a Giant Wand some 18" long and 2" in diameter in his act. When he slaps the wand, one of the tips flies off into the air, as if shot from a popgun. The Wand works on air pressure. Not a magic trick, but a gag prop that can get you many laughs in your act, if you have...


Feather Duster Wand by Silly Billy

Display the wand to your child helper and say, “Everyone is watching you, so you need to look your best.” Change the wand instantly to a feather duster, and begin to dust him off. Then tickle him under his arm. Once you start, all the kids want to be “cleaned off.” Great for walk-around because its a visual joke that allows you to...


Unmasked Kids by Arkadio & Solange


Best seller, UNMASKED now comes in a new version for kids magicians.

With this version you will get a double change mask with superheroes plus a double force book that you can also use for many different effects like predictions, revelations... Kids are going to go nuts with the new Unmasked KIDS! Now you don't need to...


Easter Basket Production by The Great GORGONZOLA


Employing a body load to produce a basket of flowers, bowl of water, or some other large item from a foulard is a centuries old concept. Producing a full Easter basket makes for an impressive and colorful finish for a seasonal show. The modus operandi is exactly that taught by Professor Hoffmann, and is based on a method used by the great...


Magic Coloring Book (Toy Story 4) by JL Magic


For years, the classic Magic Coloring Book effect has delighted kids and adults alike. A staple of many magicians and clowns, now the traditional coloring book effect has been upgraded to include images from Toy Story. Introducing Magic Coloring Book (Toy Story 4).


The magician shows the coloring book is only...


Hocus Pocus Hare


Perfect for kid shows.
The magician shows a cute picture of a rabbit in a hat to his audience. Taking the picture behind his back, the magicians claims that he'll be able to make the rabbit turn around. When the picture comes back into view, the rabbit is seen to be turned around.
But the kids suspect that something is...


Confusing Crayon Big Finish


At the end of your "Confusing Crayons" routine, you produce the "Small Surprise Ending", (This is a commercial effect where you change your red crayon to a small miniature 7" crayon at the end of your routine.). You then take the "Small Surprise Ending" and cover it with a silk and it magically grows to a crayon almost two feet high!


Jellybean Bag - Ickle Pickle


A bag is shown to be empty on the inside. A solid black and white silk are put into the bag. When the silks are taken out of the bag, the black silk has jellybeans all over it as does the white silk, but a jellybean is missing. When the bag is now turned inside out, there is the missing bean---Jellybean The Rabbit.


Clown Who Lost His Head


Performer explains how clowns are always changing their faces.
How this one lost his one day while changing his. The head vanishes from the "changing room". Emergency first aid is applied, using a balloon from the clown's hand to substitute for the head. However crayons and lipstick cannot compensate so a little bit of magic...


You Are The Star


The magician explains that he learned to spell using large spelling cards. As simple animal names are spelled the magician moves the cards, one for each letter, and discards the animal when it is spelled correctly. The child is always right; the adult always ends up with a clown card. After five animals cards are discarded, the magician...


Mismade Flag With A Twist


This classic of magic is best accomplished using the silks supplied here and a Change Bag (sold separately) . The basic effect is as follows: Three silks are shown. One red, one white, and one blue. The silks are placed in the Change Bag but the blue silk is allowed to fall to the floor apparently by accident. The magician...


Book Worm


A Great New Educational Effect Perfect for School or Library Shows!

The performer displays a folder with a picture of a library on the front. Inside the library� are books, a table and lamp for reading, and�and� and�oops-no Bob the Book Worm! Maybe he�s hiding behind some books.

Meantime, the folder is laid aside,...

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