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Tricks: Kid's Show Magic

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Howzzat The Clown


This is one of the best card in balloon ideas to come along in a long time! Show a very colorful wooden cutout of Howzzat The Clown. He stands about 18 inches tall and is silk screened in a zillion bright colors. In Howzzat's left hand is a top hat. In his right hand is nothing-for the moment. From a shuffled packet of cards, have...


Get a Pet by Bazar de Magia


A new, self-working trick for children. Excellent for balloon workers.

The magician says that he will give a pet to a child in the audience, and that the child will choose the pet he or she wants. Several jumbo cards are displayed showing photographs of different animals: a cat, a turtle, a hamster, a dove and a gold fish. All cards...


Magic Christmas Picture


The magician displays a black and white outline drawing of a rooftop with reindeer pulling an empty sleigh that's ready to land. A volunteer from the audience chooses several different crayons and writes his name on the sign in front of the house, then colors in the reindeer's nose and adds a little smoke coming out of the chimney....


Clown Costume Bag


This is a refreshing trick that is a must for every performer that works with children. Imagine inviting a young spectator up to assist you and making a silk change into a clown's hat by placing it into a magic bag. Suddenly, the bag is changed into a colorful clown's costume, which can be placed on the child who is now properly...


Comedy Egg Can


An egg is broken into a canister. A card is clamped over the top and the canister is turned upside down. The card is apparently keeping the egg from pouring out. A child is instructed to hold the canisiter above his head. Now the performer pretends to forget what to do next so he pulls the card out from under the canister because that's...




The performer displays a black cloth bag with white polka dots on the outside. From the bag he removes a plain white and a plain black handkerchief. The bag is turned inside out to show it's empty. Placing the silks inside the bag, the magician explains to the audience that he'll make them switch places. After saying the magic...


ABC Stung


Three brightly printed cards are shown. One contains the letter "A", the second the letter "B" and finally the letter "C". The cards are placed in an envelope and then two are removed.The "A" and "C". The third card can be seen sticking out of the envelope but the performer says it has vanished. As the kids scream the magician removes...


Little Bunnys Card Trick


Pocket Version!
It's the perfect marriage! A stunning card trick and beautiful illustrations combined to make a magical, charming childrens book. And it's from the mind of tradeshow magician Bill Goldman, creator of the wildly popular trick, "Monkey in the Middle."

The spectator shuffles some cards. The magician shuffles...


Top Hat Surprise


At last a paper tear that will win you much applause from both adult and children's audiences. Now you can perform the illusion that Jack Miller pleased crowds with for years. This is exactly what happens. Show a black and white tissue. Tear to make four pieces. Tear again to make eight. Roll the eight pieces into a ball and upon opening...


Magic Circus Frame


Show a black and white drawing inside a picture frame.

As you pull the picture from the frame it magically abd visibly turns into full color.


Fusion Color Changing Bag


by Henry Evans

A yellow silk is put in a bag and changes to red, this is repeated until the magician says he will explain it: He shows two silks, red and yellow; now they are put both put back in the bag and they change to blue, the same color of the bag's interior, which is now shown to be red and yellow!



Balloon Change Bag


A really great prop for childrens shows or for anyone using balloons in their act. A great item to use for the production of 260 animal balloons. The performer displays an empty cloth bag whose interior is decorated with a balloon print. He realizes he needs some real balloons for his next trick but seems to have forgotten them.



Bible Stories Coloring Book


One of the finest tricks in magic. A Bible Stories coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, pictures appear in the book, outlined in black. With audience participation, the magician takes the trick one step further. He colors the pictures - by magic. Now bright, vibrant colors have filled...


The Great Escape by Alan Chitty


You and the audience create a story The Great Escape" featuring 4 animals in a Zoo. The audience make all the decisions about everything that happens in the story including the ending. An envelope containing the "official" version of the story, which has been on display throughout, is now opened and it exactly coincides with...


Snake Wand


Childrens Show All-Time Favorite

A 12 inch metal Wand Springs into a 3 foot Snake!!!

An instant funny appearance & makes them JUMP! Everyone just loves the Silly Snake, he'll be the hit of your show!

Professional Quality - Fast Silent Operation


Wordless Bag


The Wordless Bag is one of the most effective ways to present the Gospel to children. Based on the “Wordless Book” a bag is made to change colors as it is turned inside out, with each color corresponding to a different Gospel message. The last color has a zippered pocket that can hold stickers, toys or a small Bible. The magic will...


Baby Tail Spin


Printed in beautiful colors on a heavy gloss board, TAIL SPIN will make your head spin!

This hilarious prop is guaranteed to make kids snort and bray! They won't be able to keep their laughter "burro"-ed!

You show a picture of the cutest little ol' donkey you ever saw. But the poor fellow is missing his tail....


Behind Bars


Four pictures, one of a prisoner and the other three of empty jail cells are shown.A story is told how this prisoner was one of the hardest men to keep in jail. One of the empty jail cells is placed aside, and a game is begun with the children to see if they can keep track of the prisoner. Although you have three cards left in your hand,...


Breakaway Fan


Drive the Kids Crazy! Invite an assistant up on stage. Hand them a fan to cool off. As soon as they wave it the fan falls apart! You take back the broken fan and it works pefectly fine!


Breakaway Wand


The wand seems perfectly normal in the magicians hand but collapses when given to a spectator. Great Laughs!


Candy Factory


Magician shows a glass full of sugar and an empty tube. He explains that he can change the sugar into candy by placing it in the dark for a few seconds. He places the tube over the glass, and instantly the glass becomes full of candy.


Chefs Hat


This is a great prop if you do any kind of baking routine. Put the hat on the kids head. It is large enough that youcan pull it down completely over their face. This gets big laughs!


Clown Coloring Book


One of the finest tricks in magic. A coloring book is shown to have all blank pages. Suddenly, with a wave of the magicians hand, pictures of clowns appear in the book, outlined in black. With audience participation, the magician takes the trick one step further. He colors the pictures - by magic. Now bright, vibrant colors have filled...


Color Changing Rabbit Silk


With this color changing silk you start your performance by introducing a magic word. You show the black and white rabbit silk and introduce your word, and have the audience shout it a few times. Then snap the handkerchief and it instantly changes color.


Confusing Crayon Color Change


At the end of the "Confusing Crayons" routine, you lift your tube and show either a red or yellow crayon. You then cover the crayon with the tube for a split second, and when revealed, the crayon changed to purple!


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