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Tricks: Kid's Show Magic

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Clown Who Lost His Head


Performer explains how clowns are always changing their faces.
How this one lost his one day while changing his. The head vanishes from the "changing room". Emergency first aid is applied, using a balloon from the clown's hand to substitute for the head. However crayons and lipstick cannot compensate so a little bit of magic...


You Are The Star


The magician explains that he learned to spell using large spelling cards. As simple animal names are spelled the magician moves the cards, one for each letter, and discards the animal when it is spelled correctly. The child is always right; the adult always ends up with a clown card. After five animals cards are discarded, the magician...


Mismade Flag With A Twist


This classic of magic is best accomplished using the silks supplied here and a Change Bag (sold separately) . The basic effect is as follows: Three silks are shown. One red, one white, and one blue. The silks are placed in the Change Bag but the blue silk is allowed to fall to the floor apparently by accident. The magician...


Book Worm


A Great New Educational Effect Perfect for School or Library Shows!

The performer displays a folder with a picture of a library on the front. Inside the library� are books, a table and lamp for reading, and�and� and�oops-no Bob the Book Worm! Maybe he�s hiding behind some books.

Meantime, the folder is laid aside,...


Birthday Cake Silks


This is one effect that no birthday party entertainer should be without - it's simply a fabulous year 'round routine with some fantastic eye-catching magic. Announce that you are going to bake a cake, and display a handkerchief with a picture of a mixing bowl and spoon. The handkerchief is placed inside a change bag, and when...


Candy Bar Drawer Box


There are many effects that can be done with this box. The box has five compartments so that it can hold 5 Mini Candy Bars (not included). You can show the box empty and then produce a Mini Candy Bar. Show it empty again and produce a 2nd and so on until you’ve produced all 5 Mini Candy Bars. Place 5 different Mini Bars in front of spectator...


Grandpas Tophat


The performer displays a framed 8 x 12 inch picture of a Top Hat that belonged to his grandfather. It is a magic hat. He shows how it was used. Passed behind the back a picture of a rabbit appears and then disappears. The kids are not impressed "You turned it around!" - Here is where the fun begins. Each time the picture goes behind you...


Wand To Diploma


Perfect give-a-way for the Birthday Child or Volunteer!

Rolled up it looks like a magic wand. Unrolled it is a Magicians Assistant Certificate. Superb quality. Has spaces to fill in the assistants name.
you get 50 diplomas. Each is 14 x 8 1/2 inches


Assistant Hat

Place the hat on a childs head while the child is assisting. Remove the hatand they are left with a plunger on their head. Big laughs!!

Avaialble is Wizard or Clown Style.


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