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Tricks: Mentalism

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SPELLING SPORT by Mark Strivings*

43% OFF
Was $35.00   Now $20.00

Here's the effect. The performer brings four people up on stage and divides them into two teams of two each.

There can be all kinds of fun picking teams (read: siblings, couples, etc.) depending on the situation. Each person is given two 3" X 5" card displaying a single letter each the two player teams stand next to each other....


Sherlock Holmes Book Test


Instantly divine exactly which word the spectator is thinking of - with no forces of any kind.

You riffle through the pages of a book and tell the spectator to say stop on ANY page - they can even change their mind. The spectator thinks of the first word on that page - it’s totally fair.

Without asking any questions...


The FORCE by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong*

38% OFF
Was $15.95   Now $9.95

A very deceptive and elegant close-up force bag that has been designed by Alan Wong and made to Wayne Dobson's specifications.

Simple and minimal in design, this pocket-size force bag is seen to be nothing but purely a see-through net bag in mystic black color with no fancy borders, visible partitions, Velcro or magnets. Yet...


The Lucky Envelopes by Luca Volpe,*

38% OFF
Was $39.00   Now $24.00

THE LUCKY ENVELOPES by Luca Volpe, Paul Mc Caig & Alan Wong


The performer cleanly shows the audience two numbered envelopes, saying that inside one of them there is a terrific prize and that he will do everything possible to help the participant win!

Following a little psychological byplay, the participant's...


The Lightwave ESP Deck by Adam Cooper*

50% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $15.00

Bigblindmedia presents Lightwave ESP by Adam Cooper (BBM340)

"This takes ESP Decks to another level."
- Real Magic Reviews

An ESP Deck that lets you divine a card's colour, symbol, image AND word in just a GLANCE!

The Lightwave ESP Deck is a brand new version of the best selling Darkwave ESP...


Super Prediction Card by Tenyo Magic*

50% OFF
Was $22.00   Now $11.00

Place the cards face up on the table one by one. As you do so, ask someone in the audience to select a card by telling you to stop at any time they choose. The chosen card will in fact be the very card you have already predicted. This illusion of future prediction is a stunning magic trick that leaves a great impression.



Midnight Breakfast by The Other Brothers*

40% OFF
Was $25.00   Now $15.00

Midnight Breakfast is a gigantic leap forward in the "Out to Lunch" principle as it requires no rubber bands, no clips and is 100% organic with everyday objects. With this invisible gimmick, you can perform every Out to Lunch effect to create powerful, visual moments.

The Other Brothers also teach new and original effects...


Quantum bALLOT bOX*

50% OFF
Was $120.00   Now $60.00

A beautiful handmade wooden billet box.

Magic Effect:

Objects are written on billets randomly by your audience members.
All ballots are placed inside a box with a see-through front and mixed well.
A ballot is chosen randomly, and it matches the prediction perfectly

  • High quality
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple...


Rhine`s Revenge by Clint Barron*

41% OFF
Was $29.00   Now $17.00

Clint Barron's Rhine's Revenge is one of the cleanest, fairest ESP tests we have ever seen! Rhine's Revenge has been Clint's go to effect for many years and finally he's agreed to share it.


e-rase by Arlandis*

46% OFF
Was $65.00   Now $35.00

More than just a single trick, E-RASE is a utility device for professionals who want the best. You'll use E-RASE for close-up, parlor, or stage. Effect: In front of your spectators you draw with a marker different ESP symbols on your E-RASE tablet. You then ask one of them to choose one or more of the symbols.

Once the...


Slate Of Mind*

48% OFF
Was $12.50   Now $6.50

Magician shows a slate with 6 cards face down, clipped 3 on each side. A spectator is asked to select a card. It is taken out and placed in the holder at the top of the slate, back of the card towards the audience. When the magician turns the slate around, the audience sees the selected card matches the predicted card written on the slate....


Colorscope Trick by Hanson Chien


AN IMPROMPTU READING TOOL At times of instability and insecurity, people seek advice. Some read horoscopes, some go to psychics, others do personality tests. People want to know more about themselves, they want to find the answer to their misery. With that in mind, Colorscope is borned. This is a tool you can use to provide simple...


LS Diary by Leo Smetsers


The LS Diary by Leo Smetsers is undoubtedly a fantastic addition to any magician's repertoire. The classic diary effect has long been a staple in mentalism routines, and Leo's version promises both quality and versatility. With a custom-made diary printed in English, performers can expect a professional and polished look for...


Alakazam Presents Hideout V2 Wallet by Outlaw Effects*

43% OFF
Was $115.00   Now $65.00

Alakazam Magic is Proud to Present The Hideout V2 by Outlaw Effects.

Back again with a second helping of Outlaw Effects goodness. Once again the master of wallets Tony Curtis took on the task of recreating one of the mentalism communities favorite wallets. Made to Tony's super high standards the Hideout V2 is an amazing...


Dominique Duvivier Presents: Duvivier Wallet*

48% OFF
Was $125.00   Now $65.00

After 15 years of waiting, it's available again! THE all-in-one revolutionary wallet:

- Himber Wallet: You can use it for your favorite routines using a switching wallet.

- Kaps Wallet: The signed card disappears from the deck and then reappears in the inside zippered compartment of your wallet!



Glance 3.0 by Steve Thompson


The most powerful, easy-to-do book test you can own isn't actually a book test at all. Welcome to "Glance", the one-of-a-kind magazine book test that takes all the best parts of a standard book test and disguises them in an ordinary-looking magazine.

The "Glance" magazine book test is brought to you by Steve Thompson and Vanishing...


Vision (Standard Business Card Size) by Sean Goodman*

57% OFF
Was $34.95   Now $14.95

Vision is a super clean, direct and devious business card peek.

Vision uses a special gimmick in conjunction with your business cards which allows you to discover your spectator's written down thoughts in a natural and unhurried manner.

No wallets. No cases. No chemicals. No special pens. No electronics. No...


Sharp Prediction by Paul Brook and Green Lemon*

40% OFF
Was $49.95   Now $29.95

"Finally my favorite routine from Paul Brook's Certified Mentalism can be carried in my pocket! This is EDC Mentalism at his best!"
- Luca Volpe

"The perfect EDC! A super strong, organic prediction that creates a wonderful surprise for the participant."
- Marc Paul

"I felt like a puppet...


52 Stunner by Juan Capilla


"The perfect opener - funny, engaging and powerful. With 52 Stunner, Juan has captured all the impact of the classic Mind Power Deck, but done with a normal pack of cards! I will definitely be using this." - David Jonathan

"Juan Capilla has taken TWO of my favorite principles of card magic and combined them into one powerful...


Post It Surprise (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Sonny Boom


The spectator selects a card, and the performer tries to guess the card. He takes a small sticky note and sticks it on the back of the top card of the deck. After some concentration, he writes down a card to reveal's not the chosen one. But, the magician takes the card with the sticky note, gives it a shake, and visually, the...


Big Picture by Kyle Purnell*

67% OFF
Was $30.00   Now $10.00

Predict a freely chosen word with a drawing that's in play before the routine even begins.

While it might look like a card trick at first, "Big Picture" is anything but. It is a fun piece of mentalism from Kyle Purnell that you'll want to perform everywhere you go.

You start by introducing the "Big Picture"...


Eternity by Emran Riaz


tried it 20 years with an acid pen... very unhappy with result. This is a million times better. No liquids, no mess, no chance of exposure. The Koran illusion becomes your reality. Imagine using it close up or on the largest stages in the world. I have the confidence that this can be a miracle anywhere. I find it impossible, thrilling...


Shelby Wallet by Gaz Lawrence and Mark Mason*

34% OFF
Was $49.95   Now $32.95

I can honestly see this being one of the best magic effects of 2023. Crafted from the finest leather, this small credit card holder will allow you to peek ANY WORD, NUMBER, SYMBOL, PICTURE.

The design is so UNIQUE, and the PRINCIPLE is so CLEVER you will blow your audience's minds.


The Stealth Case by Steve Cook*

34% OFF
Was $89.10   Now $59.00

"That is beyond Brilliant! What a great idea! Never seen this idea before. WOW! That's the best peek I've seen in years! I WILL USE THIS!"
- Graham Jolley

"OMG! Steve, that is so beautiful, really beautiful! Whoa! I want one! You're a f*****g genius man!"
- Luca Volpe



PSI Cube by German Dabat*

74% OFF
Was $39.00   Now $10.00

Impossible Prediction System

This is not a trick; this is a system to make impossible predictions. When you learn the main concept you'll be able perform many effects where the prediction appears in an impossible location. You can even create your own routines; your imagination is the limit!

This new concept brings...


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