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Tricks: New Magic

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Le Paul Wallet by Vernet


This genuine leather wallet has been designed so that a chosen card, ring, coin, credit card, or other small object, can appear inside a "sealed" envelope, inside the zippered compartment.


Phantom Tube by Bazar de Magia


A classic magic effect!

A tube is shown completely empty. The magician then covers both ends so nothing can get inside. Magically, upon breaking open one end, the magician pulls out silks and ribbons of different colors, streamers, etc. They keep on coming!!!!

Built in aluminum, it is very light. Its size makes it appropriate...


Johnny Wong`s Super CSB (Eisenhower Dollar Size) by Johnny Wong


Super CSB (Eisenhower Dollar Size) is the latest product from Johnny Wong in Oct 2023. Unlike the old CSB coin gimmicks, Super CSB uses a combination of magnets. Any performer will be able to perform numerous, stunning magic routines with the magnetic Super CSB. With limitless imagination and this perfect coin gimmick in your hand,...


Venom Cube by Henry Harrius


"The method is just as DEVIOUS as the trick itself! Henry is a genius!" - Shin Lim

"The next step in cube matching effects. It’s clean, bearishly and super simple. I will be buying this and I will be adding it to parts of my show." - Steven Brundage

"It is a MAJOR STEP FORWARD In cube matching effects. All you...


Refill for Lynx Smoke Watch by Jo�o Miranda Magic


Convenient refill for Lynx Smoke Watch.

Instructions are not included.


John Carney`s Carneycopia by Stephen Minch


Written by Stephen Minch, Carneycopia is a foundational magic book covering the diverse and remarkable work of world-renowned close-up master John Carney. The book is overflowing with a hugely varied range of tricks and methods, all explained with useful insight into Carney's deep understanding of the psychology and showmanship needed...


Spirit Bell PRO by TCC


Spirit Bell is a century-old classic supernatural effect.

A brass bell is suspended from a string on a wooden post. You, the magician, turn your back and ask the audience to select and memorize a playing card, or to point to a random object from a pile of objects.

You then explain that although you did not see what the audience...


spRING by Joonas Mengel


spRing is a long-forgotten puzzle that's been reworked into one of the most classic and iconic plots in magic - the linking rings.

Imagine being able to effortlessly melt a solid ring into the very coils of a tightly wound spring with a visually pleasing and buttery smooth penetration that's done without any help of...


Bicycle Disney Classic Mickey Mouse (Red) by US Playing Card Co.


Step into the nostalgic charm of yesteryear with this Classic Mickey Mouse deck of cards.

These delightful cards feature the beloved icon Mickey Mouse, capturing the timeless appeal and playful spirit that has charmed audiences for generations.


Pop Vanish 2 BLUE (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Sultan Orazaly & Hondo


"Pop Vanish V2" by Sultan Orazaly uses a clever gimmick to make this powerful illusion possible. You can show the card from both sides before and after disappearing!

Handmade to perfection by master gimmick maker Hondo Chen!

NOTE: Sultan Orazaly has not included TV rights in this product. For TV rights, please...


Syncro - Pro Stopwatch by Magic Pro Ideas



Syncro is a magic Stopwatch that you can use on your phone or even better, on the spectator's phones very easily.

Just by using an NFC tag (INCLUDED!) that you can palm, or also, by entering a small URL in front of the noses of your spectators!

With Syncro, you can...


Statue Vanish (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Roy Kueppers


In 1983 David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty in New York City disappear in front of a Live Audience.

Now, 40 years later, you can make the Statue of Liberty Disappear in front of a Live Audience too by using a 2001 New York State Quarter.


A New York quarter is shown laying...


Magic Of Al Koran


This book was first published in hardback in 1983 and reprinted twice. Then it was released as a quality large format softback and now it has been printed twice as a softback. Copies have just arrived from the printers and the book looks great with its new front cover and excellent printing. The book is A4 in size is beautifully printed...


treme Magic Makeover: softbound


Hal Spear has written and performed on top television shows including NBC's The Tonight Show, ABC's Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Drew Carey Show, The Howie Mandel Show, The Arsenio Hall Show, Evening at the Improv, Caroline's Comedy Hour, The Rosie O'Donnell Show and NBC's Comedy Showcase with Louie Anderson. Paul Romhany...


LINT book by John Luka


This effort was kicked off in Luka's "Thoughts On..." column which ran in The New Tops magazine from October 1993 to December 1994. John's column was for the majority of magicians who tend to do a lot of pocket and parlor tricks for small audiences and few shows. He knew that most magic shows are informal, sometimes spontaneous events,...


The Book Test Book – Jim Kleefeld STD Edition


There is finally a complete history and encyclopedic reference book on book tests, all explained, described, and routined. Hundreds of book tests for mentalists and magicians are categorized by method and sorted chronologically. Examining the premise from 1584 to 2020, The Book Test Book explores hundreds of variations on the use of books...


Crazy Chinese Coins by Artisan Coin & Jimmy Fan (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)


The Moving Hole Effect has been popular in the magic community for decades; almost everyone is familiar with it. Simply put, it is an effect where a magician's finger drags a small hole on an object, much like dragging an icon on a touch screen, and the hole magically moves to a different position.

Magicians are eager to...




A visual and aesthetic mentalism effect from the creative mind of Elvis Zheng.

This product is consumable, with each set allowing for 40 performances.

Magicians are never short of ways to present mind reading, such as verbal revelation, drawing duplication, lie detector, or combining it with another element.



The Mystery Stick by TCC & Jimmy Fan


The Mystery Stick is a modern take on the classic Pom-pom Prayer Stick/Chinese Sticks trick, which was first described in the Chinese magic book published in 1889. This close-up version features a brass stick measuring 13.5cm in length, with four wooden beads attached to each end, one of which is hanging on a cord. When you pull a...


Sharp Prediction (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Paul Brook and Green Lemon


"Finally my favorite routine from Paul Brook's Certified Mentalism can be carried in my pocket! This is EDC Mentalism at his best!"
- Luca Volpe

"The perfect EDC! A super strong, organic prediction that creates a wonderful surprise for the participant."
- Marc Paul

"I felt like a puppet...


Hanson Chien Presents iLevel Pro by Hanson Chien


In 2013, Mark Elsdon created and released iBalance, which allowed you to balance a borrowed cellphone on your fingertips.

But that trick became obsolete, as the gimmick doesn't work with any current cellphone. Therefore, with the cooperation with Mark Elsdon, we have created a brand new version - iLevel Pro.



Skynet Project by Marc Lavelle


In card magic, free choice is often an illusion, but for magicians and keen spectators, that illusion is easily broken.

Marc Lavelle's Skynet Project is the magician's ultimate tool for bringing in any freely chosen or thought-of card into play silently and secretly. It's an easy-to-manage utility index system...


Vanishing Point (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by William Tyrrell


Multiple decks instantly vanish, leaving you with just one normal deck of cards. "Vanishing Point" by William Tyrrell is truly the ultimate card magic opener.

After years of building a reputation as an underground magic gimmick genius, William Tyrrell has partnered with Vanishing Inc. to bring you his first mainstream release....




Z-Webs is an invisible thread dispenser that you carry around in your pocket. It is definitely not a reel! Z-Webs contains 70 filaments of the highest quality invisible thread. Each reusable filament is about five feet long and can be locked at any length you need. A "Floating Bill" routine is included. What makes it such a practical...


Dice Flight


One by one, several solid dice magically travel back into a saucer. Seems impossible, yet is very easy to do.

Includes dice, metal saucer and instructions.

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